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WWE 2K15 Dev Working on a Way to Deal with those Pesky Online Spammers and How They Should do It

Opponents spamming you with repeated running attacks, has been the bane of online matches in past WWE games. Unfortunately WWE 2K15 is also ripe with players who resort to sprinting at you as soon as the match starts, and follow it up with either a strike or a grapple. Combine that with the game’s somewhat dodgy counter system (which features a very small window of timing), with any latency issue and you’ll more often than not, find yourself on the receiving end of a nasty DDT, Clothesline etc.

The player then waits for your wrestler to get back to his or her feet, before doing the exact same thing again. This process is repeated throughout the entire match, until the player has done enough damage and is able to hit their finisher to pick up the win. Even if you manage to counter their running attacks/grapples and go on the offensive, once they manage to counter you, they go right back to their bread and butter tactic.

Thankfully those over at 2K are working on a way to put an end to this annoyance. When I asked the  game’s official twitter account if they were working on a way to handle online spammers, they answered “we are! We’ll get ’em once and for all!”.

My Personal take:

I for one am certainly glad to know that the developer is actually attempting to fix this issue, instead of just leaving it be. This is incredibly annoying to have to deal with and also results in some ridiculously boring matches. I’m not going to lie, actually getting the W against players like that despite all their spamming is satisfying but the experience is mostly a boring and frustrating affair.

In terms of how they should deal with the spammers, I feel they should make the attacks do less damage over time. Severely decreasing the amount of momentum players earn every time they spam the moves, while increasing the amount stamina required to perform said move, would make the thought of using that tactic less than ideal. Hopefully whatever they choose to implement works in the end, so more players will resort to playing fair and not exploiting the game’s mechanics for an easy win.

Stay tuned for more info as it is revealed.

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