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PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X: not better or worse, just different

Unique approaches to design this time around mean that the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 cannot be directly compared. Microsoft opened the floodgates last month for XSX Hardware Info with drops revealing VRS, VRR, Ray Tracing, and more. Mark Cerny presented in-depth details at yesterday’s Road to PS5 Event about how PS5’s custom chips, special SSD, Audio Ray Tracing, and AMD hardware all work together.

We have learned from industry experts that TFlops are no longer useful in determining what the final experience will be like for these consoles. PS5 has variable clock speeds for CPU and GPU, whereas XSX does not. One has more compute units, balancing them to a lower clock frequency, one has less compute units but with a higher clock. XSX has two different types of memory while PS5 is using all of its memory at a fixed speed. Microsoft is providing its own standard for expanding high-speed storage while Sony is allowing aftermarket drives when PCIe 4.0 reaches maturity and becomes faster / more affordable.

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Oculus Quest 128GB All-In-One VR System Review

A completely wireless standalone game console has been built into one of the latest virtual reality headsets from Oculus. The California-based company has played a major role in the implementation of modern VR tech thanks in no small part to major contributions from the industry ‘brainiac’ behind id Software and Oculus CTO John Carmack. The company looks to be still pioneering and innovating to this day despite fears from some gamers that the firm being acquired by Facebook in 2014 would affect trajectory.

Oculus Quest is the first VR headset that comes with its own screen, SOC (CPU, GPU, RAM), operating system, built-in web store, and more. That means there’s no PC required, and aside from first-time set up, there is no smartphone required either! Not only does this benefit VR enthusiasts with convenient transportation, it also significantly reduces the upfront investment for most potential buyers still on the fence about virtual reality products in general.

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