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SXSW 14: MegaRan Live Performance of “Tifa” From Final Fantasy VII: Black Materia [HD 1080P]

Random AKA MegaRan  has released the following footage from an all Final Fantasy 7 / Hip Hop set he performed at SXSW 2014. In this clip you’ll see a piece of that performance, with a musical surprise for all who attended, in which the story of Tifa and her relationship to the main character Cloud Strife gets an epic exploration and re-telling to production sampling the game’s soundtrack (as heard on Black Materia the album) as well as some classic hip hop instrumental.

“Last night, the story of Cloud and Tifa was broken down the best way I knew how… by including Biz Markie. Check the footage from MusIQ From The Heart and enjoy!” – Random AKA MegaRan

Follow MegaRan: MegaRanMusic Now | Twitter | Facebook | Official Website

MegaRan Tour Update:

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South Park: The Stick of Truth – Ginger Kid Nazi Zombie Trailer [HD 1080P]

The Ginger Kid Nazi Zombie Trailer for RPG title South Park: The Stick of Truth releasing from publisher Ubisoft on March 4, 2014 in North America, on March 6, 2014 in Australia, and on March 7, 2014 in Europe after much awaited anticipation from fans. This game is going to be available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows PC platforms. Take a look at the Ginger Kid Nazi Zombie Trailer Ubisoft released today presented below in Full 1080P High Definition.

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Final Fantasy VI Heads to iPhone and Android – Final Fantasy VII Could Be Next

Many gamers have raged on the debate between Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VI, which is the best FF game of all time? Well, if you’d like to give this game a run on the go, I think you’ll find that it’s definitely an incredible open world / linear hybrid experience that will forever be in the Role Playing Game hall of fame ever since its debut in Japanese as well as Japanese on Super Nintendo / Super Famicon. I even got chiphop / nerdcore artist MegaRan, who created Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII, to discuss the possibility of making FF6-inspired hip hop in the future in our first RGN Interview with Random AKA MegaRan.

For those who never played the game, it is an incredible experience involving powerful human philosophical thinking resulting from a chaotic inner struggle within the species. At its core its gameplay is the foundation of the JRPG sub-genre in every way. Some of the themes of the storyline include corruption, the land of the living vs land of the dead, the nature of magic and its effect on human kind throughout the times, the magical gods incarnate and as summons, a factory harvesting magic energy from a living race from another realm, and even playing the game before and after it was completely destroyed. Beyond that, there are some of the most memorable RPG characters in existence, hidden characters and many easter eggs, an open-world map with lots to discover via Airships, on foot, and other methods beyond the Chocobo. Truly a game Final Fantasy or RPG fans in general should not miss out on.

Final Fantasy VI is currently available from Square Enix on PlayStation Network (compatible with PS Vita, PS3, and PSP devices) and will now arrive on Android and iPhone’s Apple App Store for iOS devices. Originally released in 1994, and never remastered to this date, this version of the game will be slightly tweaked for enhanced smartphone graphics marking a precedent for enhancing the visuals of a game that has been set in stone and is also classic.

It is likely, based on Square Enix remakes on smartphone as of late, that the graphics will be very true to their original appearance back in ’94 on SNES. Square Enix has done a good job of bringing earlier 8-bit titles to the smartphone market over the past few years particularly. Square Enix will consider remaking Final Fantasy VII for smartphones soon, possibly made possible only because of the tech advancements and early adoption culture of the smartphone market.

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RGN Daily News #62: Are Square Enix Western Games Holding Them Back?

RGN Daily News #62:

– Top News of October 10, 2013
– Final Fantasy 6 Coming to Android and iPhone w/ Enhanced Visuals
– Final Fantasy 7 Remaster Could Come to iPhone and Android
– Square Enix Talk: Are Their Western Games Holding Them Back?
– Capcom Presents Brand New Music for ‘MM25: Mega Man Rocks’ Feat. Hip Hop act MegaRan and more.
– RGN Reviews / IndieSpotlights Posted & Coming Soon
– And More

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Final Fantasy VII – The Web Series Kickstarter taken down by Square Enix

Screenshot from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII on PSP.

Near the end of July, a Kickstarter project was launched in an attempt to raise funds for an unofficial Final Fantasy VII live action web series. The ambitious creators wanted to raise a whopping $400,000 for the project. Many fans were really excited to finally see something like this being undertaken but others were skeptical that it could be pulled off. $400,000 is a lot of money. Would Square Enix really allow such a high budget series to be made based on one of their intellectual properties? Series director Gionata Medeot told gaming sites such as Kotaku that he wasn’t worried about Square Enix’s laywers taking the project down.

Well it looks like he should have been a little worried, since the project was officially taken off the Kickstarter website today.  Square Enix sent Kickstarter an official-sounding letter telling them the project was in violation of their copyrighted intellectual property. Prior to being taken down, the project had raised around $25,000. Here is the full text of the letter, as linked on what was previously the project’s Kickstarter page:

Date: Aug 1, 2013
SenderSquare Enix, Inc.

999 N. Sepulveda Blvd., 3rd Floor, El Segundo, California 90245
Sent via email

Kickstarter, Inc.
155 Rivington St.
New York, NY 10002

Re: Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series (Unofficial Fan Project)

Description of copyrighted material: 

Square Enix is the owner of all intellectual property rights to the Final Fantasy® franchise under which videogames, online services, and motion pictures have been published. The videogame Final Fantasy VII has been registered with the Copyright Office, including but not limited to, US Copyright No. TX0004508436 and V3519D554. You may see the official game introduced at the following websites: http://na.square-enix.com/us/blog/final-fantasy-vii-pc-50-sale http://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/39140/ http://www.crisiscore.com/

Description of infringing material:

The link provided directs you to the project Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series.

The project itself is in infringement of our copyrights and should be removed in its entirety from Kickstarter.
· The project itself admits it is an unofficial fan project in its title “Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series (Unofficial Fan Project).

· The description of the project itself claims to use the copyrighted characters and events of Final Fantasy VII.

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Kickstarter News: Final Fantasy VII Web Video Series Wants $400,000

No that isn’t a joke. Final Fantasy VII is perhaps one of the most successful and well known industry beacons of hope in the entire gaming community. The series brought us so many unforgettable moments it has even spawned its own hip hop album (CLICK HERE to hear it) by MegaRan.

On Kickstarter today you can pledge to fund some money towards the $400,000 goal of this project. CLICK HERE to access the Kickstarter and see all the full details.

The legitimacy of this fan web series asking for nearly half a million dollars is EXPLAINED BELOW as there is no real company associated with it and the fans who plan on kick-starting this will definitely want to see where their money is going. There is not exactly proof that a team exists behind this and can actually produce what they are promising, but this is what it says under the “WHO ARE WE” section, seems legit:


We are a crew of over a hundred multi-talented and established professionals in various areas of film production who have experience on movies like Harry Potter, The Green Lantern, Kick-Ass, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Mortal Kombat, and more.

Here is a short introduction to some of our key members:
Italian filmmaker and Director Gionata Medeot is the visionary responsible for our breathtaking concept trailer that sent tingles down 396,000 spines in September 2012 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U36HbN0w8x4) Based in London, Gio has experience as a director, visual effects specialist, and editor. Screenplay writer Xander Williams is also an author and actor, whose Final Fantasy VII fanfiction novel, “The Jenova Project” is widely regarded by the FFVII community to be one of the best fan novels ever written, with over 200,000 downloads. Production Manager and

Director/Producer Daniel Purcell has been with the project since its inception, and has grown the team from a few dedicated members to a full blown, versatile production crew of over 200+. All working for free!
Daniel has worked on some huge projects, with many of them for high-profile companies, with the most recent being Apple Inc.

Producer/Action Director James Mark is a veteran performer and martial artist, as well as co-founder of the YouTube sensation Team 2X. In addition to his producer roles, he’ll be directing at least one of the series’ episodes.

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RGN Analysis: Ubisoft Newest Member of ‘IP Milking’ Club; Are First Person Shooters Dead?

Introducing a new series of articles from RealGamerNewz, RGN Analysis. In this section of the website you will find the professional opinions of myself (Editor-In-Chief of RGN, Gamer for over 22 years and author of over 3,000 living online documents detailing the international video games industry) as well as our Deputy Editor Tristan Werbe (author of over 400 articles and creator of the Tristan’s Twisted World brand) in what would otherwise be off-the-record discussions if we were one of those ‘politically correct’ websites. Consider the RGN Analysis as a way to get to know us closer, what makes us tick as gamers, and how everything all comes together in our brains on any given day. These are private conversations held between the two of us which are edited only for grammar for the sake of readability.

Editor’s Note: These conversations and the views expressed therein are some of our personal opinions and may change after the posting of this article. We aren’t afraid to give you snapshots in time of our views once in a while, but understand that we also change our minds and have evolving ideas about the video games we are speaking on as well as the industry as a whole. We hope you enjoy these uncensored thoughts from just two out of the many gamers in the RealGamerNewz community, and as always look forward to your brutally honest feedback and input on the topics discussed.

Convo Key: T = Tristan , J = Jon

T: Ubisoft says ‘we won’t start a game unless we can franchise it’, get ready for 6 Watch Dogs games before 2020. GTA V looks a lot better than Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs looks like it should have come out in 2009. It looks like a game that you could play and enjoy, but not for very long.

J: If it’s going to be on the current generation and the next generation then it’s not really a true next-gen experience.

T: I don’t think GTA V will be on next-gen.

J: GTA V definitely won’t be on next-gen any time soon. Neither will Gran Turismo 6. People are reporting on Polyphony Digital basically saying “someday we’ll do it” as cold hard fact that it’s coming, and some people reading stuff like that think this means within the first year of PlayStation 4’s launch. That is a ridiculous assertion considering that Polyphony was touting Gran Turismo 5 for PlayStation 3 for an incredibly long amount of time before it actually came out as a full game. These words should be taken as grains of salt.

T: Rockstar Games clearly stated GTA V is being made to max out current hardware. Sony and Polyphony Digital have said the same about Gran Turismo 6. People need to just let them make other games for next-generation like a GT7 and GTA6 (and there’s no reason to rush for either of these either).

J: Agreed.

T: Both games in terms of graphics on the current gen systems look better than Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Watch Dogs.

J: I don’t know about graphics since AC4 and WD have next-gen versions, but GTA V is definitely more advanced in terms of being a much bigger world than we’ve ever seen before with way more things to do in it than a game like Watch Dogs guaranteed. It’s about hacking, every gameplay shot looks exactly the same. How boring is this game eventually going to be?

T: GTA V lets you plan out your missions in new ways that provide purely different experiences each time. Watch Dogs is like hack this, run over that. Free will but nothing to do with it. AC4 is going to be killing some red coats, stealing money, and getting wenches on the high seas.

J: Watch Dogs… I don’t even understand how this is considered open-world. They’ve yet to reveal any detailed information about it besides “you can hack ‘everything'”. What exactly ‘everything’ is and how does this works in gameplay terms, not PR spin terms, remains to be seen. It looks like the multi-player is a single player story mode game with free-roam thrown in for the sake of it. Like your buddies are going to be sitting there going “Did you finish your mission yet? No? Cool, I’ll just hack another ATM then.” or if they aren’t your buddies run up on you and hack you like the extremely simplistic and boring Assassin’s Creed multiplayer. This type of multiplayer has already been seen before at the start of this current generation and a million years ago on PC but is being heralded as new somehow.

T: In GTA V, you have 3 characters you control which you can switch between at any given time if you want to see what they are doing when you’re playing as the other two. They will actually be doing things too, not just sitting there while you’re busy.

J: GTA V is just totally different than most games in a lot of ways. It seems like every time we turn around there’s something new being shown for it. Watch Dogs on the other hand is the exact same thing, hack ‘everything’ and ‘anything’ which is pretty much nothing and who cares. I’m glad they are trying to do something different, but beyond the initial shock of a fresh idea you end up with a stale concept that just isn’t that interesting nor exciting as you originally thought.

T: Speaking of the Watch Dogs multiplayer since you mentioned it a minute ago, Destiny and Titanfall are like single, co op, multiplayer mixed into one package. What do you think about that?

J: Unfortunately I am skeptical about how fun those two really are. I want to support all three of these games, but just because they are New IPs (and the industry is starving for New) doesn’t mean they are going to be as compelling as we are meant to believe at this stage in the early marketing campaign. As for Destiny and Titanfall specifically, they look like they will be good, for shooters. But shooters are dying out as a genre.

T: I don’t think they are dying, but borderline and definitely on life support. Basically, next-generation will make or break the genre and decide whether they die or survive because the fluke popularity (and companies chasing to replicate the success of) games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and 3 held the industry back last gen.

J: If all they can do is be story games, then forget that. Titanfall and Destiny are like “Hey bro, want some more stories? Good. Because that’s all we’ve got…”. There’s no evolution. Just because it’s super duper multiplayer/singleplayer hybrid doesn’t mean anything that’s why Defiance got no love. Destiny and Titanfall look light years beyond Defiance, but just like I said about Watch Dogs this type of multiplayer mixed with single player has been around for an entire 7 year generation and was actually existing before that on PC. Is this what we’re left with as the legacy of first person shooter games? Story mode is the only thing they are going to do with it from now on? I guess we shouldn’t be extremely shocked, since all of the competitive multiplayer experiences continue to be abandoned faster and faster each time they release one.

T: They’re not really story, well at least not Titanfall because Respawn Entertainment said that game is more about multiplayer diversity. To me Titanfall is like a bigger, badder, more large-scale version of Call of Duty but with more originality. Destiny is basically like Halo Reach, which was fun. Halo 4 was on another level though, it evolved the series and somewhat the genre. However, Destiny literally rips off powers straight out of Mass Effect. They even look exactly the same! Look at the power they showed at the end of the E3 2013 demo and then look up Mass Effect Biotics. Bungie ripped off Bioware because they apparently couldn’t think of anything better than ‘Halo Reach 2: PS3 Edition’. Aiming down the sights is a new feature? Genius. Even though the weapons all function exactly like Halo: Reach, I’m still hoping it’s not as bland as it seems.

Halo is good but Destiny is like Halo: Reach which is considered the worst by the fan base. It looks a lot more like a Halo: Reach 2 than I’d like to believe, and from a gameplay standpoint not aesthetics. It’s not a bad thing if they do it right, it’s just sad that we’re probably not going to get anything revolutionary in terms of new enemies. The A.I. appears exactly the same as Halo, except the Prometheans which makes sense because 343 Industries created them. In all reality this Destiny game is like Halo which is essentially based on Marathon. Bungie didn’t exactly re-write the book here, they got straight to work making a new version of the same game they’ve been selling since the beginning of time.

It is of course too early to set all of this in stone though. A lot can change between now and 2014 when it releases. Halo 4 was a true evolution. Reach felt like a Call of Duty version of Halo. In the beta, it was awesome, but then forum jockeys complained and manipulated the game by controlling the balance updates that were created by Bungie who no longer cared anyways since they knew they were going to be competing with this franchise soon. I’m seriously thinking a lot of people will just stick with the real Halo on Xbox ONE unless Bungie makes this game unique before it releases.

I think Destiny will be a good game, don’t get me wrong, but nothing new in terms of gameplay. The idea of a shared world shooter is what’s new and we will see if that even works. But I don’t think shooters are dead. Halo 4 evolved the genre, and Half Life 3 will…

J: That’s if Half Life 3 even exists…

T: Me and uncle talk about it a lot. We think it exists but Valve is like Rockstar, perfectionists and secretive up until a certain point in time. My personal opinion is they would be stupid not to make this game due to the fact they are a critical and financial success.

J: That’s a good point. But then again, we have discussed this at length on podcasts in the past. If it’s already good how it was when they last made a title in this franchise, maybe they should just leave it alone. We don’t want Final Fantasy syndrome to happen, where everybody just hates everything because it’s not FF7…

T: That is true but at the same time if they can evolve the series and the genre again then they should put it out. Besides, the story isn’t done yet. Speaking of shooters being dead, DARK got a 40 out of 100 on MetaCritic.

J: Shawn is going to have our PC Review up for DARK this week. I’m not hearing good things.

T: I’m not hearing good things either, I’ll be doing the Xbox 360 Review soon. Ride to Hell: Retribution is a 9 out of 100 on MetaCritic.

J: It had a 2 out of 10 on GameFly. Wait a minute, 9 out of 100!? That’s a 0.9 out of 10. They didn’t send review copies out for that game, these people really must hate it to go rent/buy it and review it so low. GameFly doesn’t even have enough copies in stock to be able to send me one for review, but we should have a review up soon from our contributor Noah who snagged a copy from somewhere.

Until next time folks, thanks for reading RGN Analysis. Leave your feedback or input (or rage *if you must*) in the comments section below and we’ll be sure to get back to you when time permits.

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Final Fantasy VII Now Available for Windows PC on Steam

It might not be a high-definition remake, it might not be on a PlayStation, but you can play Final Fantasy VII’s PC re-release starting today thanks to Steam. It has considerably better looking 3D models than the original PlayStation version, though the backgrounds may appear a little washed out, since they were created for smaller resolutions. FF7 is the game that gave birth to Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockheart, and of course Vincent Valentine, characters that had such an impact on gaming and those who played FF7 that they are now forever engraved into the industry and still make their presence known now and again.

FF7 is also an epic tale in which the world just might end, the military-industrial complex rules the planet thanks to a corrupt and complacent government, and the ladies need a real hero who isn’t blinded by rage or greed. Step up to the plate and see what Square Enix is perhaps best known for today on Steam for only $12 (more info: click HERE).

Those scared of paying for what they already own, fear not. This release includes 36 Steam Achievements, Cloud-save file management, and an Easy mode for those who are scared to grind it out in the world’s most famous JRPG of all time (though we recommend playing it the way it’s meant to be played).

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Yes, the Square Enix President is Stepping Down… And It’s Your Fault

Yesterday many people reacted to the somber news that the President of Square Enix Yoichi Wada will be stepping down as acting President in the company since the year 2000. Some reacted to this with confusion, they weren’t sure who Wada is or why this was happening and wondered if it meant Square Enix would go broke soon. Others saw it purely as something to laugh at, first EA’s Richotella stepping down just a few days prior and now Square Enix was seeing the resignation of their president. Perhaps some gamers even saw this as a way for highly ranking executives to either A) cut-and-run for damages they did to the industry through what many gamers considered to be malicious publishing practices or B) somehow stage a revolution of sorts by walking out on the company that would do such things. The reality is none of these are truly the perspective we should be focused on, what really went wrong gamers?

Final Fantasy XIII is just three words (say it with me now, ‘thirteen’). But three words that stay in gamers’ mouths and continue to make a bad stink for Square Enix and one of the largest and most passionate RPG fanbases in the world. Even worse, let’s mention ‘thirteen dash’ also known as Final Fantasy XIII-2 or Lightning Returns. These titles are loved by some, and yet they are viewed by many long-term gamers as marks against the record of grace Square Enix and Wada have enjoyed together since his corporate control of the company over the past 13 years. When fans began to feel desperate with their disgust in Final Fantasy XIII’s lack of towns, lack of open-world environments, lack of most next-gen features, they were not able to accept that amazing graphics and a unique new universe with each major installment was enough for Final Fantasy.

Suddenly, fans wanted the old Final Fantasy back. Demands for remakes began to flood Square Enix repeatedly, and although all of their classics are revered as the best by some niche amounts of players, the great majority of these demands all agreed that a Final Fantasy VII would cure all bad fan to developer relations they had perceived as taking place by the subjective disappointment of about half the crowd (or more) that bought Final Fantasy XIII. Putting aside for a moment the fact that Final Fantasy’s most exciting prospect is its concept of reinvention and brand new ideas and universes being introduced with each title.

In Final Fantasy VI we saw the Super Nintendo turn into a storytelling machine that defeated VHS players for depth, soul, and raw emotion with some of the most powerful plot elements and themes ever created. The game’s successor Final Fantasy VII was released to the PlayStation system later down the line and even though these two games have absolutely zero crossover characters, storylines, or plot themes Final Fantasy VII managed to achieve equal or even greater success in terms of art (which was also followed by a huge success in terms of business and sales).

Maybe fans are right, and the Final Fantasy series has taken a turn for the worst. But this isn’t all about Final Fantasy. As Square Enix grew into itself being a major publisher in the western industry they knew Final Fantasy was not the only thing we needed from them. The company began to scoop up companies that were either going under or struggling, even just looking for a new business partner, to release new iterations to strongly revered western IP’s with.

Tomb Raider and Hitman: Absolution are two titles that fans clamored for, much like how FF fans demand FF7 (FFVII) remakes, fans have been dying to see these franchises see a next-generation rebirth as well as play the classics in HD. Square Enix made both of these things possible for Tomb Raider and Hitman developers to deliver with the release of Tomb Raider Trilogy (in High Def) and Hitman Trilogy HD which served as fan service leading up to the release of the Hitman: Absolution and 2013’s Tomb Raider.

Despite giving fans of both the Hitman and Tomb Raider franchises exactly what they wanted, not to mention bringing back Deus Ex before all of this, Square Enix was met with less sales than expected for Tomb Raider’s 2013 entry and the Hitman: Absolution title. Whether the corporation set their goals way too high for a globally downturning economy or not, we aren’t sure. But one thing we know is this. If fans continue to demand rehashes and remakes of the same old IP’s, franchises, and even demand remakes for a particular title (Examples: Socom II, Final Fantasy VII) only to turn around and not heavily invest in these products makes us want to cut the games right here and call their bluff.

Stop. Stop asking for remakes of games. Reminiscing about the good old days is something we all love to do, and should be encouraged. Fantasizing about remakes and trashing newly released product is counter-productive. The statistics are trying to tell us that even though a few hundred thousand forum members and blog contributors try to represent the entire population of millions of gamers by demanding remakes and hyper-criticizing every move a company as large as Square Enix makes, when push comes to shove they are not (and do not represent) the main buyers of games and do not back up their words with their dollars.

If you are one of the gamers that has been demanding a new Hitman, demanding a Hitman HD Remake, you got both. If you are one of those gamers that has been itching for a new Tomb Raider, scratching for more Tomb Raider remakes, all of your dreams just came true. Except you had the wrong dream, you’re bored of the same old IP’s and you should have demanded innovation and new experiences instead of trying to relive the past which was golden and perfect in its moment. I’m all for Retro games, I still play from time to time. However, there’s no recreating that first moment, and not all games age well.

Unfortunately the big picture is this industry’s obsession with retro-fitting every game from the past into the new production formulas of today should be as shunned as it is in the Film industry. If a company wants to set out to do the best remake they can make, we should encourage them to keep in mind that we need new content as well. And if a company releases new content, buy it. The mass extinction of good ideas is a result of poor support from those who claim to live for the innovation of this industry but are much more focused on their Platinum trophies and Gamerscore. If you are one of these gamers, it’s your fault that the President of Square Enix is stepping down.

As gamers we all need to take a deep breath and stop putting more strain than is already on the developer to publisher relationship by making selfish demands the community as a whole doesn’t need and won’t financially support.

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You Know You Were Thinking It! Part 2

Welcome back to You Know You Were Thinking It! a series from Deon Lofton of RealGamerNewz.com where Deon will be exposing those hidden thoughts that are in the back of every gamer’s mind.

1. Is camping really the future of First Person Shooters? I hope not.

2. Duke Nukem? Who? Remind me who that is again? (Here’s a video  for those of you who may be a little young for this one.)


3. Ever wonder what’s really on Link’s mind as he is roaming through the forest?…………. It’s probably not what you think (hint, hint).

4. We all have played a game that was very difficult. For me, that game was Final Fantasy 7.  I am still stuck in the factory, 15 years later – talk about difficult.


5. What’s up with these video game system intial startup times? First the beep (on PS3), then the noise of the fan (on Xbox 360), then the logo. I mean, you can practically make a cup of coffee before the system finishes loading – just saying. Here’s to hoping the next generation will be faster!

6. So, who won the battle? Battlefield 3 or Call Of Duty? The numbers speak for themselves.

7. I see Fat Princess is still eating that cake! She can’t get enough.

8. Ok I mentioned him before but, didn’t Dom from the Gears of War series deserve to live? I mean, his wife was tormented by the Locust – woudn’t that be enough? I can see it now, a Gears of War spin- off featuring Dom as the main Character! But it’s probably just wishful thinking on my part, I guess.

9. Who’s really going to win the battle? Street Fighter or Tekken? I Guess we will have to wait and see.

10. Do boobs really help sell a game? I think so. We will probably find out when we see how well Soul Calibur V does.

11. With all the fighting games were seeing this year, one has to wonder, where is Virtua Fighter 6?

12. Speaking of fighting, where is Battle Arena Toshinden? Sophia’s whip will put Ivy under submission.

13. CJ has been away from the scene for a long time. He’s probably hanging  out with his crew underground. He was the best GTA character right up there next to Luis Lopez.

 You Know You Were Thinking It!

Want More? Check out Part One if you missed it.

Editor’s Note: RealGamerNewZ has moved web servers, some older posts can no longer be commented on and have been preserved without their images. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. This article was written by Deon Lofton on 20120219 and was last modified on 20120219 .