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Operation Zero – Heralding the Return of Fatal Frame #WeWantFatalFrame #WiiU

Hey everyone; J.T. here, I hope all of you out there tuning in are doing well, and once again I apologize for my absenteeism here at RGN. Anyway, how about that Fatal Frame; I mean wow, who would’ve thought after almost a decade of lying dormant here in the US that suddenly the series is finally making a comeback, huh? Recall that article from before were I was railing and saying Nintendo just didn’t get it? Well, guess what folks, I’m eating my words on that. Boy, I almost feel like a total ass right about now.

That Nintendo Direct overall was simply incredible, actually their best one ever in my books. We got a look at a project that we thought was dead in the form of Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, which might I add looks downright amazing, and of course some updated looks on upcoming titles like Splatoon and the like. But for me and thousands of others, the highlight was easily the reveal of Fatal Frame.

When I saw the ghostly image followed by Bill Trinen saying “Anyway, here’s something I know the fans have been clamoring for.” then Mr. Trinen going on his spiel about the game itself, I was screaming at the top of my lungs for a moment; so much so that my dad told me to shut up. My spirit wasn’t dampened in the slightest though, if anything I was grinning ear to ear the rest of that night as I am sure thousands of others were too.

Either way, it’s pretty amazing how far we’ve come; of course it is doubly amazing how Nintendo is finally listening to their fans on what games they want. When I first took over Operation Zero, there were all of 13 members on the page. That number has increased exponentially and membership still seems to grow both here, and on Twitter where my fellow admin Fingal (we have codenames to identify who we are, out of respect for privacy he wishes not to have his real name revealed) has done a bang-up job managing our presence on that network and has every ounce of my respect as my equal. Furthermore; he’s just as passionate about the franchise as I am, to say I am glad for Fingal’s presence in working with Operation Zero is an understatement. The man has my deepest gratitude for all he’s done for Operation Zero.

This begs the question, however; are we at Operation Zero done? Now that we’ve achieved our goal of getting Nintendo to release a Fatal Frame game in the US for the first time in almost a decade, the answer is a definitive no. Why? Well, we’ve got work to do to help this game out. Now that it’s coming, we’re going to be the ones who help Nintendo sell the game and advertise it. That means word of mouth, posters, videos via social media, anything and everything we can use to broadcast this game and sell it to people, we must use.

Not only that, because of this bold move; the older games in the series actually have a legit chance of making it to the US now. Know what this means? The idea of a double pack of the two Wii games would be a great start. It’s a pipe dream at the moment, but who’s to say it won’t become a reality. Some already suggested an eShop release of the two Wii games ala the way Super Mario Galaxy 2 and the Metroid Prime Trilogy can be accessed, but honestly, I feel by doing it digital only, it’d be gutting the sales of the series.

I think if Nintendo were to do this right, they could pull a Bayonetta 2 and bundle this double pack of Mask of the Lunar Eclipse and Deep Crimson Butterfly in with Oracle of the Sodden Raven. They could also release these games on the eShop too. Do I expect them to do so? No, at least not yet anyway; but if they were to do so it could very well be a great start towards promoting the series in both the US and EU, allowing the series to become more accessible to their audience is a great thing if you ask me. That includes physical and digital distribution of the games.

There would be work needed to get Mask of the Lunar Eclipse; the game that never really left Japan, to be satisfactory for US/EU consumption of course. With that one, the glitches that break the game and don’t allow you to complete the ghost list would need to be fixed, and not only that an Japanese dub would need to be recorded too. Some would say this extra step isn’t necessary and just to leave the game subtitled, but I say otherwise. A happy compromise would be to have the Japanese voices available as well for selection, but honestly; I much prefer a good dub any day of the week.

With both games, the textures would need to be revamped for HD, and controls tweaked to take advantage of the Wii U’s controller, but a classic mode allowing you to play the games the way they were originally designed to be played would also be ideal. That way everyone gets what they want from the experience, and we get to enjoy more of this wonderful series. Win-win, right? I’d say so.

However, I noticed a matter of growing concern throughout the community. That there were brief talks of a boycott of the game if it were to be censored in any way, shape or form. While we can all rest assured that many of us are simply grateful that we’re getting this game at all, the fact that a boycott was even mentioned in the first place is just ridiculous and asinine; also dare I say incredibly insulting to me and to every one of us who worked hard to get Nintendo to give the series a chance worldwide. Boycotting would only ensure that we never get another Fatal Frame worldwide again, something I absolutely do not want to happen.

I felt this needed to be addressed because the talks of doing so in the first place upset me and others within the community of Fatal Framers quite deeply, we all felt as if a katana slashed us to the bone. While we don’t know at this point whether or not the game will be censored in any way, shape or form; I am willing to bet that some of the more risqué outfits of the game will probably be either altered or taken out completely to be added in later as DLC if you so desire it, but I feel that’s about as far as the censorship will go; that is if the game is even censored.

Believe it or not, Nintendo has actually let some controversial things slide in the past. Remember the game Conker’s Bad Fur Day on the N64, remade into Conker: Live and Reloaded on the X-Box? I do, and I remember that game was chock full of M-rated content. In an infamous segment of the game, you fight against a creature known as the Great Mighty Poo, and get this, there’s actually a sing-along musical complete with a bouncing ball following the lyrics so you could sing along. I won’t give too much details out about the fight itself but I will say that the song was uncensored on the N64, the curse words were not bleeped out at all. When Live and Reloaded hit the X-Box, the lyrics were censored and the curse words bleeped out.

There are other examples of Nintendo letting things like this slide even today. For instance; Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 are both completely uncensored, all the curse words, the sexual innuendos, etc. are completely intact with those two games. Even Devil’s Third, a game that was previously multiplatform but picked up by Nintendo, is also completely uncensored. I’d say at this point Nintendo won’t be taking much, if anything out of the core game at all. Nothing story related will be touched, that’s for sure.

While I always said I have a love/hate thing going on with Nintendo; with this power move Nintendo has won me back as a loyal customer and it is safe to say that everyone needs to get their hands on a Wii U. I’ve always rather enjoyed the console from the start, but with all the original software hitting the US/EU later on this year including three must-have games, two rated M for Mature no less; Nintendo truly is catering to the core at long last. The house Mario built now has one of the most diverse library of games that one simply can’t find anywhere else. I dare anyone to say “Nintendo is for kids” now, chances are they’ll get laughed out of the building.

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Opinion Piece: Nintendo just doesn’t “get it”, do they?

Hi everyone, it’s been forever in a day since I’ve written something for any gaming website, and let me tell you it’s been quite an experience. I’ve been incredibly busy with college and for a time I was working almost full-time hours as well. That said, I’m in my second semester back at college again as of this writing and I have to say it feels damn good to be moving my life forward, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have much to say when it comes to a certain company we all love but also love to hate at the same time, I am referring to Nintendo, the genesis of all modern day gaming. You gotta love Nintendo, they’re a lightning rod for controversy and of course for scorn within the gaming community these days; but they are also known for making some of the best damn games on the face of this planet hands down!

First off, let me start with a disclaimer. I do love Nintendo; I love all the games from them that I own for their systems. Anyone who’s anyone knows I get hyped about a new Smash, Fire Emblem, Zelda, Mario, etc. My 3DS and Wii U have seen a ton of gameplay between the two and anytime I hear about them announcing new games, I’m always looking forward to finding out more about them. Also, I am well aware I don’t represent the views of everyone at RGN; or of all Nintendo fans either. So why am I writing this article?

Well, there are some things that need to be said about their business practices during the last 8 or so years. They have some serious issues that we all know about; the disaster that followed a strong launch of the Wii U in the US is just the tip of this proverbial iceberg. I sincerely believe that this goes way back to when the Wii was still flourishing, kicking ass and taking names and it starts with the lackadaisical attitude they began to have regarding localization of titles that people would’ve paid damn good money for to obtain, but couldn’t due to…well, you know, not releasing these games in the respective regions of the world.

It calls back to 2007/2008 in particular when Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse was being produced. A lot of us were genuinely excited about it, finally what became my favorite survival horror franchise was being continued and it was looking great too I might add. Localization was definitely in the works, and rumors began to spread that the game was going to hit the US/EU. Then out of the blue, it was announced that the localization for the title was being shuttered, as in cancelled. To say me and others were angry about this would be an understatement. For a brief time I actually considered selling my Wii and if it weren’t for Metroid Prime Trilogy among other titles, I would’ve done so.

An image from Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse – a title that unfortunately never saw the light of day outside Japan.

It only continued to get worse from there, games like Disaster: Day of Crisis ended up not seeing the light of day in the US, yet again rumours spread that it was because Reggie Fils-Aime; current COO of Nintendo of America declaring the game to be “crap” that led to the cancellation of the title. I’m sorry but if this is true, then this is absurd, you don’t cancel a North American release just because the COO calls a game “crap”, what’s crap to him could be gold to another person. If it were me, I would’ve released it in North America anyway.

Another Code: R for the Wii also never saw the light of day in the US even though its predecessor Trace Memory for the DS did. Yet Another Code: R saw the light of day in Europe. Anyone else noticing a trend? Because I am, and it’s going in a negative direction, pointing the finger of blame squarely at Nintendo of America and possibly NCL too, both parties are guilty as charged. It doesn’t even end there either, oh no, it gets even worse.

We almost didn’t get this amazing game, along with two other titles.

You see, this all culminated with Operation Rainfall and their awesome efforts to push Nintendo of America to release Xenoblade Chronicles in the US. It was a massive success, and the title ended up selling the best in the US, the same goes with the Last Story and Pandora’s Tower, though the remaining two games were only released in the US thanks to XSEED Games. I do not believe Nintendo of America deserves credit for them as it was XSEED that stepped up to the plate for the last two games. Without XSEED’s efforts, chances are we would’ve been denied these games as well, just like we here in North America were stupidly denied the Fatal Frame 2 remake (which Operation Zero valiantly tried to campaign for) while in a hilarious twist of irony Europe never got Kirby Dream Collection. Gee, one would think if Nintendo truly wanted our money, they’d release both games in both territories, right? Guess what? They didn’t.

Sales charts proving that Nintendo games sell the best in the US. Slightly dated but you get the picture.

Ultimately, the end of the Wii’s lifespan was a hot mess. I find it funny, and not as in funny ha ha, I mean funny as in “that’s f***ed up” that people say “Oh, Nintendo was smart for not bringing <insert title here> to North America/Europe,” for instance; and then try so hard to validate their reasons, but always they fall back on the same excuse, that being “sales”, each and every time anyone has tried to argue that point or any inane reason they could possibly justify with me, I always come back with the fact that the Fatal Frame series or just about any game Nintendo has ever released for that matter, always sold best in North America, hell, even the 3DS spinoff known as Spirit Camera sold the best in North America. Also, I am going to add something else here, Nintendo actually has partial ownership of the Fatal Frame series now. Why piss away good money on an awesome IP only to screw over those who follow the series? See what I am getting at?

Why am I writing about this per se? Well, I am doing so to show that Nintendo really is out of touch, and that the roots of their problems are deep-seated within the company’s traditional hierarchy. Many ideas have been shot down before they could even get to the planning phases, just because someone higher up has the power to veto. Yes, it’s thanks to some of those higher up that Nintendo has had the power to remain in business for over 120 years, but at the same time, this structure is a double-edged sword that could very well end up make them pull out of the console hardware market and the gaming industry almost completely.

When you have a company that is inconsistent with their releases in North America and in Europe, one that isn’t focused on delivering the best of the best to their consumers’ worldwide, well, that lightning in a bottle that you captured? Eventually it escapes and shakes the ground, causing the foundation to crumble like a house of cards. That’s exactly what has happened with the transition from the Wii to the Wii U.

Nintendo f***ed up the international release of this incredible game badly.

You see, Nintendo neglected to pay attention to what the core fans wanted in order to pander to the new casual base that they built up during the Wii’s lifespan, and instead of sending the Wii out with a bang? It died with a whimper. Had Nintendo just made sure Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower, and the Fatal Frame 2 remake had all hit North America at the same time as they did in Europe, and along with that; I know I will probably catch hell for this, but also delayed the launch of the Wii U itself until everything truly was ready to go, I guarantee they would’ve been in a more prime position to gear up for the Wii U’s launch.

Instead, the problematic launch of the Wii U, along with delays of key titles (with one notoriously going multi-platform and having the Wii U version delayed so it would launch at the same time as the other versions), software droughts, missing sales targets and third parties dropping support for the console? It’s no wonder Nintendo is in the conundrum that they’re in. While they might be making bank for the first time in a few years, let’s face it, the Wii U is still selling very poorly and a system that was thought to be dead on arrival, the Xbox 1, has surpassed it in overall lifetime sales to date.

I give Nintendo credit where credit is due; their games are always top notch, also having that warmth and charm that you simply can’t find anywhere else no matter how much others try. Plus, they have stepped it up with the edginess of the games they’re picking up and publishing, games like Devil’s Third and Bayonetta 2, the latter of which has sold very well in the US and we have Xenoblade Chronicles X coming later in 2015 as well. They’ve done a lot right, but I feel they’ve definitely not done enough to smooth things over. Nah, they need to make up for their mishaps during the last generation, big time I might add. When you miss a chance to appeal to your audience, that audience ultimately turns their backs on you.

How can anyone sit there and even think that Nintendo is in an okay situation here? Yeah, they might be turning a profit, but damn, when one thinks about it, the reason the Wii U is tanking horribly is because of bad mistakes they’ve made over the last 8 or so years. I’m sure some of you will still try to justify that they were smart in giving the Fatal Frame series in particular the shaft ever since acquiring partial rights to the license. Suffice it to say though, I am a firm believer in karma, and in this case karma bit Nintendo in their proverbial backsides, has sunk their teeth in, and is not letting go. Of right now, the Wii U’s LTD is about 9.2 million, after two and a half years that is just pitiful. Especially when your competitors have been on the market for just over a year, and one of them has sold more than double that amount in that amount of time.

Let that sink in to your heads if you may. How can anyone even think that Nintendo would be smart in not localizing every title they can get their hands on? How can anyone even think to justify the excuses made to defend Nintendo as if they’ve done no wrong in giving gamers the shaft on games they would love to play? How can anyone defend horrible business practices? When you have people (and these are actual quotes) going as far as saying “maybe there is a clause in the contract that makes it disadvantageous for them to localize the series, you never know” or “Nintendo is a business, not a charity! They don’t need your money!” to which I say yes, Nintendo is a business, but they remain in business because of us. When you use ludicrous statements like the two quoted from above to try to justify your view, I hate to say it but your argument is pretty much invalid by the time you’ve reached that point.

I might love Nintendo as much as the next guy, but I’ll be damned if I am going to stand by and watch the train-wreck happening and not say anything about it. I won’t claim to speak for all gamers, or all Nintendo fans, but I do believe that there are many out there who echo my sentiments almost to a tee. Yes, Nintendo might be a business, but they remain in business because of us, the fans, as in you and me. So long as we use our voices and do not remain silent, we control the market, we control who gets our hard-earned money, end of story.

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A gloriously creepy new trailer has just been released by Nintendo, now all that’s needed is for an overseas announcement and we’ll be golden. Credit goes to a source that wishes to remain anonymous for bringing this to our attention. ‪#‎WeWantFatalFrame‬ – J.T.

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Operation Zero – Official Fatal Frame movie and Facebook page live!

The official Facebook page for the Japanese Fatal Frame movie (simply titled Zero-Zero thus far) for all information pertaining to this upcoming release (hitting theatres there 9/26/14) feel free to check out the official Facebook page here:


The Zero Official Movie Website has also gone live as well. More details on this movie will be upcoming.

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Operation Zero – First Trailer and title of new Fatal Frame for Wii U Revealed/Overseas Release a Possibility

Tecmo-Koei and Nintendo released the debut trailer of the new Fatal Frame for the Wii U last night through niconico, Nintendo Everything did a fly-by-night translation of the conference and came across some interesting details. Seven of them in particular stood out to me.

1. The full title is Zero: Nuregarasu no Miko (or literally Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden), it hits 9/27/2014 in Japan.

2. The three elements of a Zero/Fatal Frame game: ghosts that can come from anywhere, old Japanese houses, and the camera itself are all present.

3. The concept for the game is all about water, places with lots of flowing water such as a river, waterfall, etc. will be present, it seems to have plenty of outdoor arenas.

4. You will use the GamePad to take pictures.

5. Main character’s name is Yuri Kagemi Kozukata. – She has the ability to look for people who have been taken into the ghost world and possibly bring them back to the world of the living. Kinda like a psychic medium in a way.

6. The game’s volume will be the biggest in the entire series; lots of work being put in meaning the game itself could be a long one, bigger than Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented on PS2? It’s a possibility.

7. AnJu is doing the ending theme, titled “Higanbana” the song is about the line between life and death, seems to have a positive kind of message behind it, meant to represent reuniting with loved ones, warmth, love, etc.

The debut trailer for the game itself was also released and can be seen here: Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden – Announcement Trailer

Read more about the game, and about the Japanese and Hollywood movies being worked on:  Details about the Fatal Frame presentation from NintendoEverything.

More info will be coming in the near future, and of course you bet Operation Zero will be all over it. There was a tweet done by a member that actually gave us hope that an overseas release could very much be a reality. It can be read here: https://twitter.com/makoto_shibata/status/489696336594214912

And that does it for now, as always I encourage you to come join Operation Zero on our official Facebook page just by clicking on our name. We look forward to finding out more.

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Operation Zero: First Promotional Image of Fatal Frame 5 Released

Word is traveling around the ‘net thanks to 4gamer (a Japanese gaming site), NeoGAF and Beyond the Camera’s Lens, that along with promotions for the Fatal Frame movie that’s coming out in Japan 9/26/14, a promotional teaser image of Fatal Frame 5 in development for the Wii U has been released. The picture shows the four women that were featured in Fatal Frames 1 through 4 with a shadowy view of what could possibly be the new protagonist to be featured in Fatal Frame 5, it doesn’t show gameplay, but it does lead to speculation on the story like no one’s business. It looks extremely interesting, and definitely generates buzz for the game. Personally, as a huge fan of this franchise, the possibilities of where the story will go and what it will entail are beyond exciting and lend themselves to some interesting discussions. We will be keeping afoot of any news about the game and as always, we encourage you to join Operation Zero‘s Official Facebook page.

For Full Size Image Click Here

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ATTN Fatal Frame Fans – Operation Zero Write-in/Call-in Announcement #WeWantFatalFrame

Here is a chance that gamers don’t get too often, to help rally together and form the physical evidence for huge demand in a game everybody wants to see brought back to life. At Operation Zero, that’s exactly what the team and its followers are doing.

In the following video, a Write-in / Call-in Announcement is made by the team (which I recently also became an admin of) and if players want to help bring Fatal Frame back to life then participating in this event would go a long way to show the companies involved that the demand for such an undertaking exists and is real.

Players can also take a few actions below to help and stay on top of the group’s next moves. If there are any questions be sure to drop it in the comments section and I’ll do my best to get them answered by the team.

Sign Fatal Frame Wii U Petition

Like Operation Zero on FB

(Over 1.9K Members)

“A campaign group dedicated to the promotion and encouragement for localization of the Fatal Frame series of video games.

We are officially evolving into a hub page for all things Fatal Frame, hoping to continue the encouragement and growth of word about this wonderfully scary franchise from Tecmo-Koei/Nintendo. Stay tuned as we unveil the new face of Operation Zero soon.”

Founded: December 2011

Archives Website: OpZero.Blogspot.Com

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Fatal Frame Zero Returns To The Wii U And The Big Screen

Photo by 0kasane0

Tecmo Koei and Nintendo have announced that they will be partnering up to create a new Fatal Frame: Zero title for the Wii U as part of a multi-media blitz for the title similar to what Square Enix did with Final Fantasy VII. This media campaign will include the new Fatal Frame Zero game, a movie, a novelization of the film and a graphic novel to flesh out the narrative. The game however hasn’t been announced for release outside of Japan, so fans of the series elsewhere will have to wait and see if the two companies have plans to bring the game to their respective regions.

Some of the Information in this article was sourced from Famitsu.

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