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Prima Games and BradyGames Join Forces to Form a Video Game Strategy Powerhouse

Earlier today video game strategy guide publisher Prima Games announced their merger with fellow guide publisher BradyGames. This is momentous news for fans of both publishers and newcomers alike.

“Uniting these two iconic strategy guide publishers brings together over 40 years of expertise, creativity, and passion for the video game industry. Whether in print or digital—from traditional strategy guides to map apps, video content, and eGuides—Prima Games helps players get the most out of their games.”

“As the premiere provider of official, expert strategy content, Prima Games has the largest catalog of detailed strategy delivered in the most convenient and easy-to-use formats. Products include interactive web-accessed guides, iTunes/Google Play apps, console strategy apps, cheats and codes databases, and traditional print guides.”

Their e-guides prove to be extremely accessible, while the collector’s editions include some pretty cool swag.

“Web-accessed strategy guides (eGuides) are available 24/7, directly from primagames.com with no download or DRM required. Print guides feature complete walkthroughs, detailed maps, instructional screenshots, and a free eGuide for access to updated content. Collector’s editions go even further with exclusive extras such as posters, interviews with game developers, lavish art sections, lithographs, and even in-game DLC.”

This merging will no doubt prove to be highly beneficial for all, especially the customers. Stay tuned for future announcements, and keep an eye out for our review of The Witcher III: Wild Hunt strategy guide.

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Enlist in the Order Starting this Friday with BradyGames’ 1886 Signature Series Strategy Guide

Ready At Dawn’s third-person shooter, The Order:1886 launches tomorrow exclusively for the PlayStation 4. If you are looking for assistance in taking the fight to enemy and emerging victorious, then BradyGames Signature Series Guide is for you. Releasing alongside the new video game, BradyGames’s guide promises to deliver a complete walkthrough of its campaign and more. Full details below.

  • Complete walkthrough of all missions! Everything you need to save humanity from an ancient threat.
  • Exclusive maps – navigate London, finding every important location and collectible.
  • Comprehensive armory section – learn everything you need to know about the weapons, armor, and gadgets populating the game.
  • Exhaustive bestiary – get a close look at the ancient foes that stalk the streets of London.
  • Free Mobile-Friendly eGuide. Unlock the enhanced eGuide for access to updated content, all optimized for a second-screen experience.

You can pre-order now through select retailers including Amazon — which currently has for the discounted price of $18.62.

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Evolve’s Official Strategy Guide Looks to Make a Hunter/Monster Out of You

Excited for Turtle Rock Studio’s upcoming 4v1 first-person shooter but are worried about facing off against the more skilled players? Well BradyGames and Turtle Rock have your back with the official Evolve Strategy Guide.

The guide is set to deliver detailed coverage of the entire game, including every game mode, weapon, character class and much more. Full information on what you can expect should you purchase copy, is below.

  • Comprehensive coverage of the entire game, including the groundbreaking multiplayer mode that combines the very best aspects of competitive and cooperative gameplay.
  • Complete maps and breakdowns of every level and arena.
  • Game-winning tactics and analysis of all four Hunter classes: Trapper, Medic, Support, and Assault. Plus, lethally effective strategies to turn the tables and eviscerate the Hunters while playing as the Monster.
  • Detailed coverage of every game mode, including strategies for Hunters, Monsters, map effects, weather, wildlife, and more.
  • Play to your character’s offensive and defensive strengths, regardless of your role—each Character subclass and Monster evolution is covered in detail.
  • In-depth data and commentary for every weapon and item, each ability, all power-ups, perks, equipment, and more.
  • Expert guidance for exploiting the environment, wildlife, and upgrades to full advantage. Gain powers, grow in strength, level up.
  • That’s not all: Player Progression, Accolades, Badges, Achievements, unlock new Hunter and Monster characters, upgrades, and skins.
  • Free Mobile-Friendly eGuide. Unlock the enhanced eGuide for access to updated content, all optimized for a second-screen experience.

You can pre-order the guide at select retailers for $24.99. Amazon has it for a discounted price at the moment. It will release alongside the game on February 10, 2015 and covers all versions of the game.

You can read our Beta impressions here.

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Grand Theft Auto V Strategy Guide Review

If you need to find the most detailed and complete guide to GTA V, then look no further. The team over at BradyGames has put together a fantastic signature series strategy guide to any GTA V knowledge you may be searching for, all in one great looking package. From the minute I first saw this guide it just screamed collectible with just under 500 highly detailed full color pictures made from tear resistant pages front to back to ensure long lasting use while keeping it looking fresh. I knew this guide would be a serious commodity to the story mode section of the game but it also completely covers the entire online mode as well all platforms in this one book. The table of contents is set on two open pages with only eight categories so you can see everything the without having to flip over a page.

Every single stat from each character’s details to weapons, vehicles, and everything you can think of is broken down to help you make those educated purchases without having to interrupt any of your time in game. I especially enjoy the map sections that have been fitted perfectly to the pages with high resolution making it super easy see and navigate all areas without having to stop traveling to change screens.

After using this guide for awhile I would say it is definitely worth picking up, whether you have been playing GTA V for awhile and want to find something you have been looking for a long time, or your just starting out and need help getting around and understanding the game and characters functions. Two thumbs up for BradyGames for putting out a quality product that will remain useful and more importantly useful! So go get your own, because this one’s mine. There’s still time before Christmas if you know anyone who is playing GTA V on any console they would definitely appreciate this signature series strategy guide. At $24.99 it is a bargain.

Main Story Missions: A complete walk-through of the game, you won’t miss anything and following these pages while playing through the story mode will ensure that you get the most efficient progress towards unlocking all achievements. Each contract is broken down into extreme detail with step by step, maps, side notes, and even easter egg nuggets of information. It is also shown how much progress towards a platinum trophy is gained per mission.

Vehicle Showroom: GTA V has tons of vehicles, and with even more expanded for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One it’s impressive to see them all in one place. Top Speed, Braking, Acceleration, and Traction are broken down for each vehicle in the game (which is an insane amount of detail for a guide of such quality). It would have been nice to be able to see the Armor / Health attribute of each vehicle, but we’re not sure entirely how that works and why it was omitted. There could be development reasons, it’s hard to say exactly. Some vehicles have an extra mode such as the ability to get Turbo or Custom Exhaust systems. It’s nice to be able to rapidly thumb through and have those abilities highlighted on these pages. This saves an incredible amount of time car hunting for the right vehicle that can do it all. Now you just find it in the guide, then get it in the game.

Stranger and Freaks, Random Events, Hobbies and Pastimes: This section includes everything you can do outside of the normal story missions for Grand Theft Auto V including Arms Trafficking Air, Arms Trafficking Ground, Assassination Missions, Bail Bonds, Parachuting, Endless Summer: Taxi Missions, and that’s not even half of them. Custom maps for particular moments in the game when players are looking for Triathlons, Races of all kinds, or just exact weaponry.

This guide has everything you need, even an in-depth look at GTA Online, now if we can just get Heists released that would be great!

Review Copy Info: A physical copy of this guide was provided to RealGamerNewz by BradyGames for the purpose of this Review.

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GTA V Strategy Guide Announced


All units, all units 211 in progress!

GTA V is back folks on Ps4 and Xbox One, and now all you need to know about the game will be in one book. Yep, Brady Games has announced that they will be releasing the Grand Theft Auto V Signature Series Guide: Expanded for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It will be released along side of the game tomorrow, November 18th and will cost you $24.99.

The upgraded GTA V versions on Ps4 and Xbox One boast an all new First Person Mode, increased draw distances and even 1080p resolution with 30fps. Along with all of these fantastic upgrades, players will also see differences in the amount of traffic on the roadways, enhanced damage and weather effects, heck you’re even going to see more wildlife while you’re cruising around in your new monster truck!




The 512 page guide itself will offer you information on all new collectibles, cars, and all new challenges for the game. Not only will the guide offer you direction for the offline single player, it even has all you need to know about Grand Theft Auto Online. In the online section of the guide learn about building up your character and getting started, and much much more. With an upgraded player count of 30 players per game now, you’re going to need to know every aspect of the game to survive and become the king of the town.

As you head out into the world of Los Santos and Blaine County, make sure that you pick up this guide so you can complete the game 100%.




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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Strategy Guide Review

The latest title in the juggernaut FPS franchise is finally here and BradyGames has released a strategy guide for both its returning fans and newcomers alike. Did BG deliver a guide worthy of the asking price, or should this be avoided at all cost?

The writers did a wonderful job covering the singleplayer portion of the game. Pretty much everything a player would want to know, is presented with pinpoint accuracy. For players new to the Call of Duty franchise and unfamiliar with the new mechanics, the specialized training section goes into great detail explaining the basics; from something as simple as sprinting, to info on the new EXO suits and their upgrades. Fans who are already up to speed will most likely skip this brief portion of the guide but it is great that the option is there.

Advanced Warfare’s action packed campaign mode has received the best coverage I’ve seen in a strategy guide so far. Reader are treated to complete step-by-step walkthroughs of each mission, complete with information on every objective, soldier loadouts, enemy types, tactics and nicely illustrated maps. The writers should be commended for the great job they did of avoiding any major spoilers, even with the quoted dialogue and in-game screenshot in each chapter.

Achievements/trophy hunters will be happy to know that those tied to the campaign are covered as well in the walkthroughs. Not only does the guide highlight the digital rewards that are unlocked for beating each mission, but also lets you know when it is the perfect time attempt to get them and how. So don’t worry about missing the “Flying Ace” achievement/trophy, the guide will let you know what mission you need to play and provide and accurate and detailed instructions on how to unlock it. Compared to how they were presented in the Destiny strategy guide, this way is much more convenient and a welcomed change.

Campaign coverage

Speaking of convenience, each mission chapter also features locations on Advanced Warfare’s “intel”; in-game collectibles scattered throughout the campaign. Instead of cramming all intel coverage at the end of the walkthroughs, the writers wisely integrated them (As seen in the pic above) in each chapter. Each is accompanied with a detailed picture of their locations and accurate instructions on how to find them, so completionists will have no issues during their search. Every achievement/trophy is listed with proper explanations on how to unlock them. This along with collectibles were two of the biggest areas BG dropped the ball with the Destiny guide. I’m happy to say that isn’t the case with this time.

As with previous Call of Duty games, Advanced Warfare’s main draw is its competitive multiplayer and its portion in this guide. Similar to the singleplayer section, there is helpful coverage on the basics for the newcomers and in-depth information for seasoned players. Weapons stats, attachments, perks, EXO abilities, games modes, Scorestreaks, you name it. Everything you can think of and more is talked about extensively, with accurate photos and descriptions. The readers are also presented with some helpful tips and strategies. Want to know which perk is best suited for which game mode, or what weapon works best from a distance, then you’ll want to read up on this section of the guide.

While the weapon stats charts are cool, it is worth noting that the game’s multiplayer will see its fair share of patches throughout its lifetime. This means that some weapons will see either their stats increase or decrease, based on community feedback, making the stats portion inaccurate once that happens.

A look at the Scorestreaks

The writers went all out with their coverage of the game’s multiplayer maps, providing highly detailed illustrations and highlights for each spawn point and objective location. Readers are offered strategies for each map that I can personally say, have proven to be very effective. How effective depends on your skill level as a player, as well as your teammates but you’ll be glad to know that they are useful.

For those looking to play the game’s “EXO Survival”, it was given the same level of detail for the most part. You’ll learn the basics, about the objectives, types of enemies you’ll face, Scorestreaks you can use, upgrade stations and general strategies to help you survive. One minor gripe with the co-op mode coverage is that it doesn’t cover the bonus zombie wave, or offer any info on how to unlock the zombie skin for use in competitive multiplayer. This is most likely not the writers faults, as Sledgehammer Games tried to keep it a secret up until the game’s launch, so it isn’t a major issue.

eGuide: Every physical copy of the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare comes with a code for an electronic version of the guide for free. The guide is accessed on Prima Games website, which means players can study map layouts and strategies on the go, or you can just give it to a friend/relative.

Final Verdict:

The is a very impressive guide. With the exception of one little omission in the co-op mode, the writers still covered everything the game has to offer with amazing detail and accuracy. Coverage for the game’s singleplayer is the best I’ve seen/read so far. The strategies for multiplayer and survival mode are effective and can lead the player to victory on the virtual battlefield. The weapons stats will become inaccurate as the months but if you are looking for a guide, that covers everything else and does a damn good job doing it, then purchasing this is a no-brainer.

Overall Score: 9/10

RGN Rating: Gold Guide

Publisher: BradyGames

Authors: Phillip Marcus, Michael Owen, Jason Fox and Will Murray

Map Illustrators: Darren Strecker and Michael Tumey

Pages: 236

Covers the game on: PS3 | PS4 | Xbox One | Xbox 360 | PC

Available at: Gamestop | Amazon

Price(s): $24.99 USA | $26.99 CAN | £14.99 UK

Review Copy Info: A physical copy was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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Tomb Raider: The Ten Thousand Immortals Review

Tomb Raider: The Ten Thousand Immortals by bestselling British novelist and comic book writer, Dan Abnett and Nik Vincent, is a novel continuing Lara Croft’s adventure and takes place between the events on Yamatai in the Tomb Raider reboot and the next to be released game title. This tale is considered cannon and acknowledge as such by developer Crystal Dynamics.

The story starts off with Lara being thrown into a panic attack by the startling and loud backfire of a neighbor’s car engine. As she takes to the streets of London, for a therapeutic walk to soothe her nerves, she receives a call informing her that Sam (best friend, roommate and designated damsel in distress), has been admitted into a hospital. Upon her arrival, Lara discovers her friend is in a coma suspected to be induced by a drug overdose.  However, having both recently survived supernatural events, Lara has her own suspicions about the cause of Sam’s condition. Therein, begins the quest to find an artifact of legend with healing capabilities able to restore her friend to health.

Lara travels to several locations around Europe in search of information and leads, meeting with professors, antique collectors and shady business men with auras of danger. In her pursuit of the relic, she finds there are others who would kill without hesitation to gain possession of it and Lara must fight for her life in order to save Sam’s. Savvy as she is, Lara is able to gain the trust and employ the help of hastily made acquaintances, using their skills and knowledge to advance her progress or escape danger as necessary.

Story line aside, the delivery left more to be desired. Everything was over simplified, there were no puzzles or need for in depth thinking, answers were basically thrown at her and the vocabulary and descriptions were basic. The action scenes were fun, but the majority of the down time was spent giving trivial descriptions of Lara navigating city streets and public transportation; if only to display her observation skills and paranoia, to then watch them fail her miserably on more than one occasion. Having seen and experienced the trials of Yamatai alongside reboot Lara, there are certain things she should definitely be able to handle. Not so, in this novel. It’s as if she’s starting over in skill level. Retaining the memory of her previous adventure, but none of the character development.

Final Verdict:

I will not claim to not have enjoyed the book at all, but my expectations for a Tomb Raider title were not met and often times I found myself bored and actually making an effort to continue reading. I would recommend this novel to a younger audience, not formally acquainted to classic Lara or reboot Lara for that matter. Large font, basic vocabulary and simple writing earned this novel a 7.2 rating.

Overall Score: 7.2/10

RGN Rating: Bronze Novel

Authors: Dan Abnett and Nik Vincent

Publisher(s): BradyGames

Pages: 343

Available Now at: Amazon | Amazon UK | GameStop | Barnes and Noble | BAM

Price(s): $12.99 USA | $13.99 CAN | £8.99 UK

Review copy info: A physical copy of the book was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

Editor’s Note: RealGamerNewZ has moved web servers, some older posts can no longer be commented on and have been preserved without their images. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. This article was written by Augustus Bel on 20141107 and was last modified on 20141107 .

[Updated] Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Strategy Guides Inbound

In just a few weeks Activision and Sledgehammer Games’ Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will launch across multiple platforms. To help turn players into advanced (Pun intended) soldiers, BradyGames will be releasing two guides alongside the game; the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Signature Series Guide and the Limited Edition Guide. These 400 page guides will cover the latest singleplayer, co-op and multiplayer modes with new tactics, strategies and all kinds of crazy stats.

Signature Series Guide:

  • In-depth coverage of all the new innovations, latest game modes, cutting-edge arsenal additions, and much more. Including powerful exoskeletons, specialized drones, futuristic vehicles, directed energy weapons, unprecedented player mobility—learn everything that’s new to CoD and gain the edge over your competition!
  • Exclusive, highly detailed single-player and multiplayer maps depict every level. We reveal weapon and ammo positions, collectible locations, objectives, and more!
  • Complete campaign walkthrough leads you step-by-step through the entire game from start to finish.
  • Comprehensive multiplayer coverage: expert tactics for solo and team-based play, every game mode, ranking up, all the weapons, attachments, challenges, pointstreaks, and winning create-a-class advice!
  • Plus, achievement and trophy rosters, unlockables, extensive weapon and equipment stats and much more!

Limited Edition Guide: (Updated with Final Cover Art)

This hardcover guide will cover everything listed above but also include:

  • Three amazing embroidered fabric patches recreate the Atlas, AW, and Sentinel Task Force insignia. Represent your faction in the real world with these authentic replicas of in-game artifacts. These unique patches are available exclusively in the Limited Edition guide, nowhere else!
  • Special hardbound cover features unique artwork and deluxe print treatments, creating a must-have collectible for every Call of Duty player.

The Signature Series Guide is available now for pre-order at Gamestop, Amazon, BAM! and Barnes and Noble. While the Limited Edition will only be available at Amazon and Gamestop. Gamestop will be releasing both on November 3, 2014 the same day as the ‘Day Zero Edition’ of the game is available, while the other retailers have a Nov. 4 release. If you want to get it a day early you will have to pay the full $24.99 price for the Signature Series, instead of the discounted $18.61, or $34.99 for the LE instead of the discounted $24.91.

Source: BradyGames

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Destiny Strategy Guide Review

On September 9, 2014 Activision and Bungie’s Destiny was released and millions of players have been waging war against the darkness ever since. BradyGames also released their official strategy guide alongside the game. Is it a guide worthy of the game? Should new Destiny players or those having trouble, purchase it? Read on to find out.

Field Manual: This section offers some pretty in-depth information on Destiny’s gameplay mechanics; from armor statistics and vehicles to the game’s leveling system works as well as the its three unique character classes. The field manual’s got you covered. Speaking of the Warlock, Titan and Hunter classes, the guide seemingly covers everything on them.

Each classes’ grenade types, subclass and numerous abilities are explained with intricate detail, complete with tips and strategies for PVE and PVP gaming sessions. Want to know which of you Hunter’s abilities are better suited for competitive play? Then the FM is the section you definitely want to check out.

The Missions: There are a ton of missions in Destiny and this hefty portion of the guide covers them all to a great degree, albeit not a perfect one. Every public event (Post launch), strike, patrols and story missions are expertly covered, with info on which enemies you face, how many, their weakpoints and effective strategies to take them down. In short you get a complete and accurate walkthrough of every mission. Where this section of the guide drops the ball however, is in its attempt to help players find Destiny’s many collectibles.

Note* The Vault of Glass Raid — which was released a week after the game, is briefly mentioned and doesn’t the guide doesn’t feature a walkthrough for it. It makes sense, I have no issue with that, just a heads up for those who get the game later and are interested in the guide.

One of the game’s strike missions.

Destiny features many items to collect scattered throughout the 5 locations within the game. There are two types; gold chests and dead ghosts. The descriptions on where to find the gold chests are well written and accurate but while there are 5 chests per planet (20 in total), only one or two include screenshots of their actual locations. Each planet features multiple sections players will travel to while playing and the guide features small slightly detailed maps that are presented in a top down view. Some the maps highlight the chest locations, but once it in a top down view which may make it annoying for some looking for a more detailed picture. Combine it with the fact that the maps are on separate pages, then players will be required to flip between multiple pages to check them and read the descriptions making it somewhat of a chore.

While the gold chests are highlighted on some of the maps and are given accurate descriptions, the dead ghosts aren’t. Instead readers are given hints of the ghosts’ locations. Yes hints, instead of detailed and accurate descriptions to help “guide” them, they are left with brief clues to go on. Some of them are really easy to figure out but players aren’t looking to solves clues to find collectibles. That’s something you would find in a video game as some sort of puzzle to provide a a sense of challenge. Doing so in a strategy guide is just slowing down the player and they do not want to be challenged while reading a strategy guide. Based on other guides which featured much more detailed info for finding in game collectibles, this is a poor way to handle it. You are better off searching the internet or Youtube. The writers seem a bit out of touch with their audience here.

Codex: Destiny has a variety of enemy combatants players will face off against and the codex features every single one of them. This comprehensive section covers each of their loadouts, behaviors on the battlefield, weakpoints (If they have any) and even offers some helpful tactics to make your time a little easier. There’s also nicely detailed photos of Destiny’s baddies to look at.

Some nasty looking mofos

Armory: The meatiest portion of this strategy guide is the armory section. Learn everything there is to know about the countless in-game gear you can equip your guardian with for battle. Every weapon and armor mod is listed and detailed, providing info. Seemingly every uncommon, rare and legendary weapon is presented in the armory as well as their drop locations throughout the game.

That’s not all, this section gets insane with the amount of weapons and mods statistics it features; from charts covering every weapon types reload speed, range and stability, to inventory ammo count and recoil patterns and that’s not even all of it. It’s a ridiculously impressive amount of content and information but at the same time it can be somewhat daunting to those who aren’t statistics buffs.

Note* The stats for some weapons including the shotgun will change soon once Bungie releases their next patch, making a lot of their info inaccurate.

There’s also a nice gallery for the game’s exotic weapons and armor, though it seems as though the guide doesn’t feature all of the weapons. At least one exotic weapon I know of, isn’t in it.

The Warlock class, looking badass.

Crucible: Destiny’s crucible is the competitive multiplayer component and readers are treated with a very detailed overview of everything they need to know. Kevin Yanes one of Bungie’s PvP designers, offers some pretty sound advice on the different game modes, his favored weapon loadouts and mods/class combinations.

Destiny’s multiplayer includes 10 maps (11 for PS owners) and each one is given a detailed description of their layout, tips on how to effectively use the motion tracker and some smart tactics to help the player and his/her team come out on top. Unfortunately if you were expecting a huge amount of tactics/strategies for each maps, then you are out luck as you only get a few.

The annoying part about the Crucible coverage is in its photos of the maps. Sure there are some on each pages that show small sections of the mapshe pictures of the multiplayer maps are in a top down view with even less detail and color than those for the PvE missions. It is truly baffling that someone thought this was a good idea.

I’m baffled…

Trophies & Achievements: Every trophy and achievement that currently exists for Destiny is here. Just don’t expect any tips on how to get the ‘Flawless Raider’ T/A, the Vault of Glass is mentioned but not covered.

Digital Guide: In the back of the guide, is a free code for a digital copy that needs to be redeemed at www.primagames.com/code. Sadly I was hit with an invalid code message when trying to redeem it and upon further inspection across the internet, I learned this issue. Why so many copies were included with invalid codes is beyond me but if you do decide to pick this up and want to use the code, don’t be surprised if you have to contact support for assistance.

Final Verdict – The writers at BradyGames put a lot of effort into this guide, there’s no arguing that. The amount of detail and coverage is impressive, that’s why it’s rather disappointing to see them drop the ball when it comes to collectibles and in-game maps. One of the biggest reasons players use guides is so they can find them with ease, so refusing to put actual descriptions in favor of hints was a bad call.

There’s also a small amount of tactics presented for the game’s multiplayer maps. Add in the fact that this guide will become less and less accurate as the months go by thanks to patches and updated content, makes a little difficult to recommend. Anyone who picks up the game months from now will feel cheated in a way. If you are someone who still loves to purchase physical guides along with their games and care for every single section this one covers, then by all means, go for it. If not then you are better off searching online for those dead ghosts. It’s a good guide but really worth it.

And for those who may be asking, yes you still have to go to Bungie’s website to view the Grimoire.

Overall Score: 7.5/10

RGN Rating: Bronze Guide

Authors: Phillip Marcus and Michael Owen

Contributors: Jason Fox and Will Murray

Publisher: BradyGames

Pages: 400

Covers the game on: PS3 | PS4 | Xbox 360 | Xbox One

Price(s): $24.99 US | $26.99 CAN | £14.99 UK

Available at: Gamestop | Barnes & Noble | Amazon

Review copy info: A physical copy was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

Editor’s Note: RealGamerNewZ has moved web servers, some older posts can no longer be commented on and have been preserved without their images. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. This article was written by Jermain Jackson on 20141001 and was last modified on 20141001 .

New Tomb Raider Novel Coming This Fall

Tomb Raider: The Ten Thousand Immortals is a paperback novel from NY Times Bestselling Author Dan Abnett and Nik Vincent coming out on October 20, 2014. It continues Lara’s adventure right after the 2013 reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise game’s ending.

Traumatized by the events on Yamatai, Lara tries to put the memories behind her, but is thrown into yet another adventure to once again save the ever helpless Sam from mortal danger. As is custom, cryptic puzzles, daring stunts and the threat of death at the hands of hired henchmen ensues, threatening Lara’s goal of finding a mysterious artifact that could save Sam and shed light on some of the occurrences on Yamatai.

Paperback and digital copies are selling for $10.30 and $9.99 respectively on Amazon and are also available for pre-order on Bam, Barnes & Noble and GameStop. You can head over to BradyGames website to choose where you want to pre-order. Stay tuned for a gripping review.

Editor’s Note: RealGamerNewZ has moved web servers, some older posts can no longer be commented on and have been preserved without their images. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. This article was written by Augustus Bel on 20140803 and was last modified on 20140803 .

BradyGames Announces The Ultra Street Fighter IV Bible

BradyGames is set to release a guide for Capcom’s update fighting game alongside its retail release next week, as announced in their press release. The ‘Ultra Street Fighter IV Bible’ is being dubbed the “Ultimate reference for the world’s greatest fighting game’ and while the last bit is debatable, it certainly looks like it might live up to the “Ultimate” part.

The Bible will feature new tips and gameplay strategies to help competitive and casual players alike up their game. One of the more interesting tidbits are the inclusion of complete hitboxes for every character within the game, to show the effect of each attack. This is a first for Street Fighter guides outside of Japan, now players worldwide will have a better understanding of them and be able to learn the reach and area attack to hurt their opponents. Tournament veterans have lent their tips and expertise and how to not only establish a game plan, but to secure a victory by carrying it through. All that and more.

Guide Features:

  • Hitboxes and hurtboxes for every move in the game! The screenshots in
    this guide show all of the details that you cannot see in the game!
  • Full frame data for the entire cast! Discover the startup, recovery, and active
    frames for each attack and learn each move’s advantages and disadvantages
    to get the most out of every character.
  • Comprehensive character strategy! Detailed strengths, weaknesses, and
    strategy for every character at every range.
  • Reliable and situational combos for every character! Learn “bread and
    butter” combos for dependable damage at any stage of a match, coupled with
    combos that take advantage of specific matchups and special situations.

BradyGames 596 page Ultra Street Fighter IV Bible will be available for purchase at select retailers for $24.99, on August 5th. The retail version of Ultra Street Fighter IV will launch on the same day for PS3 and Xbox 360, with a PC (Steam) full digital bundle and digital upgrade release on the 8th.

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