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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 ‘Revelations’ DLC Review

*Spoilers* This DLC takes during Lords of Shadow 2, so if you haven’t played or beaten it turn back now. Read our review here.

‘Revelations’ is a digital only story add-on for MercurySteam’s Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. Towards the end of LoS2 it was revealed that Alucard, son of Dracula played a huge role in the events of LoS2. We learned of the plan he and his Father put in motion in order to put a stop to Satan and to also have his wish of being freed from his curse of immortality.

Alucard’s story takes place right before the beginning of the main game, when Dracula is set to awaken. Once he does so, he must reclaim his full powers by regaining the Void Sword and Chaos Claws. Unfortunately the Castle is against the idea of Dracula leaving as he is its life blood, so the creatures that inhabit it steal the sword and claws. Knowing that his Father would not be strong enough to battle the Fallen One with out them, Alucard sets out to get the weapons back. That is pretty much it in terms of story here; it doesn’t get much deeper than that and it is really obvious how it ends. If you were expecting any sort of character development for Alucard, you’ll be disappointed. It establishes that he is a bad*** just like his Father but that’s about it.

It is a tale that doesn’t do much for the overall story in Lords of Shadow 2 as we already know how it turns out and one that didn’t necessarily have to be told. Seeing as this was released almost a month after the main game, one would argue that they could have just included it with the full game. It probably would have had more of an impact then.

The third-person combat in ‘Revelations’ is just as fun and fast paced as the main game. Players will once again mix together direct and area attacks to defeat their foes as well perform gruesome executions that replenishes the vampire warrior’s health. Alucard plays similar to that of his Father but brings his own unique abilities and attacks to the table resulting in a familiar yet fresh experience. While Dracula’s main weapon is his devastating shadow whip, Alucard does battle with his Crissaegrim blade and has his own fighting style; this means even though the button inputs for his combos are exactly the same, some of his moves look different and even cooler.

Being a total bad*** clearly runs in the family.

The Crissaegrim Blade is the only weapon our protagonist fights with, unlike his Father who also wields the Void sword and Chaos Claws. Fortunately Alucard also has the powers of Glaciem and Igneas at his disposal; hitting LB (360 controller)  infuses his blade with the power of Glaciem, which replenishes his health with each successful hit and once upgraded can freeze enemies in their tracks. It has the same magical properties as the Void Sword. Igneas is activated by hitting RB as you can guess is similar to the Chaos Claws; the blade is encased in flame making it strong enough to destroy enemy shields and armor, setting them on fire. While it would have been great if Glaciem and Igneas weren’t copies of Void and Chaos powers, freezing and then shattering your enemies and/or burning them is still fun ordeal.

There are a variety of enemies in ‘Revelations’ though the amount of different types are less than in LoS2. Killing them earns Alucard experience points used to purchase new combos and upgrades while mastering his moves will allow you to upgrade his blade making it stronger, making it a bane for his foes. Sadly there aren’t really any new enemies to face, with the exception of one that is just a variation and the final Boss. It would have been great to have faced at least one or two completely new enemies in this, though it’s not a huge issue just a minor gripe.

Speaking of Bosses, that’s where this DLC really disappoints with its foes. There are total of two, yes two Bosses Alucard will face and neither one truly stands out. The first Boss was a cake walk and boring while the final one, is a mixed bag. It starts off cool and offers more of a challenge but quickly becomes less interesting as it falls into the tired old Boss battle tropes that plague many gaming titles.

Just like in the main game when players aren’t engaging the enemy, they will be traversing the environment and Alucard possesses three abilities that allow him to do so successfully. With the Bat Cloud ability players can quickly warp to areas they would not be able to reach otherwise. Timeless Vision allows Alucard to turn back time on old broken objects or structures, effectively repairing them for a short period of time. Spectral Wolf sees the legendary vampire create an apparition in the form of a wolf, allowing him to leap across large gaps and pass through barred areas. It is similar to Dracula’s mist ability but it is useless in combat.

Sic ’em boy!

These abilities makes moving through Dracula’s castle more fun than in LoS2 and the game’s puzzles requires you to utilize them all in clever ways in order to proceed. They aren’t very difficult but still manage to be entertaining. I’m happy to point out that they are no boring stealth missions in ‘Revelations’, so you can breath a sigh of relief.

Once you’ve beaten the game (It will only take a couple of hours to do so) you can continue exploring more of Dracula’s Castle and find any collectibles you may have missed. There is also a new game + mode that allows you to start over with all your upgrades intact, as well the Prince of Darkness difficulty if you wish for more of a challenge.

Final Verdict: The story itself is pretty straightforward, doing nothing in terms of development for Alucard’s character and the Boss Battles are a let down. The combat is still fun and exploration and puzzle solving more entertaining this time around. It will only set you back about $8 which isn’t bad, though I can really only recommend this if you loved Lords of Shadow 2 or a die hard Alucard fan. If not save your money, it is a decent yet ultimately forgettable experience.

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Overall Score: 7 / 10

RGN Rating: Bronze Game

Developer: MercurySteam

Publisher: Konami

Available on: 360 | PS3 | PC

Played on: Xbox 360

Review Copy Info: A digital copy was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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