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Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII Is “Pay What You Want” Celebrating #FF7Remake E3 Announcement

It’s 2015 and the legend of Final Fantasy 7 lives on strong. Far and wide fans have been requesting Square Enix bring the classic Turn-Based RPG which represents an era in which the core features of the FF franchise were at their best. A seemingly open world with many interesting towns, deep backstory, variety of playable characters with different approaches to combat, endless side-content to self-discover, many types of gameplay including snowboarding, gambling, mini-games, arena combat scenarios, real time action sequences such as the motorcycle video game in the Golden Saucer arcade, and a lot more are expected to remain intact with this remake.

Final Fantasy VII was way ahead of its time, but the controls and graphics have certainly aged since the original PlayStation 1 days. Here’s to hoping that Square Enix does the original justice and manages to re-capture the feeling and the scope of one of the most epic FF tales ever told. At E3 2015 it was announced that Final Fantasy VII will be given the FULL REMAKE treatment, and not just the Remaster / Re-Release originally announced by Square Enix to fans’ dismay. It is unclear at this time how far along development already is and how long this will take, but live on stage at E3 FF7 Remake has been confirmed for PlayStation 4 and the following teaser was shown below:

In honor of the FF7 Remake being announced, Nerdcore Hip Hop Artist Mega Ran has made Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII free or pay what you want for a limited time, this album is a homage to the game which brings its characters and world to life in a new way re-telling the story with remixed music using the original composition and lyrics that pierce the heart and soul of what FF7 is all about. If you’ve never heard of it, you owe it to yourself to check it out and you can now for free. Enjoy a preview, quick listen below and feel free to jump around and find your favorite characters mentioned in the album.

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