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Beholder: Complete Edition Review

Nothing is off limits to the elites. Hobbies, jobs, relationships, even the most benign conversation are all material to be documented while weighing your allegiance to the state. In Beholder, nothing is secret and nothing is sacred. It’s someone’s job to keep an eye on everything you do. It’s all for your own good, of course…

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Mountain Crime: Requital Review

Mountain Crime: Requital is a game from the headquarters of game publisher, Alawar, located in Russia, Novosibirsk, and developed by Alawar Stargaze studio, located in Russia, Barnaul. Alawar Entertainment has brought the point-and-click adventure genre to a new level of entertainment. The Action-based atmosphere of this game allows you to go at your own pace, for impatient gamers who may have previously never wanted to play a point-and-click adventure game this is your game. Mountain Crime: Requital allows players to quickly blast through their favorite parts of the game with adrenaline pumping moments that will make you feel fully immersed in the game’s story and even gameplay as your eyes are scanning every new scene you run into for clues.

Story- In Mountain Crime: Requital you play as a doctor who has been summoned to mountain resort under false pretenses. Just as you are getting your wits about you, expecting to find a patient who needs your help, you discover that an unexpected weather event has trapped you here and all around you people seem to be mysteriously dying. It’s your job to stay alive, examine the evidence, and of course try to identify and stop the killer.

Gameplay- The gameplay in Mountain Crime: Requital is the most optimized version of point-and-click adventure seen thus far. Similar to other titles that have been recently causing a revival to this beautiful genre of exploration and using your intelligence to enhance the experience, Mountain Crime: Requital keeps you on the edge most and rewards fast and smart players. You will have hard-to-find objects that you are seeking, but you can also use hints. There is a higher difficulty setting as well as one that is designed to allow players to play quickly through the game with less patience. In addition to traditional puzzles and object hunting, the game also features interactive scenes which add to the depth of gameplay significantly.

Characters- Each character you get to know intimately by the time the game is over. You are sometimes laughing with them, other times at them, but it’s all a very fun experience. You never really can tell exactly who you are after until the plot begins to thicken and survival instincts begin to thump your heart out of your chest.

Graphics / Art Direction- The game’s set pieces and characters are all amazingly drawn and animated and look like the high quality you’d expect on a high definition gaming console or PC. The art direction in the game is terrific in telling the story of the dark and dismal situation players are thrust into.

Soundtrack, Audio, Voice- The greatest part of this game’s audio is the narrator which actually feels like logically thought out comments from yourself to keep you motivated on the right tasks. The player also gets to choose some of the decisions you make as a character. You’ll learn to hear some of the sound effects very distinctly and know that you’ve found something important to the game. There is a decent soundtrack that also helps tell the current urgency of whichever scene you are playing through in the story.

Replay Ability- The features a challenging set of trophies as well as a new difficulty mode that keep its Replay-ability fairly high, but even if you aren’t into that this game is just plain fun and may have you coming back for more once you feel the Mountain Crime itch again.

Engine Performance- There were no glitches or bugs observed in our play-through experience, the game engine ran flawlessly.

Final Verdict- While there may be a stigma to rating games perfectly, we feel that this game in its current shape and form is completely flawless and although improvements are always possible we don’t find any immediately broken elements in this game that would deduct from our experience. Mountain Crime: Requital receives a 10 out of 10 from RealGamerNewz, even if you know nothing of the genre this is a game you have to experience.

Overall Score: 10/10

Available On: PS3 / PC / Mac

Mobile Version Available On: iOS / Android

Played On: PlayStation 3

Developer: Alawar Entertainment

Review Copy Info: A digital voucher for this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the developer for purposes of this review.

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