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Sony Blatantly Rips Off Microsoft Xbox Rewards With No Shame

Sony was famous for being treated like trash last generation as their PlayStation 3 struggled to get any attention at all for the greater half of its existence. PS3 Released originally in 2006 with no games to speak of other than a few cult classics, if you can even call them that, like Warhawk and Resistance: Fall of Man which failed to move a respectable amount of units and confusing the entire game development world with the architecture of the cell processor causing many bad third party ports (or worse no port at all). It wasn’t until games like Uncharted 2 and LittleBigPlanet that the Sony PS3 started gaining momentum as a brand, eventually leading to where it sits today as one of the fan favorites (depending on who you speak to). All this time Sony has been playing the role of the underdog, and it turns out it was an act all along.

As the media suspiciously turns their backs on the Microsoft Xbox brand and now treats them like trash insulting the Xbox ONE before DRM was even announced (just as the PS3 was being bashed before the specs were even announced) now all of a sudden Sony feels king again and has begun to take actions that show their renewed egomania. Today, those actions come in the form of a complete identity theft of the Microsoft Xbox Rewards program by the Sony PlayStation brand.

For the past 7+ years the term “Xbox Ambassador” has been being used as well as “Achievements” pre-dating the PS3 trophy system, and today Sony has shamelessly decided that it would like to have the same benefits for its gamers but not only reward people for recruiting others to spend money on PSN to earn “Achievements” but also promise them the hopes of one day becoming a PlayStation “Ambassador” and “Grand Ambassador” even beyond that.

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