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“Hardcore” Console Games Remain #1 in Generating Video Game Industry Profit

Despite claims that the mobile industry was overtaking the home console video game industry, new numbers from the NPD Group, IDG, and Microsoft have given physical proof to the counter-argument that far more money is spent on software for console gaming units than anywhere else in the industry. That factor held true as the following breakdown was served up by the established statistics sources for such historic game industry sales figures. I’ll go over those numbers and also draw some conclusions from the data. As always, feel free to disagree and leave your thoughts in our comments section if you’d like them to be considered by our corporate partners and editorial staff.

Sub-Industry Rank by Profit

$27 Billion (yearly) – Console Video Games (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PS3, 360, Wii, PS2)

$12 Billion (yearly) – Computer Video Games (Windows PC, Mac, Linux)

$10 Billion (yearly) – Mobile / Tablet Video Games (Android, iOS, Windows 8 Phone, Fire OS, Etc.)

$8 Billion (yearly) – Social / Web Browser Video Games (Facebook, Runescape, HTML5 Games, Etc.)

$8 Billion (yearly) – Dedicated Handheld Gaming (3DS, Vita, PSP)

Extra: Overall Industry Stats

$65 Billion Spent Worldwide on Overall Video Games Industry (yearly)

Over 1 Billion Gamers Worldwide

42% of Gamer $$$ Spent on Console Games

$12. 1 Billion of that $65 Billion was Profit (Roughly 18.6% Profit Margin)

Conclusions from this Data

  • Video Games industry is more dominated by hardcore console game software sales than previously believed.
  • Overall, the Video Games industry is growing, not shrinking – on all fronts (platforms).
  • The most popular video games are very, very expensive to produce and will often not yield a substantial profit; if any.
  • Computer gaming has experienced a huge boom since Steam continues growing momentum, next-gen PS4 & Xbox One took too long to release and used low specs resulting in many people jumping on the PC bandwagon. NVIDIA and AMD have a healthy and raging competition for graphics part solutions among other various parts vendors benefiting from this alongside indie video game companies.
  • Mobile / Tablet Gaming remains a huge and stable portion of the video game industry, much larger than the dedicated handheld games market which is mainly dominated by various 3DS models and Nintendo first party games right now.

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Gaming Culture: Why Indulge Hatred?

A recurring theme with the comment system here is that more often than not, if you’re a fan of something and you say something positive in a related article about that something, you’ll receive a lot of agrees and bubble ups. And this is perfectly fine.

What I don’t understand is when people agree with an obvious troll. This has happened on negative articles pertaining to any of the big three console manufacturers. When the PSN hack attack occurred, this spurred a number of trolls who would repeat the phrases “It only does offline” or “You get what you pay for.” Juvenile to say the least, but the general consensus was that they were right, and maybe they were. But why the blue hell would you give agrees and bubbles to trolls who notoriously spews hatred toward Sony on ANY related article? This happened a LOT, not just on N4G, but on other websites as well with characters who were notable trolls having nothing short of a hey day with all of the news regarding the hack attack.

The issue is even more prevalent on Nintendo articles right now, with a number of trolls occasionally getting MORE agrees than disagrees (sometimes even getting bubbles back that were previously removed) on Nintendo articles that are more negatively received than others. Are people really so thick that they feel the need to agree with someone whose criticisms are not even all that serious or honest to begin with? Trolls are to incite arguments by making outrageous or inflammatory statements. At what point did it become acceptable to use this to stroke one’s own ego?

I’d like to stress a point in particular and if I could write it in bold, I would; If you don’t like something a company is doing then you are more than within your right to criticize it. But why would you ever indulge a troll who spews hatred all of the time?

Unless you’re ignorant of said troll’s behavior, I’m not sure I see where the justification is. It’s bad enough that honest users can hardly engage in mature debate within this community, but do we really need to be indulging trolls too?

The next to time an article that pops up about a company that is not your favorite and portrays them in a negative light, think very carefully about how you approach it, despite your base. You could be a big Xbox fanatic who does not like Sony consoles. Maybe you’re a Sony fan with no interest in Nintendo. Maybe you prefer to stick to Nintendo products, or maybe you have a combination of the three. Whatever the case may be, it’s okay to have your opinions and criticisms, but don’t indulge trolls just because they’re saying something you happen to agree with.

There’s one age old tactic that typically works that even I admittedly fail to do at times; ignore them, don’t feed the trolls.

Written by PopRocks359

Editor’s Note: RealGamerNewZ has moved web servers, some older posts can no longer be commented on and have been preserved without their images. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. This article was written by RGN Community on 20130309 and was last modified on 20130309 .