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PlayStation 5 and Xbox Project Scarlet could use Blu-ray Rev 2 or BDXL

Current Blu-ray drives found in PlayStation 4, Xbox, and past systems like PS3 are unable to read data off the disc fast enough for gamers to play without first installing their games. This has been an issue now for 12 years and likely won’t be solved anytime soon. However, next-generation game consoles like PlayStation 5 and the currently code-named Xbox Project Scarlet could finally bring a change to the disc drive frontier of modern video games.

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Sony Could Make the First Holographic Game Console

The state of technology has always incrementally increased. With the advent of High Definition graphics becoming a normality thanks to the Xbox 360 and later PlayStation 3, we expect to see further advancements with the PlayStation 4 being able to play 4K movies for example. The next formats brought forth by the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 will include higher resolutions, 1080p native, higher forms of 3D HD, 4K support, and more. But what about the PlayStation 5, 6, 7, and 8? Who will eventually be the console manufacturer to introduce holographic technology to the foreground, and what will it mean to the user experience?

If this already sounds too far fetched for you than perhaps we should begin by listing some of the less commonly known technologies out there. The Emotiv Epoch is a third party controller that was implemented with PC games in order for users to control lifting up rocks, running, shooting, and more with simply the concentration of their minds. No keyboard and mouse, no controller, just the human brain and its intuitions. Of course, you had to have a monitor sitting on your head but that could be changed and made to be less cumbersome given more time for research. Before you know it this new way of playing could completely renovate all of our old franchises and at the same time give birth to new ones that would have never before been possible.

Beyond that there’s the Sony 360 auto-stereoscopic technology which can be found in shopping centers in Japan featuring the “Glasses-Free 3D” display that is also showing a completely 3D object in its cylinder like projection. This is a borderline hologram as is and has been proven to be a future-based technology that will be in demand. If ever optimized for the high resolutions of modern day gaming, players would be able to see the battlefield from every single angle possible, and some even impossible as others walk in the room only to see the other side of what you are doing (rather than just a black back plastic of a traditional television).

One more piece of equipment that needs to be considered is Sony’s immersion-focused Personal 3D Viewer glasses which send players into a completely virtual world much like the Nintendo Virtual Boy if it found a time machine and implemented the future’s HD technology. Players even get a serious advantage with Sony’s headset devices such as this capitalizing in HD and 3D giving increased degrees of peripheral vision and a distinct playing field enhancement.

This functionality when paired with the advancements seen in the social networking and connectivity of video games such as with functions like Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Cross Game Chat, and the forthcoming Streaming technology in the PS4, we can just imagine endless innovations inspired by these currently experimental setups. What remains for this type of technology to catch up with mainstream spending behavior is simply the shortening of the price gap.

With the next-generation gaming systems PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 on the horizon, it is easy to say that we will be seeing a large advancement thanks to mostly the ease of development and increase in RAM / GPU / CPU horsepower on these consoles. However, what we still don’t know yet is what format of disc we will be gaming on. At the same time as the syndication of Blu Ray and HD DVD discs there was also a regulation passed for clearance of production on Blu Ray Rev 2 discs. These discs hold around 100GB – 150GB each versus the current 25GB (Single Layer Blu Ray) -50GB (Dual Layer Blu Ray) maximum. Even if PS4 and Xbox 720 aren’t sporting the Blu Ray Rev 2, the technology is pre-existing and will eventually fall into gamers’ hands giving way to way enhanced visuals and much larger 3D worlds.

Even beyond the Blu Ray Rev 2 is the invention of currently experimental Purple Laser technology. This technology has been used in tests at Sony resulting in disc capacity above 13TB (Terabytes) per disc. That’s 1024GB for each 1TB, meanwhile PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 may not even support the 150GB Blu Ray Rev 2 standard. We may be looking through the future, looking into the looking glass, but it was once said that HD would never catch on and yet here we are today. As virtual reality becomes more and more plausible, we have even seen companies like Sony purchase patents on technology that can transmit video images and sound into your brain using a wireless signal without the need for a heads-on device such as the Epoch Emotiv and Personal 3D Viewer pictured above. All of the technology is in place for this to happen, it is now simply a matter of patience waiting for market values and demand to shift where it needs to  be for this vision to become realized, and for virtual reality to replace gaming entirely.

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