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Tristan’s Twisted World: Dance Central 2 Micro Review

[Welcome to Tristan’s Twisted World by Tristan Werbe for, check out my Micro Review for Dance Central 2.]

The year’s biggest dancing game for Kinect on Xbox 360 is Dance Central 2. Can this new exclusive be one of the top Kinect games on the 360?

Songs: All the songs and DLC songs from Dance Central will be brought into Dance Central 2 with all its new and great songs such as DJ got us falling in love agian and some other great titles.

Gameplay: The mechanics from Dance Central are still in this game it plays the same mainly a big dlc disc for more features options characters and songs.

Graphics: Dance Central 2 somewhat looks real, unlike most dance games, and has great movement animation for the arms and legs.

Final Verdict: As the game is pretty much the same as the first and there is really not much to talk about after playing it I suggest to only play if your a casual gamer or if you enjoy Kinect games I give Dance Central 2 a 7.5 out of 10 so let’s Dance.


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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Review

Since the creation of this modern day FPS, Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare back in 2007 the series has enjoyed staggering record sales numbers along with a huge fan base and unlimited resources. The overall idea was the perfect formula that grabbed hold of most gamers’ attention and has not let go since. This series has been and continues to be the FPS that gamers refuse to stop playing, the question is why?

After completing the campaign mode with the difficulty set on hardened in less than five hours, I have to say that I’m not disappointed because it’s exactly what I expected. Though the storyline has changed picking up only moments after MW2’s story ended, leaving a more than blurry explanation of what happened, the overall experience has not changed in the least.

Once again the player assumes various roles of characters and their perspectives throughout the storyline. This is beyond getting old. I’ve been there and done that, how about something new or even something older at this point – just to change it up. In my opinion, flying up to the aircraft to use the support weapons could be done better than that. it has been since the beginning. Though it is a very cool feature just getting there or the way it’s done could be better thought out.

So what’s different? Well, aside from the fact that the campaign is set over the course of a few different days – abso-friggin-lutley nothing! Each mission features the same exact series of objectives that include tasks with different requirements such as, eliminating a certain enemy, defending objectives for a timed event, planting explosives at a certain installation, and are checkpoint driven.

I did notice the lighting has improved but when using the same textures over and over again it really doesn’t have the desired effect that it should have had. I know it’s been two years and I am getting older but seriously I can remember those buildings, landscapes, and holes in the ground. Infinity Ward should have spent some time on the environment at the least if they were not going to change anything else. However, even with the dated engine, as long as the box still says sixty frames per second most fans and media will have the illusion of perfect graphics.

The sound quality has seen improvement in some areas but the music really needs to be updated to something other then orchestra. I mean really, not one person playing this game listens to that crap so why on earth do we have to hear it the whole time we are playing, kick it up a notch!

I found the gameplay to be less intense than MW2 and even Black Ops in the campaign mode. The whole getting knocked on the ground and being incapacitated was previously overdone in the other titles, happens too often in MW3, and is way over-exaggerated as well. I can honestly say that I enjoy the cut-scenes though. Black Ops had some great ones and MW3 did too. Unfortunately for me, this was the highlight of the gameplay and there wasn’t much of it.

I’m tired of collecting Intel! I played through this title collecting only two of them and it was by accident. This task needs to be reworked to get people more interested in exploring the environment but then they would actually have to build a new one first. That would push back the release of MW3.5 forever because then they cannot simply use the permanent template that is cast in titanium and buried in an underground base somewhere just waiting for the next installment release.

Hit detection is once again an epic fail. Either you take a guy out without even hitting him or you shoot him square in the face and the bullets pass right through him. Elbows and kneecaps are not deadly life threatening wounds. Kill-shot cam replays are the easiest way to spot exactly how ridiculous this is. I am surprised that they haven’t tried to doctor those replay videos to make it look better than it is. But if you really want to see how bad it is record the gameplay as I did for the entire campaign and take a closer look it truly is atrocious.

The only replay value from the campaign mode I can see is for the trophies but like I said I am tired of collecting the Intel and replaying the same missions over and over so I just don’t see that happening. The Elite premium service? Well we will get into that in the multiplayer review of this title.

So for improvements that could have been made (but weren’t), how about a new storyline? How could this not be good to get off the mainstream grid and come up with a whole new story. This would open the floodgates to tons of new situations that will spawn a fresh set of characters. Giving way to many new environments, weapons, and vehicles. The possibilities would have been endless. The problem being it would need an incredible beginning story. Would take a ton of work building new textures and would most likely end the same way all the others do being wash rinsed and repeated.

Overall Score: 6 out of 10

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Gears of War 3 Review

Gears of War 3 is undeniably the most anticipated Xbox 360 exclusive of the year. Released this September to much critical acclaim, real gamers might have trouble considering the mainstream reviews out there trustworthy. In response to the demand for a true, uncensored, and unadulterated review of this title the RealGamerNewz team has joined up again.

Within this complete review you will find everything from the gameplay to the graphics, story, and more analyzed and described in great detail. Best of all, you will get three viewpoints at once instead of one! Listen to the full show if you want the real deal about Gears of War 3 from Epic Games.

Timestamps for each section (hours:minutes:seconds):

  • 1:10 Graphics – (Art Direction, Technical Quality, Etc.)
  • 10:30 Gameplay – (A.I., Level/Enemy/Gameplay Design, Etc.)
  • 27:00 Story – (Plot, Characters, Storytelling, Etc.)
  • 40:42 Presentation
  • 47:31 Sound/Music
  • 1:00:58 Multiplayer – (Co-Op, Competitive, Hoard 2.0, Beast Mode, Etc.)
  • 1:41:56 Enjoyment Level (A.K.A. Fun Factor) & Longevity (A.K.A. Replay Value)
  • 1:52:00 Final Evaluation and Official RealGamerNewz Verdict
This game was purchased by RealGamerNewz for independent review. purposes.

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