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Sony Confirms 4K (Quadruple High Definition) Movies For PlayStation 4

With the new format of television starting to gain popularity in the high-end market and planned to be introduced to the mid-stream and main-stream markets over the next few years, 4K (also can be explained as Quadruple High Definition) is going to be supported on next generation consoles but may not be heavily advertised as to avoid scaring off potential customers who don’t want to hear about the possibility of upgrading their television in the next generation console lifecycle.

However, just like High Definition slowly took over so will the 4K format. Sony is already prepared for this, and likely other console manufacturers announcing consoles soon as well. Not only will games receive some sort of 4K support, yet-to-be-announced, but there will also be films in 4K. In fact, much like the 3D and HD formats, the films, television, and sports have already been being recorded in 4K for a long time now and studios already have the content to be released.

Sony will offer a service to either provide streaming and/or downloading of 4K videos (movies, sports, and television programs) on their PlayStation 4 console making it destined to be one of the most popular 4K devices (just as PlayStation 4 introduced Blu Ray HD). By the time consumers are aware of 4K they will likely already have a device and titles for that device which support the new Quad HD format, thanks to the  next generation of gaming.

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