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Left 4 Dead 3 Coming? Or is Press-Start Full of It?

Left 4 Dead 3 box art by SpecreStatus on DeviantArt

You can find a screenshot of what is supposedly a picture snapped at a tour through Valve’s development studio by somebody who eventually got the snapshot passed over to Press-Start, or did they? This suspiciously short-worded post from the Australian publication fails to offer any type of details that would prove they even know where Valve is located. Their commentators joke at the end that L4D3 has no excuse not to be on PlayStation this time around, and cite this as proof Valve “can count to 3” and therefore “Half Life 3 is confirmed”.

We sincerely hope, for gamers who get their hopes up about this, that this is genuine. Then again, it very well could be. Some skepticism will always surround Rumor, but regardless, you can find the images Press-Start posted first today (before it was globally trending) for yourself below. After our “Plug your Xbox 360 into Xbox ONE” Rumor became fact, I now have to accept that truly anything is possible.

Original article here.

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Backwards Compatibility: Reverse the Curse, Stop the Madness

PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 have been flooding the headlines and the interest of consumers, investors, gamers, and speculators of all ages and demographics since the advent of next generation gaming became a mainstream conversation thanks to the massive success of Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 this current generation. One feature that has been at the forefront of the details being discussed, leaked, debated, and argued about passionately online by gamers is the ability to play PS3 and 360 games on the PS4 and 720. When gamers realize that they probably will not be able to do this at all, nevermind in their preferred fashion, a certain type of anger and spite begins to form in their mind.

With some justice, they feel that they have  been robbed for their collection’s ability to transfer to a new era of gaming alongside the evolution that they are expecting from the new hardware’s exclusive titles. However, this argument has been overlooking some key evidence being a gamer paying attention to the industry over the past few decades should have easily taught us. We don’t need Backwards Compatibility, and in fact, we are usually better off without it.

The truth about backwards compatibility is you don’t really need it and it doesn’t save you any money. Many people may start off their argument for backwards compatibility by expressing that they’re going to be saving money by having their old collection compatible with the newest, greatest game systems out. This may be true in some ways. However, the feature of having backwards compatibility costs game console manufacturers money and this is going to somehow affect the price of your next big gaming purchase. Price is of course another huge point of criticism from would-be early adopters of next gen every cycle, and yet the world goes on.

What Gamers think Backwards Compatibility is:

What Backwards Compatibility Really is:

Bad Disc Drives may not apply to the past Nintendo experience with backwards compatibility however the high failure rates and need for repair in Sony’s earliest PlayStation 3 systems which supported playing PlayStation 2 games via disc in them as well as the Xbox 360 series which strived to allow most original Xbox titles to be played via the disc drive as well has ended up becoming evidence in this debate against Backwards Compatibility. PlayStation 2’s original failures were also blamed on the compatibility with multiple types of media including PS1 games and DVD movies.

Our obsession with buying old games over and over again on new systems is a problem that is holding back the game industry and making companies only feel safe with reboots or gimmicks, but our obsession with getting everything backwards compatible could very well lead to higher electronics failure rates in the release of next generation consoles if manufacturers like Microsoft and Sony are pressured into making backwards compatibility remain physical.

Reverse the Curse, Stop the Madness. Say no to backwards compatibility Next Gen, Say YES to NEW GAMES!

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Most Reliable Xbox 720 News To Date

RealGamerNewz takes a moment to compile some of the most reliable Xbox 720 news being reported on. At the moment, this is all to be considered “Rumors and Speculation” which major game companies like Microsoft will refuse to comment on so they don’t prematurely blow the load on their massive advertising campaigns. Highly demanded product however, requires a continuous stream of news to keep the public happy. This is how “leaks” happen, by becoming a mechanism of free word of mouth and experimentation. Through this type of underground news release, we have gotten a good hold on some interesting features that are speculated to be in the Xbox 720.

The “Always Online” Feature

“Always on” is a rumored feature that the Xbox 720 must stay connected to the internet at all time to play games, However these rumors have not been stamped as true. If this were true many people will question if new Xbox owners have to buy Xbox Live to stay tune to what’s happening like the current Xbox 360.

Kinect Included

Rumor has it the Xbox 720 will come with an updated version of the Kinect. Upon getting the new Xbox 720 the Kinect must be on when using the console. However the Kinect will be coming with upgraded features such as being able to identify 6 people instead of the normal 2 which means better and bigger party games to be enjoyed by all, the Kinect also now can recognize 25 points one each skeleton instead of the 20 points need on the current Kinect.

Multi-Tasking Ability

The Xbox 720 is speculated to have a new ability that lets you be able to switch from a game to the dashboard or another app, Possibly even another game then allows you to switch right back to your original game or process and continue from where you left off. This is a very handy ability that has not yet been featured and any other console.

Game Install Program

Each Xbox 720 is rumored to have a 500GB hard drive reports show that with this space games are needed to be installed just like you would install a game onto a computer, However you can play these games while they install so there is no long wait to play the game once you bought it.

Controllers and Peripherals

The new Xbox 720 controllers are rumored to a upgraded similar version of the Xbox 360 controllers but the old 360 controllers will not be able to work on the new Xbox. The controllers are said to be working with a new “Wireless technology”.

The controller was reported in Xbox World Magazine to have an “HD screen the is surrounded by the traditional 360 buttons and sticks” and it could be used as “a remote control for you TV”.

Leaks of new devices such as “Xbox Surface” which shows specs of a “Tablet device” and a separate “stationary computing device”. It has been reported that it will be like a touch screen 720 controller similar to the Wii U.

A patent by PatentlyApple was found that plans of a 360 degree 3D projector that would work with the Kinect to give the player a nice 360 environment that could be worked with.


A Reputable MS blogger has stated that Xbox 720 will be smaller the Xbox 360 and will be cheaper to the kinect adoption. He then went on to say “It will use a Zune HD-like hardware platform- a MAIN processor with multiple cores for graphics, AI, physics, sound, networking, encryption and sensors”.

The Xbox 720’s system chip began production towards the ending of December 2011 according to tech site fudzilla. It’s been reported that IBM and Global Foundries of Microsoft. Xbox 720 will be a PowerPC CPU.

VG247 reported that Xbox 720 will have a blu-ray player and will be powered by 2 GPUs “Its Like 2 PCs taped together”. the Graphics cards is like the AMD’s 7000 series. CVG reports that the devkits will be packing a 16-core CPU.

Editor’s Note: RealGamerNewZ has moved web servers, some older posts can no longer be commented on and have been preserved without their images. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. This article was written by Eric Ward on 20130414 and was last modified on 20130414 .