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Grand Theft Auto V 1.04 Patch Released for PlayStation 3; DLC / Update Info, ‘Heists’ Info

The latest GTA V patch gamers have been waiting for has now arrived on the PlayStation Network for Sony PS3 players.  GTA V version 1.04 patch is 39 MB and is said to update a number of features in GTA Online including grouping exploiters and cheaters together away from other players using the Good Sport / Bad Sport system as well as detecting foul play among people exploiting the game for unfair advantages (including money-wise).

Other tweaks have been made to the game which will likely take the community some time to discover, such as balancing tweaks on how much money players win / lose in certain jobs.

The patch also makes it possible for Rockstar Games to deliver the first $250k of their $500,000 Stimulus Package which will have its direct deposit dates announced soon, and although its uncertain yet whether or not it will add heists to the game many are hoping it will.

Four free updates are planned for GTA Online including the Beach Bum Pack which adds a couple of vehicles, two new weapons, and clothes, the Content Creator Mode which allows players to make their own Deathmatches, Races, and more, a Capture the Flag Mode, and of course the long-awaited Online Heists Missions which are set to be the icing on the cake for GTA Online and very well may determine the game’s longevity over time.

**UPDATE: The patch is now live on Xbox 360’s XBL as well and will also limit the amount of money players lose for dying when not in missions to just $500.

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