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PlayStation 4 On Track To Become Best Selling Game Console Of All Time

Do you hear about PlayStation 4?

Even those who don’t play video games know the name.

It is probably going to be the fastest and eventually highest selling video games system of all time. So far it is on track to achieve it very quickly too. The funny thing though about Sony’S PS4 is that they also have more production capability than ever before after acquirements and productions of factories took place during the Vita and PS3 Super Slim innovations made over the recent years. Not to mention the PS4 uses an APU setup from the PC Gaming world that allows manufacturing plants to operate efficiently.

So they aren’t really worth thousands like PS3 was when it was rare.

Sony can produce tons and tons of PS4’s, no problem. At least when you compare their hardware production capability to that of the past gaming generations.

The issue this generation is that the amount of buyers willing to buy at the same time is unprecedented for any one game system. Ubisoft and Sony both seem to be funding games that are going to push sales in a high direction for PS4 games.

They are also making tons of films based on games over the next 3-5 years.


Hang on, information overload. Too many sentences, not enough visual data. Let’s try something else. Consider this an experiment into the mind and, if applicable, a psychological insertion from our archives that is sure to leave the cerebral cortex tingling post-op.

ADHD Video Games History Lesson:

-1776 B.C.

Nintendo produces the Nintendo Seal of Approval and essentially invents third party exclusives as we know them today.

Because Atari was allowing shops to sell bootleg carts with Nintendo’s IPs:

And then a ton of other stuff happened….

-1001 B.C. > Then Sony’s like “bro, let’s make a Nintendo that runs on discs”.

-988 B.C. But then Nintendo’s like “nah bro, I make a lot of money off of game cartridges”.

So the PlayStation was born. Then eventually Sony took a pretty strong hold. Nintendo made a gigantic comeback. A while later Sony made some pie charts that really could help show the progress the PlayStation brand was making late into its 3rd generation… notice that Sony is taking a bite out of Nintendo!

But don’t worry, that was just to get back at them for this slap in the face of a pie chart, no seriously – it’s all about pie charts.

Forbes reports came in with 700K PS4 Units Sold in Europe and Australasia initially confirmed by Sony, and overall numbers being announced by Sony later on at over 4 million console units sold before the end of 2013. Once all numbers become tabulated, next-gen will likely go down as one of the largest, if not THE largest gaming generation of all time.

We made a little pie chart of our own (alongside alternative breakdown with guest hosts) not too long ago. But this piece is more of a focus on what’s going on in the here and now, as the Nintendo platform hopes to repair damaged momentum in their sales force and we are rooting for them.

One piece of news reports as a bit of a laugh these days “Sony’s Andrew House believes that they’ll sell 5 million PlayStation 4s by March” which basically cites their 2.1 million numbers from Dec 1, 2013 despite not launching in Arab and African markets at the time, which saw a pretty large internet celebration by South African customers and the console did successfully sell out completely as in other regions of its release.

It is safe to say that if Sony can manage to produce a number considerably larger than 5 million – they will probably be able to sell even more than that bold claim earmarks to investors, who are all but frothing at the mouth for the PS4’s sales updates.


Sony, says it best at the Japanese PlayStation Awards by naming the main factor of the PS4’s success thus far, a “Huge line of production allowed for huge sales”. Production is the key element now to maintaining sales, both of consoles to meet the overwhelming demand for PS4 next-gen gaming, but also for games to play on them.

SONY: “Since the initial announcement back in February, pre-orders for PS4 have surpassed all expectations and we continue to work hard to fulfill the remainder of these pre-orders and to deliver additional consoles to the market for the many more gamers who want a PS4.  Substantial further volumes of PS4 will arrive in the UK before Christmas.”

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Will Console MMOs Have A Profitable Future On X1 / PS4 ?

This March Sony Online Entertainment will be turning off the servers for Clone Wars Adventures and Free Realms (which also operates on PS3) in a process that SOE calls ‘sunset’ in which the game’s characters will not be kept by long-time subscribers and the online game-world essentially comes to an ending.

With all of the resources it takes to see an MMO run well, it is still sad to see them go for people who might still play. It’s a shame that Free Realms is joining the high list of MMO attempts that have failed to convert a large number of console users. The fate of other console MMO’s coming forth this generation for PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE include Elder Scrolls Online by Zenimax Online / Bethesda and the PS4 version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn from Square Enix.

A lot has changed since the days of the PS3 MMO attempts and the cancelled Xbox 360 ports such as Champions Online and the Marvel Universe MMO. PlayStation NOW has been announced and the PS4’s streaming / downloading capabilities are more advanced than the PlayStation 3’s ever were. Sony has a higher chance than ever at being able to score reduced fees on MMO experiences through the PlayStation Plus discount service that has grown into a formidable opponent for the Xbox LIVE GOLD package and hopefully Microsoft will be much more helpful with MMO developers / publishers both super-massive like Square Enix or Bethesda and to the more indie-based companies like Digital Extremes who are rumored to be releasing an Xbox ONE version of PS4 / PC co-op game Warframe.

Alongside the news of cancellations (Wizardry Online and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes will also be shut down on July 31, 2014) Sony Online Entertainment is also touting new investments in the MMO world for the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC platforms including of course EverQuest Next, Kingdom Under Fire 2, Planetside 2, Deep Down, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Elder Scrolls Online, and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. A new unannounced MMO game recently was teased by SOE as an upcoming “home” for Star Wars Galaxies fans as well.

Given the history of titles eventually removing online fees (like DC Universe Online did on PS3), when it comes to console MMOs an increased challenge is met by attempting to convince a customer-base used to trade-in offers and game-hopping every year to invest monthly in an MMO separately from what they already pay for a service such as XBL Gold or PS+. This fee system seems to be the main opponent to successful launches on the console platform and Elder Scrolls Online in addition to these other next-gen MMO projects will be an interesting indicator if anything has changed in that regard for PS4 / X1.

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