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The PlayStation 5 Launch Games Lineup

PS5 will be introducing an evolutionary leap in technological capability. When the PS4 and Xbox One launched gamers suffered a lot of cross-platform titles with not many of the traditional ‘New IP’ style games released for the new console generation until a couple of years later.

After that mis-step was repeated during Microsoft’s exclusive software-lacking launch of the Xbox One X (currently gaming’s most powerful console hardware), the digital entertainment giants are poised to get things right this time around. Sony in particular has ensured that developer kits have already been in the hands of their top-most exclusive AAA studios and have even been confirmed to have released a pre-dev kit and dev kit making headlines both times as third party studios leaked images and information.

We can now safely begin to paint the picture of what PlayStation 5’s launch lineup could be like, save for a few surprises expected to pack a punch at Sony’s replacement for E3 2020, which hopefully is huge!

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Pre-E3 2018 Roundup: Sony’s ‘Deep Dive’ Strategy

With Xbox falling behind PlayStation in terms of exclusive games lineup and market presence, Sony has taken a different route than usual with this year’s E3 2018 showcase. The PlayStation 4 will be front and center with no new hardware being shown, and the focus being completely on four upcoming PS4 games that are exclusive and mainly being produced in a traditionally “first-party fashion”.

In this article we will discuss what to expect from Sony at this year’s E3 event and how you can watch it from home. The potential for surprises is always there, and game companies have often used misdirection in the past to catch us off guard. However, it does seem that Sony is serious about giving focus to quality over quantity with this year’s event.

It’s also important to remind readers that “in-game” or “gameplay” are heavily abused words in this industry. Just because something is said to be running “in-engine” or any other combination of such terms, it doesn’t mean that’s how the final game will actually look and perform on the console you own. It’s okay to get excited for games, but to avoid a huge letdown upon release, be sure to remember that promotional materials are often doctored up and while they do well to express the spirit of a game they aren’t able to show exactly what it’s like. False hype aside, enjoy the show!

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