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Shenmue 3 “The Story Goes On…”; A Real Chance For Shenmue 3’s Production Emerges

That’s what the cliffhanger ending of Shenmue 2 said anyways, so what happened? What’s the rest of the story?

It looks like we might actually get to find out, as there may very well be a Shenmue 3 in the works, but it needs your help.

On Tuesday, December 3rd there’s going to be a Tweetathon (possibly the most important one for this game yet), using the established hashtag #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense. The point of this is to let them know just how badly this sequel is wanted, so let your voice be heard. Sega still owns the Shenmue license, but Yu Suzuki has said that he can obtain the license back, and when asked if he would consider working with a Western publisher if they would fund Shenmue 3, Yu replied “If we’re given the freedom to make what we want, it doesn’t matter where the company is from. I would take my family and move to the states.”

Besides all of this, there has been a lot of talk, whispers, and hopeful thinking. Especially after Suzuki was photographed at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco alongside Mark Cerny, the lead architect of the PS4. According to the general manager of the GDC Meggan Scavio, who tweeted the picture, they were “talking strategy for Shenmue III. For real guys.” This was never officially confirmed or denied, but they were definitely talking about something.

Gio Corsi – head of Sony’s new Third Party Productions team – asked gamers to let him know which third party games they’d like to see on Sony platforms and Adam Boyes said that this was one of the most requested games amongst the ten thousand tweets and forum posts that they’d received. They had also previously stated that  they would first pursue the most requested games, so that definitely also generated a lot of hype for this sequel as well, especially knowing that Sega went on record in a 2010 issue of Famitsu saying that they would trade exclusivity for Shenmue funding.

Yu Suzuki holds this series very dear to his heart and I know a lot of fans do as well. It seems like we might genuinely have a chance of getting some closure on this series and some clarity as to what happens next in it after the cliffhanger ending of the second game. So Tuesday, December 3rd remember to hop on Twitter and use the hash tag #GiveYuTheShenmueLicense. Personally, I’d say to use directly on Adam Boyes and Shuhei Yoshida twitter feeds because they always seem to listen and realistically Sony is probably the best chance this series has for a rival right now. There are already over a hundred thousand news feeds on Twitter that are guaranteed to receive a message from Shenmue supporters this Tuesday, and that’s before re-tweeting even begins, so blow ’em up, let your voices be heard!

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