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Zombies in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare? Yes, But No. Confirmed – Sort Of…

[Image Credit: Fan Art by SUPERsaeJANG]

Although gamers probably won’t get to play the actual Zombies survival multiplayer mode again until Black Ops 3 (currently rumored, and does not exist on official record), they will have to make due with what is being called the Exo Survival Bonus Wave in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (releasing for PS4, XO, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows PC on November 2, 2014).

Here’s an image of the enemies that appear in Advanced Warfare and have been sparking all of these Zombies rumors for the game:

To be clear, it’s really not Zombies gameplay.

It’s a wave of zombies, that appear during a different game mode – that is not Zombies.

For those of you that are hating on me, you should thank me for saving you the $60 if you thought it was Zombies. COD: Advanced Warfare still shows promise as the development teams working on it have implemented many changes on the series formula – but an actual Zombies mode doesn’t exist, just a tease and hint of what may come in future COD games as well as a nostalgic tipping of the hat to Treyarch who is now the series’ ward.

This Zombies wave was discovered by dedicated Call of Duty fans who have obtained an early list of all achievements. For more information about the breaking of this story and how it became confirmed, check out GoodGameBro.com ‘s reveal published today.

COD: Advanced Warfare Trailers / Gameplay:

[Some Info Sourced: CODForum.com via GGB]

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