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Microsoft Bringing Xbox Exclusive To Steam, Valve / MS Partnership Growing

The following Teaser Trailer was released by Lionhead Studios showing Fable Anniversary being played on PC with a Steam overlay, this confirms and preludes a forthcoming official announcement for the title which we will bring forth soon.

Lionhead Studios stated that they were “inundated” with requests for Steam to get a copy of the release which hit Xbox 360 months ago. Microsoft and Lionhead Studios are happy to announce, they’re making it happen.

For those wondering how this came about, and what this means – Valve and Microsoft are working closer together today than in the history of the game industry. Take a look at some of the assets for this upcoming game as well as the latest info on this industry partnership.

In recent years, Microsoft started bringing their video games to Valve’s massive digital distribution marketplace Steam, which has become the #1 largest and most trusted place to get games from on the computer. Despite the fact that MS had once attempted to launch their own hub called GFWL, Games For Windows LIVE, the company based out of Washington in the United States decided to make a very smart move and reach out to the audience of the PC Gaming community that had felt a disconnect and left them behind.

As Microsoft reached out to Steam, Steam reached back. Age of Empires is a game that was never quite reproduced in terms of brilliant fun for real-time strategy gamers who wanted to feel a unique experience of commanding human troops as they evolve throughout history from B.C. and beyond. Age of Empires II HD for Steam proved to be a much more appreciated and critically acclaimed release for the PC than previous MS attempts on the computer platform and marked the beginning of a new embrace from even figureheads behind corporate charge of the Xbox brands, MS inner-leadership circles, and more.

Today we have learned another game previously unavailable on the PC is heading to Steam. As rumored some time ago, Fable Anniversary with enhanced visuals among other improvements made upon the Xbox 360 version (and Xbox OG original title).

Microsoft Studios has said in public interviews recently that they really, really want to bring a whole new level of support to PC Gaming. The last time they said that though, we were hit with some less-than-expected installments which attempted to bring us titles probably spun out of a focus group or marketing cash-in idea (Age of Empires Online and Microsoft Flight for example) instead of what we really wanted.

This time though, Windows PC and Xbox ONE are really showing promise with titles like Project Spark, Halo: Spartan Assault and Titanfall. With Microsoft’s newly purchased Gears of War IP, fans can rightfully hope to see some type of PC installment perhaps not of the full game but of a spinoff instead (similar to what was done with Spartan Assault). This doesn’t mean it has to be top-down, isometric “twin-stick” shooting like Spartan Assault, but Microsoft Studios has said that they are looking to explore cross-platform opportunities for Xbox exclusive brands in this way. Considering they’ve bought the rights to Gears of War, the time seems right for such a cross-over to occur – and hopefully skeptics will be surprised with the final results of that.

Check out some videos below of the X360 version, and hang tight for MS to bless us with some actual PC footage.

There are some who say that the Xbox 360 version never really got a fair shot and suffers from issues running at 1080P HD on Unreal Engine 3 (which Windows PC machines easily outperform without stutters). Perhaps a Steam release will be what Lionhead Studios needs to show their true vision of the game with less bugs, since last-gen technology has simply passed its prime at this point when it comes to utilizing the latest and best development tools.

In any event, it is great to see a huge gaming company take an obvious admission of guilt for bringing about a service that nobody wanted (GFWL) and being very classy in their efforts to remove it from being a burden on gamers while fully embracing the possibilities of a competitor who has simply fed the market better.

Platform: Xbox 360, Steam (Coming Soon)

Developer / Publisher: Lionhead Studios / Microsoft Studios

Genre / Resolution: Action RPG / Above 1080P HD

Here is the Official Launch Trailer for the X360 version of the game, Stay Tuned for more videos / info on the PC release as it becomes available.

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