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Kinda Funny Games Showcase 2018 – Full WrapUp & Videos

With the lack of a PSX Event this year, Kinda Funny Games (headed up by Greg Miller and Tim Gettys who previously led the IGN team) have decided to run their first ever video games showcase featuring  69 games (half a dozen of which will go live during the show). The concept behind this show is to give game companies a chance to show off titles to the masses. This is the first annual KF Games Showcase and we aren’t sure if this will become a yearly event, but it is exciting to see a new showcase on the scene which will give more developers a chance to get attention on their games.

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E3 2018: Devolver Digital Press Conference – Full WrapUp & Videos

The indie label best known for games like Hotline Miami, Titan Souls, and their involvement with the Serious Sam series, Devolver Digital hosts something that you could try to call a Press Conference each year at E3. In reality, these shows are more of a parody of the traditional Press Conference, but we love Devolver Digital as a publisher since their taste in games is excellent and they serve as a curator of finely tuned, fun-focused indie titles the world may have otherwise never heard about.

They’ve brought “hand-crafted games” as they call them from obscurity and helped them rise to blockbuster success at times, and at minimum they give great games a chance to be played. So here’s our recap on what happened on the Devolver Digital stage at this year’s E3 2018.

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“A violent today for a better tomorrow.”

Time travellers these days, am I right? In a game with no relation to the Magneto comic book of similar title, BunnyLord has come back to win elections but that means cleaning up the streets and although he’s not above getting his own hands dirty a number of times throughout the 21 days of campaigning, players are going to help a LOT. This involves taking cover behind bricks, whatever’s around, firing shots at increasingly difficult hordes of enemies, sliding to cover, execution style attacks, grenades, laser beams, rocket launcher – type bullets, grenade-shots, drill-shots, turrets, nail bombs, and whatever’s handy really.

The cover mechanic found in NOT A HERO is genius (known as ISO-Slant, a Trademark of Roll7 / Devolver Digital), each level becomes progressively harder and requires the further honing of skill. It gets to the point where dozens of unstoppable ninjas who one hit kill the player are rushing in. Some even take double the amount of bullets meaning run and duck for cover, before shooting again. Not just ninjas, ‘mafiaso’ using a variety of weapons as the player makes due with what’s randomly generated and/or scripted to be on that map.

Graphics being at a smooth 60 frames per second and high resolution with impressively animated pixel art is a massive advantage for a quick, action oriented shooter full of nonstop mind bugging gun-fights. Any fans out there familiar with Elevator Action from the arcade game company Taito will need to know something: NOT A HERO is like Elevator Action on steroids with the difficulty of Ninja Gaiden. From that aspect though, the levels are way huge, and that take-away might not really do NOT A HERO justice.

The attention to gameplay design by development Roll7 in NOT A HERO is amazing. The game seems perfectly balanced and tuned to make it so that survival and exceeding walk a thin line from complete failure and death. It’s possible to do great things and pull of some crazy accomplishments in what is basically a never-ending battle, but barely just so – making the reward that much sweeter upon victory.

There are 9 playable characters in total which are unlocked as the approval rating of BunnyLord progresses. This isn’t just done by beating each level once, which will take you a good amount of hours to master, it’s also to do with side-objectives for each mission. Each playable character adds a whole new dimension to the game, making it desirable to play through levels again.

Steve: Accurate and keeps things simple. This is an easy favorite, he of course gets lots of different types of ammo for his gun, but he’s reliable and standardized in terms of what to expect. This is often times an advantage more than anything, but is the vanilla setting of gameplay. Special Powers Include: BunnyLord’s best friend, slide tackle enemies, fast reload, and good shot range.

Cletus: Claims he’s the “only character with a real gun” because he blast doors open with his shotgun weaponry. In addition to blasting doors down his special powers also include killing enemies with one shell while mid-reloading, enemy blowback, and preventing enemies from reloading their own guns. Apparently he thinks he’s scottish too.

Samantha: Speed and finesse come into play as this assassin uses her race as a superpower, which actually makes sense because she’s Welsh. Although moving around so fast there’s some amount of clumsy aim in between dashes, fast executions are a major benefit once this character is mastered. Reloading while running, and firing guns while running are also possible. This brings me back to the age old debate about whether or not fans could handle a Resident Evil main series entry in which characters could shoot while running. So funny.

Jesus: Shoot and slide, moving executions, high rate of fire, run really fast, and enjoy constant hip thrusting as flamboyant Jesus in the pink spandex. Unfortunately no relation to the lord and savior of the christian faith, but religious complaints can be directed to the BunnyLord offices.

Mike has two crazy deadly shots from his sawed off shotgun and then he’s out of ammo. But he can do stealth, silent executions very quickly. He’s an absolute spaz but it’s a fun challenge trying to play through levels as Mike. He describes himself as a “functioning alcoholic”.

There’s also Kimmy (who uses Katana swords and Uzi’s), Ronald (bashes faces off with a hammer), and a number of further unlocked characters later in the game by achieving more incredible feats of gameplay,  9 in total. Unlocking each new character opens up fresh abilities that can help the race for a perfect score, intensely upping the ante.

Upon the defeat of an entire level, BunnyLord will receive a Ratings update on your progress doing side-objectives for a given level. Stuff like, perform 12 executions on guards, saving innocent pandas from evil ninja executions, defeating a level without getting hit more than a few times, or destroying attack helicopters that are after you all go towards getting higher approval ratings.

This adds a lot of replay value while undoubtedly chasing the side-objectives of the game itself (84 to be exact) and defeating the harder, final chapters which can take hours each to fully master and defeat. Think Ninja Gaiden type of difficulty but with controls that are more visceral and straightforward. I played the game on Windows PC through the Steam storefront on an Xbox ONE Controller and found it to be excellent feel. There’s also no batteries required once the right drivers are installed through a standard USB plug, which is nice. The title will also be available on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita which is great so more people are able to enjoy it.

Replay Ability: High

Engine Performance: Excellent

Official Trailer:

Final Verdict:

I feel confident highly recommending this game since it’s addicting to play, provides a real sense of purpose to the violent action it portrays, it’s fun taking out challenging enemies, jumping roof to roof, crashing through windows, and acquiring crazy over-the-top weapons in a balanced ISO-Slant ‘ed world. The soundtrack keeps a pulse moving the player even further into the game’s depths, and the replay value of figuring everything out is truly of solid length. NOT A HERO is a Platinum Game of 2015.

Overall Score: 9.5 / 10
RGN Rating: Platinum Game
Developer: Roll7
Publisher: Devolver Digital

Available On: Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PS Vita

Buy From: GOG GalaxySteam, Humble Store
(Officially Authorized by Game’s Dev / Publishers)

Played On: Windows PC

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this Review.

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RONIN From @DevolverDigital Gets New Demo On Steam Today

Turn Based Action just became a thing, and it is glorious. In RONIN players must seek their revenge against all odds with a Yakuza-style corporation up against them and a tool-set of tactical items at their disposal. Drawing first blood with the Katana, employing stealth to gain entry to each room while maintaining the element of surprise, and of course just getting crazy when action becomes intense and things start to get messy are all key traits players will need to master this game. A couple of the other items confirmed so far include a hologram machine and grappling hook, but today’s demo may showcase even more than that so find the link in the next paragraph highlighted in orange.

RONIN will be compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, SteamOS, and Linux upon launch and is currently available for 10% off until May 20, 2015. The full game launches on GOG if you’re not into Steam, but a free demo has launched for it on Steam today (CLICK HERE). If you need more convincing that it’s worth checking out the demo of this game, view the trailer below.

Official Gameplay Trailer:

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Titan Souls PS4 Review

Although this game perhaps needs no introduction, I’ll start by saying Titan Souls is one of the recent indie-developed games that are part of a larger wave of software focusing squarely on gameplay. That’s not to say it doesn’t look and sound great, but surely in a world where multiple hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent on big budget games we are looking for pure gameplay design to merit purchases from smaller studios or even teams of three such as the case with Titan Souls.

Acid Nerve is the development studio behind this game and originally created it at a Game Jam when it was discovered that the potential for a full release was prime. At that point Acid Nerve decided to push it into a more complete release and eventually landed a publishing deal with Devolver Digital who helped bring it across to the PlayStation 4, Steam (for Windows PC and Mac OS X), and PS Vita as well as provided a great marketing campaign reaching many gamers worldwide.

So on our doorstep arrives the PS4 version of the game. After booting up and defeating the initial bosses I realized that the game later lets you attack in the order you choose. This requires a bit of exploring around while you’re going to want to stick around mostly one area at a time, there are multiple bosses clustered together in each. As you may already know, Titan Souls is a game focused around taking out pixel art bosses one at a time. While they can easily overpower the playable character with their uniquely crafted abilities, gamers are faced with striking back using only equipped with 1 bow and 1 arrow (plus the ability to roll for dodging attacks).

The mechanics and design of each stage have been tweaked so that it’s barely possible to complete them. Often times the title becomes a mind game between facing your fears or figuring out that repeating the same attempts over and over again simply won’t work. Environmental attacks assault the player, enemies are able to establish 1 hit 1 kill through a number of ways as the beautiful pixel art is fascinating and the onslaught of danger is bewildering.

Trial and error play a large factor in how players will likely defeat this game. Sometimes you get lucky and the logic meets your mind quickly, you might even kill a few bosses on the very first try. However, the bulk of hours in this game will be spent trying to figure out the one weak point of the enemy and when there’s actually a chance during the half-scripted, half-AI mayhem that’s going on in the scene to actually make a decent attempt at puncturing that weak point.

I wouldn’t want to tell you everything about the enemies you’ll face in Titan Souls, since all of them are bosses and it would spoil the fun of discovering them for yourselves. But I will speak about some to give a general idea. To name a few of the bosses you’ll find, the plant pictured above has deadly vines that smack up and down in the air while circling around the level, causing players to constantly be on the go. Deadly gas is also released in addition to other dangers offered. There is a blob of fire that resembles the sun, a treasure chest that spits out coins and jumps down on top of you, a Yeti who does a very rapid spin attack into the wall causing you to be crushed and/or for ice crystals to fall from the ceiling and pierce you, a Titan Hunter who is something like a Knight and in fact has his own arrows plus impenetrable armor, and much much more.

Upon defeating all of the Titans and collecting all of their Souls the game will unlock an Iron Mode difficulty. Believe it or not, yes, the game can become harder. There is also some extra lore added to the game in the form of decoding the cryptic messages that appear to be in another language and are displayed now and again during the game – mainly when a new boss is discovered. The obsessively compulsive will relish in replaying Titan Souls over and over again trying to get as many kills as they can with as few deaths as possible. There’s no limit to how many times you can try and die, but the game does keep track.

Critically speaking Titan Souls doesn’t attempt to add anything to its simplistic approach. This can be a strength for many who are tired of being bombarded with chore lists in games, tutorials for things that should have just been apparent / intuitive, and poorly designed / tacked on features that add little of value and instead become time wasters. That being said, the game is not very long at all. The skilled and relentless players out there will have this title wrapped up quicker than the average player. This point is counter-balanced by the fact that it’s offered at a fair cost. I personally feel that the experience matches the asking price, as long as players are educating themselves as to what the game offers beforehand. It would have been nice if there was more meat sticking to the bones of this game, but then again that could have ruined it and defeated the purpose. There’s always room for subtle, delicate enhancements if a sequel is ever to be made though.

If you’re buying for the Windows PC or Mac OS X then a controller would probably be a good idea, as the game does not appear to lend itself to the restrictive nature of movement controlled by a keyboard. On the PlayStation 4 this title feels right at home, and for the PS Vita it’s obviously well suited due to the fact that quick sessions can be picked up and played leaving that itch for achievement while allowing your mind to fester with ideas on how the boss currently giving you trouble will potentially be dealt with. Some of the Trophies for this game are really interesting and not just the simple “kill all the bosses and you’re done kid” type of thing. These will surely present additional gameplay opportunities for those who aren’t sick of the title once they’ve completed both the base game and Iron Mode and it shows Acid Nerve might have more in mind for future games than just the purely stripped down approach.

Final Verdict:

Overall, Titan Souls is an excellent game. It sets out with a vision and a purpose, to give gameplay that is fun, frustrating, rewarding, and an atmospheric world full of wonderfully crafted unique enemies. The foes players face in Titan Souls truly do feel powerful. Less is more, in the regard that a great amount of impact has been accomplished with carefully placed design choices, an engaging soundtrack programmed to be ambient in all the right ways, and a devilishly polished pixel art offering. I’m a fan of this game. What we need to remember in this industry is that players need an experience that makes them feel alive, feel part of something virtual, and enjoy the fun of conquering challenges. Development Studio Acid Nerve seems to understand this and get it right, and I look forward to seeing what they develop in the future. Respect goes out once again to the publisher Devolver Digital for their excellent taste in recognizing another instant classic for their growing portfolio of independent games and for making it possible for this game to have reached so many platforms so quickly.

Official Trailer:

Developer: Acid Nerve
Publisher: Devolver Digital

Available On: PS4 | Vita | Windows PC | Mac OS X

Played On: Sony PlayStation 4

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Review.

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No Desk Is Safe In NOT A HERO Dev Diary Part 1 [HD 1080P]

Where BunnyLord’s voice came from, how not to treat your office materials in a development studio, and the overall thought process that goes on in Roll7’s mind when making a game are all covered in today’s hilarious Dev Diary for Not A Hero being published by Devolver Digital on May 7, 2015 through Steam for Windows PC. If you didn’t know, Roll7 are the makers of OlliOlli and OlliOlli2: Welcome to OlliWood. If you haven’t heard of Not A Hero, read our latest piece about it here as well as our first post on the title.

Dev Diary Video Part 1:

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Devolver Digital’s Next Big #IndieGame Gets Extended Gameplay

Roll7 are now legends for their Olli Olli series which is something I regrettably completely forgot when I walked up to them at last year’s PAX East on the third day (when they were admittedly quite tired) but gave their game Not A Hero the same fair chance I’d give to any game. I sat down and got hands on of an early build that impressed me with its simplicity and focus on fun factor / gameplay design, something the indie scene is becoming well known for thankfully. They made a joke to me when I showed up at the Devolver Digital booth and let them know I’d already seen everything else there so I wanted to give their game a try. Roll7 told me (dripping with sarcasm) that all Devolver’s other projects had been cancelled, and that Not A Hero was taking over now.

In this game players take the role of a man hell bent on gaining votes for would-be mayor BunnyLord. The way these votes will be acquired is by the player taking control of character Steve, the campaign’s figurehead of BunnyLord’s run for office. But Steve doesn’t just ask politely for votes, nah that would never work, and BunnyLord probably isn’t dishing out billions from Afghanistan investors either. In this futuristic “2.25D” shoot-em-up votes are gained by stopping crime the bloody hard way. Shooting up the dirt bags of the city in the name of BunnyLord will gain the exposure needed to truly capture the voting public and become Mayor once and for all.

In addition to being Steve, there are also 9 more playable “non-heroes” with unique attacks and weapons. Each is to be played in a different style of gameplay. Missions take place on levels that look straight out of Elevator Action but with enhanced graphics and a way more fast-paced, diverse set of moves for players to carry out. Jumping through glass and smashing onto new floors like a James Bond action film, players make use of grenades, shotguns, fully automatics, swords, and more. Performing execution moves, tackling enemies, and snapping to cover in a very unique mix of 2D and 2.5D gameplay while facing every kind of enemy you can imagine, Not A Hero is best described by watching it in video.

Take a look below at Not A Hero being played by BunnyLord himself, but rest assured the feel of this game in your hands is something very tactile and interactive which is probably best not to miss out on when it releases for Steam on May 7, 2015 in 3 weeks, 5 days, 21 hours, 16 minutes, and 32 seconds. Okay I might have made up the part about the seconds. It’s 30 now. Can’t wait!

HD Gameplay of Not A Hero:

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Titan Souls Now Available For Pre-Order w/ Demo + New Gameplay Footage

Started from the bottom now we’re here. Titan Souls began as a Ludem Dare, which for those who don’t know is a Game Jam challenging the most indie of indie developers to create something awesome and worthwhile in a short amount of time with limited resources. Fast forward to 2015 and now Titan Souls has E3 Awards under its belt, a publishing deal with indie specialists and Serious Sam caretakers Devolver Digital, and will be hitting Steam (Windows PC and Mac OS X) as well as PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita when it launches worldwide in a couple of weeks (April 14, 2015 to be precise).

There’s a new Demo available today on Steam where pre-orders are also 10% off for a limited time. The game will run you about fifteen bucks, standard price for an indie title of respected quality, and features a premise you won’t want to miss out on. In Titan Souls players are tasked with defeating 20 gruesome bosses in a 2D Open World setting, but are only equipped with 1 arrow and 1 health point to get it all done. If your arrow manages to hit something, you’ll get another. If not, then you’ll have to go run and pick that arrow up off the floor in order to continue.

ACID NERVE are the developers behind this title which started from humble beginnings on the Adobe Flash platform but will now run on something more legit as it makes its way to the world. Going from a completely unknown Flash game to one of the most anticipated PS4 indies of 2015 has got to be a surreal experience. If games had ears, and mouths, I wonder – what would they say? Check out the new Gameplay Footage of Titan Souls below released today by ACID NERVE and Devolver Digital which especially shows off what has changed since the title was a prototype in Game Jam contests and won first place to today where it is about to land on major platforms for the most cynic of critics to examine.

Titan Souls – New Gameplay:

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RGN Daily News #77: Elite: Dangerous and Titan Souls Hit Steam

GTA V for PC got an informative look at its 60 frames per second graphical power today in the form of a new trailer as Titan Souls and Elite: Dangerous hit Steam (Titan Souls for pre-order and Elite: Dangerous available in full today) we also get news that Quantum Break has been delayed. A few more stories happened as the flood of April Fools jokes was shorter than ever this year, maybe our industry is growing up a little? I’m thankful. Today’s RGN Daily News is a brief one, short and sweet, and tomorrow we will deliver a Week In Review show then give everyone Saturday and Sunday to catch up. Be on the look out for a number of Reviews from RealGamerNewz though including Elite: Dangerous Full Review since we’ve had access since before its launch on Steam as well as an Impressions piece on the Titan Souls Demo since we are quite excited about this creative and fun-factor focused upcoming indie game being published by Devolver Digital.

RGN Daily News #77:

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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Review

Back and bloodier than ever, the so-called “final chapter” of this brutal series, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number takes place before and after the initial game in the series, but mainly after. A sequel and a prequel at the same time, if you will, the game has plenty of characters to play as. The Fans, Martin Brown, Beard, The Writer, etc. Most have their own abilities, such as The Fans all being vastly different. Mark can dual wield SMGs which can be aimed at two different targets simultaneously, Corey can roll out of the way of bullets, Tony can one-hit kill people with his fist but cannot pick up weapons, and The Twins can be controlled at the same time; one wielding a chainsaw and the other grabbing weapons off the ground.

The Writer can only use weapons, not guns, and it is encouraged not to kill people when you play as him. I guess he’s a writer not a fighter. The Soldier or Beard is an expert with weapons, but also can use a knife at will. Those are just simply a few examples of the diverse gameplay cast Dennaton Games has employed this time around. With so much being added it is also important to note that the core of Hotline Miami 2 is still identical to the first game in many ways. We don’t see this as a bad thing, since the original was a slam hit with us.

Many other reviewers are not doing the game justice failing to notice that most of its chapters have more open areas. This will makes Wrong Number a bit more challenging, nonetheless more fun and less repetitive than its predecessor. The story in Wrong Number is top notch as well making the player always second guess their sanity and what is happening on screen. Whereas the first Hotline Miami was an excellent haze of murder and mysterious motive, Wrong Number is truly a roller coaster of a plot line to follow. It is also told in a non-linear fashion going back and forth between characters and various time periods ranging from 1985 to 1991.

All in all there are plenty of weapons new and old, tons of mask variations for certain characters, and of course The Fans, to really change up the way the game is played. A Level Editor will release later this year (current ETA is Spring 2015 at the time of this writing) that will allow players to make their levels and possibly their own campaigns. Despite an Easter Egg hinting at a third title in a sort-of Half Life 3 fashion, Dennaton Games has stated that this is the final conclusion to the series. Perhaps if the Level Editor they release is advanced enough gamers will be able to make their own versions of what they think Hotline Miami 3 should be and release it to the community but it’s unclear at this time how possible that will be exactly. This game is the best game I have played so far this year, nothing else comes close to it in terms of polish, quality, and overall fun factor and that’s why I give Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number a full 9.6 out of 10 making it one of RGN’s Platinum Games for 2015.

Ever watch that stereotypical mainstream cornbread film called The Wolf Of Wall Street and think to yourself, I’d love to kill this pompous ass? Well, this game gives you a chance to get guys like that put in the dirt and any idiot following them. In Wrong Number, there’s no calling the cops, no sting operations, just blood, guts, pain, and suffering. Hotline Miami 2 is vigilante justice at its finest. So if you came here wondering whether or not you should buy this game, there’s only one last question remaining; Do you like to hurt people?

I don’t always play murder simulators, but when I do I make it a good one. Enjoy responsibly.

Video Review:

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 9.6 / 10
RGN Rating: Platinum Game
Developer: Dennaton Games
Publisher: Devolver Digital

Available On: PS4 | PS3 | Vita | Windows PC | Linux | Mac OS X | SteamOS

Computer Versions Available On Steam

Played On: Sony PlayStation 4

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was purchased by RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this Review.

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New #IndieGame “Not A Hero” Gets A Gameplay Trailer [HD]

RGN got a chance to play this at the last PAX, now take a look for yourself!

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Roll7
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Release Date: May 7, 2015
Steam Page HERE

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The Talos Principle Review

 The Talos Principle is a unique first-person/third person puzzle adventure game created by Croteam the team that brought you Serious Sam. Now The Talos Principle is not your ordinary Puzzle game as it has many weird but interesting features within the game including a bit of a back story within the game, detailed and intricate puzzle gameplay, many different locations accessible within a certain HUB, and many hidden secrets that lay around the games decently large areas. The game play is almost pretty straightforward and easy to understand as you start you are introduced to a decently large area or Location 1 as I am going to call it. In the first location you are introduced to many of the basic puzzles, enemies, and items you will use to help you progress and make it further into the game, and the story.

As you progress you collect sigils, or little Tetris Pieces as I like to call them. As you collect them and get enough you can unlock better items which help you in more difficult puzzles in which you need those items in order to complete them while collecting all the sigils. As you progress you are introduced to a voice in the sky who calls itself ELOHIM. Nothing much is revealed about him/it but it will refer to itself as your maker and will mostly refer to you as child. But as you progress, ELOHIM will announce himself randomly, either describing something about the land to you, or revealing more of the story within the game.

There is not much I know about ELOHIM but I do know he/it is a crucial part of the story as he reveals himself slowly and reveals many outlying parts about the story very slowly as well. As you progress the Puzzles get a lot more complex and require a bit more thinking than the last and as each new area is explored more and more thinking is required in order to get that next sigil. As you are collecting these sigils the story and background of the world will unravel itself in a multitude of ways, through voice recordings you can find, through ELOHIM, and through computer terminals which you can activate and use in order to get some information about the world around you.

Some of the information comes in handy in finding secrets and some is just to inform the player of what is happening or has happened in the world they are in. As for the amount of time I played I definitely saw an interesting story unfold as I was playing, confusing at first but definitely interesting to delve into. Now after playing this game a bit I noticed the music within the game, literally, after playing for about 3 hours I finally noticed it. Its not a bad thing no, in fact the music fit the game perfectly to the point to where I was moving through the game not even realizing the nice tunes playing. The music was great, nothing to loud and yet nothing too subtle, it was just right.

Final Verdict: The Talos Principle brings great things to the table from a range of intricate puzzles and different areas to a hidden background that is left for the players to discover. The Talos Principle definitely will give players their money’s worth with a great amount of game time and puzzles to solve. I recommend this game to any puzzle game enthusiast as well as many other gamers who like to dabble in the puzzle genre.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 9.5 / 10

RGN Rating: Platinum Game

Developer: Croteam

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Available On: Windows PC | Mac | Linux (via Steam)

Review Copy info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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RGN Daily News #71: Patriots Win The Super Bowl, Hotline Miami 90% Off, and GTX 980 VR SLI 3.0 !!!

While we are working on bringing out the Video Podcast RGN Daily News you know and love from before, currently these sporadic written RGN Daily News articles are the direct result of a ton of work going on behind the scenes. Please bear with us as we upgrade and evolve beyond our earliest expectations and begin dropping our 2015 videos later down the line. What you see in the interim is an opportunity for experimental video output, and this post will wrap up today’s substantial news that caught my attention.

GOG – $138.85 Worth of Games for $13.75

*3 DAYS, 04H : 07M : 10S Left as of the time at this posting.

GOG Offers Heavy DRM-Free Games On Discount Up To 90% Off Indie Mega Publisher Devolver Digital Games. The Full List is below:

  • Hotline Miami – $4.99
  • Shadow Warrior (2013) – $19.99
  • Shadow Warrior Classic – $2.99
  • Serious Sam: The First Encounter – $2.99
  • Serious Sam: The Second Encounter – $2.99
  • Pixel Poetry Special Edition – $3.99
  • Super Game Jam – 5 Short Films – $7.49
  • Motivational Growth – $2.99
  • Good Game – $2.99
  • Burning Man: Beyond Black – $2.99
  • Stream Dream – $2.99
  • Austin High – $2.99
  • The Basement – $2.99
  • Mars – $2.99
  • One Couch At A Time – $2.99
  • Or ALL In 1 Bundle for $13.75 (Instead of $138.85, $125 Off Whoa!)

Patriots Win The Super Bowl

– Madden 15 by EA Games Makes Bold Prediction:

Electronic Arts in association with EA Sports released a new statement today to the press saying that the New England Patriots have won the Super Bowl against the Seattle Seahawks in a video game simulation traditionally done by EA Sports as a sort of litmus test for the game engine’s accuracy to real sporting variables. Only time will tell if this rings true in real life.

Here’s an excerpt from the Official Press Release with more information:

“The prediction sees New England’s offense overcoming the Seahawks’ defense to pull out a 28-24 victory. Tom Brady was named MVP of the game thanks to his 335 yard, 4-touchdown performance, his third such honor.

The Madden NFL 15 Super Bowl Prediction is created by simulating the Super Bowl Matchup with updated rosters on Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft and the official game console of the NFL. Fans can get more exclusive EA SPORTS content from Super Bowl week by following Madden NFLon Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (easports) and using the hashtag #UltimateSB.”

Source: Official EA Press Release

*All player participation has been facilitated by NFL Players Inc., the licensing and marketing subsidiary of the NFL Players Association (NFLPA).


PlayStation TV (AKA Vita TV) Discounted to $60

The PlayStation TV, PSTV, VitaTV, or whatever you want to call Sony’s micro-console / streaming device capable of providing PS Now, PS One Classic, PS Vita, and in-home streamed PS4 content (console required), all under the guise of also being another “Netflix machine” for consumers to gobble up has now gone on discount. Best Buy offered the sale first, both online and in-store for a device that debuted at $99 and steeply fell to $79 during the holiday season.

Now we see the device dropped to just $59 to which users have responded by spreading the news. It remains to be seen how many will actually buy though. Amazon has matched this price, now listing the PlayStation TV for $59.99 as well. The bundle which comes with a controller is now available for $99.00 even.

As Sony struggles to generate interest in the Vita library, many own Vita handhelds and are extremely pleased with their gaming experiences on the device. PSTV getting into more homes is a good sign that if Sony would have offered a more desirable price from the jump, such as Nintendo is attempting to do with the Nintendo New 3DS XL, then more people would have bit. We can probably expect to see a Vita price drop soon after this recent happening comes to pass.

Virtual Reality Gaming PC Architecture is Here

SLI 3.0 is coming out and it’s called VR SLI because it’s for VR Gear such as Oculus Rift. Instead of using multiple GPUs to render a single image, each graphics card renders for a separate eye. Beyond that, if the user has a Quad VR SLI set up then a sick immerse experience is guaranteed.

The GeForce GTX 980 and GeForce GTX 970 themselves even already  include revolutionary new technologies that make Maxwell GPUs the best choice for smooth, responsive, nausea-free Virtual Reality Gaming Experiences according to NVIDA.

Last Day For FREE GTA Game w/ GTA V PC Pre-Order

Pre-Order GTA V on Steam for Windows PC and you’ll get GTA San Andreas for free. This will run you $59.99 but you’ll have access day one to the game everybody’s been waiting for on Steam. Modding communities are already in place to rock the tarnish off of this game’s excessively big open world engine and hopefully GTA Online will be able to really flourish with the great online community of PC Gaming.

Starbound Gets Huge Update

If you’ve never heard of Starbound for PC, it’s a crazy good indie title that reminds most people of Terraria except with space exploration, many different planets, resource management, and more. Today they’ve announced access is available as cheap as $11.24 for a limited time as a huge update has hit the game with new quests, items, ships, monsters, a new playable race, new missions, and more. We’ve been working on a Preview for this title as its passed through countless Beta tests, server wipes, and that Preview is still forthcoming – but if you have a spare twelve dollars in your lint pocket and need to escape to another reality truly based on interesting 2D Gameplay then Check It Out HERE On Steam.

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RONIN – Path to Vengeance Trailer [HD] #IndieGames #AllDev #GamersUnite

Debuted recently at PAX South and on its way to Steam on PC, Mac and Linux later this Fall 2015, from developer Tomasz Waclawek, RONIN is a Turn-Based Action Platformer.

More Info HERE On Steam

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RGN Round Table Video Podcast: GOTY 2014 Discussion, Honorable & Dishonorable Mentions

Contributing Editor Tristan joins myself and Public Relations Editor Josh as we recount our own personal favorite and not-so-favorite video games from the past year 2014 as we move forward to a new year of shining new opportunities for gamers, and more importantly no half-measures taken by big studios this year (we hope). Each of us discuss our own personal experiences with the games we picked to be in our Top 5, Honorable Mentions, and Dishonorable Mentions.

  1. Top 5 Best Games of 2014 (AKA The GOTY 2014 Discussion)
  2. Watch Dogs VS Grand Theft Auto V Next-Gen
  3. Destiny VS Gamers???
  4. Titanfall Reflections
  5. Indie Games of the Year
  6. 2014 Games You Missed, Or Forgot You Own
  7. 2014 Games That Shouldn’t Have Ever Existed
  8. Let-downs of 2014

There’s also been a poll taken by Deputy Editor Jermain in which many RealGamerNewz Readers voted for their favorite games in various categories for various platforms. These RGN GOTY Awards will be announced (update: Monday 1/12/15) with Reader’s Choice picks by you the readers (thank you to everyone who voted). For now, please enjoy this Video Podcast in which three of us RGN members give you our thoughts on the entire year summed up in just 45 minutes.

Production: RealGamerNewz 2015 (C)

Originally Live-streamed January 9, 2015

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