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Left 4 Dead 3 Coming? Or is Press-Start Full of It?

Left 4 Dead 3 box art by SpecreStatus on DeviantArt

You can find a screenshot of what is supposedly a picture snapped at a tour through Valve’s development studio by somebody who eventually got the snapshot passed over to Press-Start, or did they? This suspiciously short-worded post from the Australian publication fails to offer any type of details that would prove they even know where Valve is located. Their commentators joke at the end that L4D3 has no excuse not to be on PlayStation this time around, and cite this as proof Valve “can count to 3” and therefore “Half Life 3 is confirmed”.

We sincerely hope, for gamers who get their hopes up about this, that this is genuine. Then again, it very well could be. Some skepticism will always surround Rumor, but regardless, you can find the images Press-Start posted first today (before it was globally trending) for yourself below. After our “Plug your Xbox 360 into Xbox ONE” Rumor became fact, I now have to accept that truly anything is possible.

Original article here.

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