Tristans Twisted World: Mass Effect 3 weekend operation tribute goes strong to the passing of Zaeed voice actor Robin Sachs

The late death of Robin Sachs at the age of 61 has seen bioware do a weekend tribute to honor him for all he has done. Mass Effect fans and Bioware fans in general are mourning his loss as well. His last work ever done will be in the new Citadel DLC since his lines were finished before he passed they will also have a tribute in the DLC to him.

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Tristan’s Twisted World: Forza Motorsport 4 review

Forza Motorsport 4 the racing game that has set records and has been known for beautiful detail but just how good is it to a racer gamer?

Graphics: Slick cars looks real on the inside and out fells like im accutaly driving a car even though in real life I cant yet but this fells real.

Control: Being behind the wheel of a Ferrari going super fast trying not to wreck with the realistic driving as you go fast. or any other car in the game.

Sound: Forza sounds so real behind the wheel of the car and even in different views.

Customization: From fenders to paint jobs Forza as the ultimate workshop to create your own custom cars.

Carrer mode: It is pretty much the same to Forza 3 with a few more features but thats not a problem its a great way to race.

Multiplayer: Racing agiasnt people all over the world in the most realistic car game to date was my favorite part going head to head on the last lap stress getting to you and then….BOOM! You just barly win and prepare for next race.

Final Verdict: As the best racing game ive ever played in my life yet with just beautiful engine work thumbs up to Microsoft as this is there best game so far this year this a must buy for gamers you love racing and just a pure xbox 360 fan you need this and I fuled up Forza 4 with a 9 amazing racing game.



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Tristans Twisted World: Mass Effect 2 Review

The biggest and best game of 2010 won over 180 awards and made millions of dollars the only RPG do ever be the best of the best and now im reviewing the whole thing.

Graphics: For a game made back in 2010 unless you played the PS3 version which came out in 2011 with better graphics but decent frame rate. But the 360,PC graphics are some of the best for just a few years ago and make you fell like your really going across the galaxy and doing mission.

Soundtrack: The best soundtrack out of any game to date (Personal and check stats) John Wall is one of the greatest composers of the modern era he will be tough to replace in ME3.

Gameplay/Classes: The wide variety of weapons to switch through (Weapons depend on Classes) the Assault Rifles are very good to use on Insane and Hardcore modes and putting ammo types increases damage on rapid fire Rifles like the Avenger and others. The shotguns are amazing at close range combat as they tear through enemy shields and barriers. While using shotguns you usually want fire ammo attached as it burns armour and shields on the enemy. Sniper Rifles are great when attached with warp and sherrder ammo when trying to pull off a headshot. Classes are similar to first game expect with some powers.

Choices Paragon/Renegade: Choices affect your moral more than ever in Mass Effect 2. It can basically change your appearance if your Renegade. Paragon and Renegade vs each other more than ever in this since your working with bad forces.

Graphics 360/PC/PS3: The graphics in 2010 were just outstanding it was the best looking game of 2010 by far. I would go back and play this as much as possible to see just how good it looks. The visuals are one of the best as well.

Character Creation: Extremely similar to the very first game but that’s not a bad thing.


Mass Effect 2 begins weeks after the events of the original game. While patrolling for geth resistance, the SSV Normandy is attacked by an unknown starship. During the evacuation, Shepard tosses Joker into the Normandy’s final escape pod before being blasted into space. After a suit breach, Shepard dies of asphyxiation as his/her body is pulled into the orbit of a nearby planet. Shepard’s body is recovered shortly after death by Cerberus, who creates the Lazarus Project with the sole purpose of bringing Shepard back to life. After two years, Shepard awakens on an operating table in a research station to alarm bells ringing, as the station’s personnel comes under the attack of its own security mechs. Shepard teams up with Jacob Taylor and medical officer Wilson to reach the escape shuttle, but Miranda Lawson, who was already waiting at the shuttle bay, shoots Wilson, citing him as the station’s betrayer. Shepard is brought to meet with the Illusive Man, who reveals that entire populations of human colonies are disappearing all over the galaxy.  Now working for Cerberus, Shepard is sent to investigate a recently-attacked colony, where he/she finds clues about the validity that the Reapers are working by proxy through an insect-like species called the Collectors. The Illusive Man explains that Shepard must recruit a team in order to stop the Collectors, who reside beyond the Omega-4 Relay, from which no ship has ever returned. Shepard is also given command of a new starship, the Normandy SR-2, piloted again by Joker and equipped with an onboard AI named EDI.

Shepard recruits four new squad members—Mordin Solus, Garrus Vakarian, Jack, and Grunt—before receiving intel from the Illusive Man that another human colony is under attack. With the help of Mordin’s studies on Collector biology, Shepard successfully stops the attack, but a large portion of the colony’s population was captured.Shepard continues to recruit squad members, adding Tali’Zorah nar Rayya, Thane Krios, and Samara, until the Illusive Man contacts Shepard about a Collector ship supposedly disabled. As Shepard and the squad board the ship, they encounter no Collector resistance and learn that the Collectors were originally Protheans turned into slaves of the Reapers. With EDI’s help, Shepard finds out how to bypass the Omega-4 Relay before being ambushed by the Collectors. Although Shepard and the squad manage to escape the Collector ship, relations between Shepard and the Illusive Man are strained, due to the latter’s knowledge of the Collector trap. After optionally earning the loyalty of the squad, Shepard visits a derelict Reaper and acquires an IFF transponder necessary for safe travel through the Omega-4 Relay, as well as an unconscious geth called Legion. If activated, Legion voluntarily joins the squad. The Normandy later integrates the IFF into her systems while Shepard and the squad leave the ship in a shuttle. During their absence, the Normandy is attacked and boarded by the Collectors; only Joker avoids capture. After Shepard’s squad returns to the Normandy, the team use the Omega-4 Relay to get to the Collector base.

In the Collectors base, the team rescue any surviving members of the Normandy, and fight their way to the central chamber. Squad members survive or perish along the way depending on their loyalty, upgrades to the Normandy, and selections of specific members to perform certain tasks. In the central chamber, Shepard discovers that the Collectors have been constructing a new Reaper made from the abducted humans, although EDI is unsure of its true purpose. Shepard destroys the machine powering the human Reaper and prepares to destroy the Collector base. However, before doing so, the Illusive Man contacts Shepard and gives the order to sterilize the base with a radiation pulse so that its information can be used against the Reapers. After choosing to destroy or sterilize the base, Shepard destroys the awakened human-reaper larva and, if enough squad members survived, escapes the base before the bomb detonates. If none did, Shepard will be unable to escape the Collector Base and will die. Back on the Normandy, Shepard speaks with the Illusive Man, who either praises or condemns Shepard’s decision. As Shepard meets in the Normandy’s cargo bay with the survivors of the mission, Joker gives the Commander schematics of a Reaper. Humanity now has the full attention of the Reapers, who awaken in dark space, and descend upon the galaxy, beginning the events of Mass Effect 3. The DLCs also feature Liara becoming the Shadow Broker, and in Arrival stoping a Reaper invasion or among extra squadmembers and other things.

Mass Effect 2 is a top notch big time game I give it a 10/10.


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PS4 News: PlayStation 4 2013 Event Stream Replay

If you’d prefer to watch the entire 2 hour PlayStation 4 2013 event stream uninterrupted rather than scouring the internet for the latest news, we frankly don’t blame you! Check out the video below, thanks Sony!

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Tristans Twisted World: Halo Reach Complete Review

Halo the mention of the word sums it all up in one of the most iconic game franchises of all time. As I review this game in specific detail  I will give you my honest words.

Halo Reach: The biggest exclusive for the Xbox 360 in 2010 sold millions and still is. As we know the start to the end for anyone who has played Halo before but is the best start for newcomers to the series. My friends we are about to go on a journey into the glassing of the surface of the planet Reach suit up.

Forge: The map creator using tools with money that you are allowed to use within the maps and the areas along with tools they let you use, which it all depends on the map on what you get to buy to put out there for maps. Forge has a very great editing options list that you can bend to the games willing in rotations and such within a great variety of launch and DLC maps. At one click of a second you can make whatever you want pop up and place it in the area for use or buildings even just something to look at. You can either make a scenic map or a battle map for game types like capture the flag, assault, and even Invasion. The map Forge World you can build so many maps and 5 launch custom forge world maps were old Halo maps brought back to a new such as Blood Gulch and Ascension. But rember Forge is your tool to use and is awesome and great but use it wisely.

FireFight: The co op that was introduced in Halo 3 ODST is now back and better than ever. With Classes, dropspots, custom waves of powerfull enemys, med kits, and so much more. The vechile co op gameplay on bigger firefight maps are amazing on both launch and DLC maps. Its a fast paced action mode either sprinting as spartan trying to defend the area or evading as an Elite trying to help the waves of enemy’s. Every firefight map had different advantages such as vantage points and drop and assassin style areas. The engine moves perfect with the flow of destruction in this mode it just depends on what type of gamer you are. You can play lone wolf style or tactical with a good team most likely friends. Its a great additon to the multiplayer experince in the Halo universe hours on fun can be added up so prepare for the first day of the rest of your lives and lock and load.

Soundtrack: Fits the demise of Reach in all game modes. Maybe the best of the series as the moments fit weither its mystical, epic, or dramatic the score fits well during the whole entire game. It keeps the fellings of a true invansion story in the soundtrack it is very fitting. It gives it that giant felling that fit in with FPS moments that make you fell like your really in the battle for Reach.

Graphics: Some of the best if not the best of 2010. It still today can be a contender for amazing graphics the visuals are amazing with plasma powered expolions to rockets hitting the vehicles as there smallest pieces flying off them. The frame is great also the new HUD for this FPS has better reactions to its surroundings and moves with the player along with the new night vison mode for Campaign and Firefight. The cutscenes and in game action look the same but its a good thing it looks great amazing and very real.

Multiplayer Arena: The Arena is for the best of the best Halo Reach players and MLG players from Halo 2 and 3. It is a very competive mode that features doubles and reagular teams of 4. Every match and how good you do in them for Arena depends on what divison you will enter or even if you qualify for enough matches each day as each season spans usualy for a month then restarts. There are 5 divisions steel,bronze,silver,gold,and oynx. This game type is not for newcomers it is for pros at Halo or long time players.

Multiplayer Stockpile/Capture the Flag: Capture the flag is back along with the new flag mode called stockpile. Capture the flag with the new armour abilites makes it more of a challnge as you move slower while holding it, while hostiles around you are sprinting behind you and jetpacking overtop. But this is were teamwork should come into hand to get the score. Stockpile is basicilly CTF on steriods as you can hold more than one flag at once and get multiple scores at once and more than player can hold a flag at once. It is a madness CTF of just random scoring and funny kills from everywhere.

Multiplayer Headhunter: Skulls for everybody!!! This crazy gamemode keeps players picking up skulls from dead enemys and as they keep moving to hold skulls as long as possible till you get them to a score zone. Its 25 skulls to win well unless someone manages to earn the Skullamanjaro which is collecting 10 skulls at once but this very hard to do so dont try to hard its very rare to see one.

Multiplayer Invasion: The mode that was a big part of Reachs 2010 co op awards. This mode requires you to either play as Spartans or Elites in this intense and new game type not just to Halo but to maybe gaming itself. Basically you can defend or attack depending on map and side, for example on spire the spartans attack the elites and capture and secure areas to advance in tiers for more weapons and vehicles till you break through the enemy’s defenses to retrieve the core and send it out on either phatom or pelican depending on whos attacking. It requires some major teamwork to succed all 3 tiers and maybe shunk the other team when there turn to attack comes. There is also a Invasion Slayer which is still spartans vs elites but with a special skirmish slayer twist to it. This is the best tatical gamemode in all of Halo Reach for teamwork.

Multiplayer Slayer/Skirmish: The deathmatch mode called Slayer is on of the most recongized game types in gaming and most likely the first mode most people played in Halo Reach. As we all know you kill the other team till you get as many kills for your team as they need to win. Skirmish is basically the same thing exept with postion to capture for weapons and vechiles to obtain. The standard game modes in Reach where little team work is needed.

Multiplayer Free for All/Doubles/Juggernaut: Free for all in Halo consist of all types of gamemodes going to slayer to objective gametypes like capture the flag. Its a fun mode to enjoy and play expecially when you play Juggernaut. Juggernaut is a gametype where one player is very hard to kill and is on fire and holds a Gravity hammer and runs around and kills people its quit fun smashing oppeants. Team Doubles is usually slayer with one other teamate which might need teamwork in choice chat but usually doesn’t matter.

Multiplayer Oddball: The objective gamemode for teams and free for all where you just hold a skull for as long as possible. The skull aslo works as weapon while running around so you can bash people in the face. Armour Abilties are inactive during this process while holding a skull which does make it fair.

Multiplayer Assault/Griffball: The mode that requires you to pick up a bomb usually in teams and score. Personally I enjoy this mode expecially when the bomb explodes and you score. On Griffball which is a spinoff mode of Assault were you pick up the ball and try to get to the other end of the arena to score and blow up and die its very fun to smash others with a Gravity Hammer and swipe them with a energy sword.

Multiplayer Territories: Pretty much you just run into an area and attempt to capture it in big teams or small teams even one man wolfpack. Sometimes you may be awarded weapons when your team captures a area. It seems to be the same type of pace with or without armour abilites.

Multiplayer Race: The name says it all you race around custom made tracks or even regular maps. Theres even territory based race with rocket warthogs were you move in team triples to get those spots by just hitting them and blasting foes away with rockets.

Noble Map Pack: Bungies only maps to show up on Reach. Tempest, is a map based on a Halo ring. It may remind Halo players of Vahalla from Halo 3. The maps are very similar in more than one way.

Tempest is great for any game mode personally and I still enjoy today. It as cannon men on both sides of the map more than one of them and warthog gameplay is at its core and feels like playing a mix bettween Blood Gulch and Midship depsite this map is not like either of those. Tempest is a large map made for all gametypes exculding Invansion and is worth it in my point of view


The next map Breakpoint is by far the biggest out of the DLC. It is made for Invansion and Big Team Battle gametypes. It is a very hard map to master even with armour abilites as each as disvantges and good points. The Invansion gametype is speacial this time around as it features a little bit of assualt for the Elite attackers as the have to plant a bomb to reach the core. Snipers are needed for this map as you will need all the range possible to win. This map is a very worth it addition to the Reach formula.



For the Final map and what the seemed to advertise the most Anchor 9 a space station over Reach which features the series first zero G fighting. Most modes can be played on this medium sized map that is loaded with tons of fun weither your inside using gravity or outside floating around. It is a great assualt,slayer,and headhunter map and is also worth a couple go arouds.



The Noble Map Pack is worth the 10 dollars maybe even more as you can get hours of fun by using forge on tempest and holding grudges on Breakpoint. The Noble Map Pack is a great addition to the multiplayer formula and as a pack gain itself a 9.5.

The Defiant map pack stays to defiant to the end with 343s aslo give credit to Age of Booty first map pack for Halo Reach but is it as good as Bungies?

The first map were gonna look at is called Condemned, it takes the zero G gameplay to a whole new level given its own zero G room which is very hard to control with rockets and stickys flying everywhere you look. Jetpacking in the Zero G room is not a good idea as you will get stuck between a rock and hard place usually death. Fighting outside of zero G is very cool im drawn to seeing Reach as its in its final days it just looks stunning. But the gameplay is very fun as you should sprint when not in zero G to move faster. It is a very good map but is shy of what of Anchor 9 gave us even though there both medium sized.



The next map called Highlands which is a very large and tactical map is fun and awe amazing weither you just lazerd a warthog or looking up at the crusiers glassing Reachs surface. The map control is great fells like a great CTF and BTS map with all the vechiles and heavy weapons at your disposal. Running up caves with shoutguns to meet another mans DMR seems unfair but usually his buddy is just behind the corner. This is a great map love CTF on it and would love to play with you guys sometime soon on it.




For the final map is a firefight map called Unearthed which to most peoples suprise from what I know was a suprise. It is pretty much just like other firefight maps just bigger and nicer looking seems like it had lots of time spent on it. I enjoyed playing with others on it and maybe you will to.



The Defiant Map Pack DLC. Its a great additon the Reach formula but gives it more like a new Halo fell its hard to explain but the Defiant map pack earns a 8 as a good map pack but shy of greatness.

Voice acting: The acting of the characters seem to be a decent group Noble team is the best cast by far none.

Design: You can tell its Halo but with alot of changes in the way marines look and Elites have alot more and more bigger and epic graphics textures. The expolsions seem to very realstic.

Weapons and vehicles: Everything is differnt in Reach with all of them you know what they are but its differnt but its a good thing as we now have more fairness when it comes to such things.

Multiplayer Launch Maps: The starter maps are very good as the all resmble areas in the campaign that get improved and resemble old maps. The Ivory tower is back as Reflection which we all know is good. Forge World make anything you can think of like Blood Gulch. Countdown,Powerhouse,and Sword Base are great additions to the Halo formula. There are many other maps as well I can put in a good word for in Firefight and multiplayer and yes every map is great boardwalk is very good for pistols and Overlook is good for killing grunts.



Halo Reach Campaign: This is what started it all you heard the storys but now you can live the demise of Reach firsthand and witness everything….even your own death.

The story seems to fit as you the player defend Reach so you pick gender and armour of your liking to the story but it changes nothing. It brings back some of those dramtic first person moments from Halo 3 ODST that we all rember. The start is what sets the pace for mission long mission after mission down till the end. The death scences are very dramatic not swift but fitting to each member of Noble team (exept Jun unknown).

The story is pretty much what you would think at first defend Reach but it does have a suprisng twist near the end which is what the last mission is all about. Each mission keeps you on the edge of your seat in the hot and climatic battle for Reach. Some parts in the campaign you try to save as many as you can but seem to never be satisfied.

Some of the bigger and more straight up kill the enemy missions like Tip of the Spear and The Pillar of Autumn, are great fun to play and are usually longer and more explosive and action packed. Some missions there is even ways to play them such as going recon as long as possible. The story moves smoothly with only one big plot twist from what I think.

Noble Teams journey into what some say hell itself or a I say the eye of the storm. Some missions seem to always have this more military like felling that dosnt come into play a whole lot in other Halo games. Its a very good thing it seems like at somepoints if you get lost in the campaign like not lost but become one you fell like your there and doing this missions as Noble 6. That is exactly what bungie wanted to do in ODST walking the streets at night I could fell it but in Reach its perfect. If you really want to fell the full extent play heroic as that is what war would be like to them so thats what i started out on. Bungie really sent Halo out with a bang

The Anniversary Map pack: The biggest map pack to hit Halo has 6 multiplayer maps that remakes of old and very good maps and 1 brand new firefight map. 343 brought back some of the best maps from Halo Combat Evolved and Halo 2. It fells sorta like playing on the old ones all over again its just an amazing felling. This map pack goes from fighting Elites and Grunt on Halo to running and gunning in New Mombasa city.

Battle Canyon is the small little gorge that takes place on Halo that many remember from Halo CE and Halo 2. Its a great slayer map along with basically any game mode expect personally infection is hard on it. They recaptured the map flow very good it fells like Halo 2 flow more than Halo CE but still well done.

Penance is the next map which is a very cool and well mad map that takes place in a covenant ship. The flow on this map is just amazing every game expect for Capture the flag is good for it. Best way to go is using jetpack to get up faster or sprint on this map.


High Noon the remake of Hang em High is personally my favorite out of this map pack. The forge options allow more platforms for custom games fun with friends or randoms. Jumping down and beating someones back in or jetpacking up playforms is amazing in how the got the old felling back with the new stuff in Reach


Ridgeline the remake of Timberland the large forest map is the same as always large and fun for capture the flag and assault not so much in other game modes. Its still a blast quite enjoyable but still they couldve replaced this with a differnt map.

Solitary the remake of Prisoner is the same….hard to win on. The mainly free for all map make the flow sloppy but still fun sometimes but its mainly shotgunning and grenades flying everywhere. But if your really good this is your map but this couldve been replaced with another map as well.

Breakneck the remake of Headlong probably the most played on Halo 2. It fells just the same fun and maybe even funner without the duel wield needlers flying everywhere. The big team slayer map is the probably the most detailed map out of the whole map pack.

Installation 04 is the new firefight map that allows ODST help fight on Halo. It has a warthog and a mongoose for you to fight with. There are tons of spots to dig in at on this map and take out waves of covies. For this being a new map it reminds me of the end of the second mission of Combat Evolved. But this was my favorite firefight map.

This map pack was very well made and brought back tons of fun from old Halo games into Reach it was by far one of the best DLCs of 2011 it gets a 9.5 out of 10

Final Verdict: Halo Reach was one of the best games of 2010 and shows a small of hint of great things to come for the Halo franchise. I award Halo Reach a 9.5/10. See you next time.

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Tristans Twisted World: Gears of War 3 review

Brothers to the end…the end of Gears of War which is the best selling third person shooter of all time and has won so many awards over the years.

Horde: The award winning co op mode is back and better than ever with fortification levels through upgrades of turrets,decoys, blockades,bases, and my favorites the centrey guns and the COG Silverback. You fight through 50 waves of explosive gameplay and every 10 waves is a boss wave which the bosses are Berzearkers,Lambent Berzearkers,Gunkers,Brumaks,Reavers,Savage Corpsers,and Centipedes. Some of the new enemys such as the Armored Kantus,and the Savage Boomer are tough enemys to take down while others such as the Drone and Savage Drone are easy. Mutators make the game easyier like having unlimted ammo or one hit one kill.The more you kill the more money you get to upgrade buy weapons and ammo and even buy your way back in the game.

Beast: A new co op mode from the team at Epic games is Beast where you play as the locust through 12 waves with a time limit while fighting stranded and the COG. Every kill you get you get money to pick more characters from the locust like you can be a Ticker or a Boomer even a Berzeaker and Corpser. The COG Heros such as Marcus and Anya you must exeucte them to kill them unlike other enemys and on the final wave the Onyx Guard you must do the same.

Multiplayer: The most improved part of the Gears Franchise with its new and improved servers and the events and unlocks for medals,gun skins,exuctions,and characters. The new leveling up system by using ribbons to track streaks of something or something you do within a match. The Team Death match in this game is the best version of it ive ever played as you have a pool of lives you have till it runs out and you have one life left per player on team. Capture the leader is also a new game mode were the tittle says it you capture the leader for a amount of time to win and the other team can capture your leader to stop your team from winning.

Campaign: The best part of this game with an awsome story but it still has so many unanswered questions.The games start sets the tone as it is a dream that is just like the start of the first Gears of War.You must go and find Adam Fenix since he has a way to stop the lambent infection from destroying Sera. This story has a more emotionell toll on some gamers as you get to see Cole think of when he was a thrashball player which shows what all the humans on this planet have lost since Sera will never be the same. Also the chapter Brothers to the end which was but wasnt surprising as Dom sacrifices himself for the mission which lays heavly on Marcus throughout the rest of the game as he blams himself. After you beat the 11 hour story mode I felt satisfied as yes its finally over a well worth it go through of the series.

Graphics: Some of the best textures ive ever seen from a console game as the lighting fits every moment great job Epic

Soundtrack: The music fits the moments for epic scenes battle music for mysterious scenes kinda Halo like music and of course Mad World is played in Brothers to the end

Final Verdict: The game may not be taken for a real big game by some gamers who fell it could be better with everyone which I understand this game is for mainly graphic players or story based players and if you can sit there for 3 hours to beat horde as well but this game is a worth it buy at 55 dollars used version from gamestop and I give it a 9.5

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Tristans Twisted World: Halo 4 Spartan Ops Season 1 Review

Halo 4 the game itself didn’t conclude and is still growing strong with the new handlers 343. Now the final episode of Season 1 of Spartan Ops came out yesterday and it was surprising what they did now I wont go into spoilers on this but will give points on what’s good with Spartan ops and how to make season 2 and possibly 3 better and if they continue it into Halo 5.

Now the first 5 episodes had you going back and fourth between locations the cinematics were really good though. But it felt kind of rushed at points for the missions some were just rescuing marines or many other things like that. The first half of the season was mediocre but when the second half hit it felt like a Halo campaign. They did a better job making the Cinematics have more to do with the missions for example episode 6, episode 7 and episode 10 did the best job at this and they tried to put new locations in every week but it was still the same sometimes. But it ended with a bang and so many more questions than answers and big answers from the campaign that we still don’t know about.

They did a good job at storytelling though Ill give them that I’m all for episodic gaming take The Walking Dead for example. But they can make this better with making the missions maps for a new firefight mode, new locations every single week, more interaction with Crimson, more main villains, Boss fights (real boss fights), and longer cinematics.

Now that’s all I have to say right now about Spartan Ops ill be looking for info on Season 2. Now as a whole I will give Spartan Ops Season 1 an 8 out of 10 its good but needs improvement. This has been a RealGamerNewz and Tristans Twisted World Review stay Real people.

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Final Fantasy X HD and UMD PassPort Shown at Tokyo PlayStation Vita Event [News WrapUp]

During the Tokyo PlayStation Vita Event Sony Japan was pushing the Instant Game Collection with PlayStation Store and PlayStation Plus at the forefront of the presentation’s introduction. pic Not only games but also applications were shown such as Torne and Reader Store for the PlayStation Vita’s all-in-one-functionality to advance even further.

The Japanese PlayStation Vita’s 3G/Wifi pricing as well as popular and upcoming titles were also discussed.

The trailer for Phantasy Star Online 2 showed gameplay and stable online connections as well as promising plenty of cinematic depth to it. Such a game, online and massively multiplayer, with vast character creation surely would not have been possible in past handheld generations.

A bundle with the white PlayStation Vita and a copy of Phantasy Star Online 2 were shown as well as a live playthrough of an existing build.

Another title shown with cross play between the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation Portable will be launching side by side for each. The game was shown being played live on the PlayStation Vita with gameplay being shown to seem somewhat reminiscent of Japan’s popular Monster Hunter franchise. An interview took place with industry heavyweight Keiji Inafune who is behind the project.

Soul Sacrifice was also shown with a Premium Edition PlayStation Vita bundle and this one’s red. Pics It is seen in the pictures below on the assembly line. A video of Valhalla Knights 3 was shown next, which also will release 2013.

Gundam Breaker allowing you to customize, create, and destroy huge gundam machines on the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 in 2013 is next up. This could be just what people need after an Armored Core craving goes unsatisfied.

God Eater 2 was then brought to the presentation. God Eater 2 is the sequel to God Eater Burst which was on PlayStation Portable. God Eater 2, much like Soul Sacrifice, will be released for both PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation Portable and will have cross play connection capabilities between the two devices.

A developer playthrough of God Eater 2 was shown live on PlayStation Vita where the games clean interface and high fidelity graphics were on display.

The UMD Passport Program was announced for God Eater Burst, giving gamers the title from their PlayStation Portable collection onto their PlayStation Vita system.

Finally, the Final Fantasy X HD remaster Square Enix announced not too long ago was shown running on the PlayStation Vita.

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WATCH NOW — PlayStation Vita Japan Event Feb 18, 2013 Livestream

The PlayStation Vita Tokyo event has started. Watch it now below!

Check out the Livestream here on

[UPDATE: The Show is now over, READ THE NEWS WRAPUP HERE!]

Live stream by Ustream

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WRC 3: FIA World Rally Championship Review

The WRC racing series has always paved the way and made a name for itself within its own niche of pure rally racing that comes straight off the top as an exciting and adrenaline-filled experience. If you know anything about racing games then you know that there might be more hardcore simulation systems out there but when it comes to simply wiping dirt all over your opponent’s face, WRC 3 is going to spend some time spinning your wheels.

The gameplay consists of taking out every car you can think of from the latest FIA World Rally Championship (which is the 2012 at the time this game was released) and bringing even exclusive content such as Rallye Monte-Carlo, Volkswagen Polo R WRC Test Car into the arena adds to the mayhem. The controls are smooth and the graphics are beautiful, you really feel like you are in the race. I almost wanted to pull out my dirtbike and start doing jumps alongside my vehicle while I ‘ghostride the whip’ from outside, unfortunately that is a bit of a pipe dream with this game I’ll admit.

The lack of story won’t stop FIA World Rally racing fans from thoroughly enjoying this title, but it may off-put some gamers that are not seasoned to the racing genre. For that I can forgive here and there, unfortunately the lack of a good collision system is a lot harder to forgive. Sometimes it just feels like you aren’t doing the real thing because if you hit a wall you feel like you’re just driving an indestructible cardboard box; for that some points were removed.

If you are looking for something to blow through and enjoy you won’t be let down though. The Art Direction reminds you of paradise, and the soundtrack is fairly well laid out. Replay Ability is the same as most racing titles, through the roof because there’s a lot of challenges to accomplish.

Final Verdict: WRC 3: FIA World Rally Championship Review suffers from lack of a good damage system and for a racing car game that is very lacking in this day and age, on the other hand it offers beautiful scenery and great FIA World Rally realism to the experience. It’s definitely worth playing whether you usually enjoy racing games or not.



Overall Score: 8.25/10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Available on: PS3 / 360 / PC

Handheld Version Available On PlayStation Vita

Played on: PlayStation 3

Review Copy Info: a copy of this game was provided by the publisher to RealGamerNewz for purposes of this review.

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