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Onechanbara Z2: Chaos PS4 Review – A So-So Zombie Slayer

The zombies are once again threatening to destroy the world and the two pairs of sisters from the ancient Vampiric and Baneful clans have to team up in order to stop them. That’s the basic premise for Onechanbara Z2: Chaos, the latest title in the long-running hack-and-slash series. Originally released in Japan late last year, Z2 has now made its way to the West thanks to publisher XSEED. But did they do us a favor, or should they have not even bothered? Maybe.

For the first time ever in the series, players are able to command 4 characters, each with their own unique weapons and abilities. Combat is simple enough, hit the square button for light attacks, triangle for heavy and circle to use your sub weapon in order to take the fight to the zombie horde.

 Slice n Dice!

Action in Z2 is a fast paced visual treat, as you slice your way through hordes of zombies, pulling off aerial and ground attacks while racking up your combo count. Each lady has their own unique combos, and being able to switch between them on the fly adds much needed variety to your attacks, while allowing you to extend your combos even further. The real highlight of the game’s combat though, is when you’re in control of all four women at once. Everything on screen is pure chaos (No pun intended), as you unleash multiple combos alongside some annoyingly catchy electronica music. Thankfully the frame-rate manages to stay consistent even during the game’s more chaotic moments.

Swords and chainsaws aren’t the only way to handle the opposition. The bikini wearing samurais also utilize Ecstasy Combinations (I’m serious), special attacks that can be performed — once the gauge is filled, to clear out multiple enemies at once. They aren’t that cool or exciting to look at but are required when fighting certain enemies who are otherwise invulnerable to normal attacks and are good for defeating large groups faster. Completely filling up the Dare/Xtasy Drive with the blood of the undead, will allow the protagonists to take on demonic forms. They attack faster, deal more damage and sport outfits that don’t leave much to the imagination.

Interesting attire you got there ladies.

Killing enemies earns yellow orbs, which can be used to upgrade weapons, purchase new combos etc. Sadly it seems like a rather unnecessary feature, since one can go through most of the game executing the same default combo attacks to emerge victorious. It doesn’t help when the entire game isn’t very challenging. Mowing down countless enemies is fun but getting your ass handed to you can be as well. Finding yourself on the verge of defeat, only to pull off an amazing comeback is one of the best feelings there is when playing an action game. Onechanbara doesn’t feature moments like that, at least not on the medium difficulty (The Harder modes are locked), which is why I went through most of the game without upgrading anything. I only started using it later on for review purposes.

Graphically the game is a mixed bag. It is obvious more detail went into the main characters and their assets and attire than the game’s environments. Each locale looks like something straight out of an old PS3 game, with their boring textures and mediocre designs.

It doesn’t take long before the game becomes a tedious affair. A majority of the missions ultimately play out the same way; advance forward and fight, move forward again, fight some more, occasionally watch a quick cutscene, then rinse and repeat until you’ve come face to face with the stage’s final Boss.

Speaking of Boss battles, they don’t add much excitement to the experience. The often larger than life enemies absorb and deal more damage than their smaller counterparts but aren’t very challenging in the end. These fights boil down to hacking away at the Boss’ health until it is time to trigger a QTK (Quick Time Kill), which is basically this game’s version of a quick time event. Instead of hitting the face buttons, QTKs are performed by swiping along the dualshock 4’s touchpad but is neither fun to watch or partake in. Normally Boss battles help enhance the combat experience in action games, Z2’s only serve to hamper it.

 Don’t be fooled by his menacing size, dude’s a cakewalk!

Story mode isn’t a lengthy one despite featuring 16 levels to play through. It took me a little over three hours to finish it, with many its levels only lasting several minutes. Once you’ve beaten it, you can take a crack at the game again on higher difficulty levels, though there isn’t enough incentive to do so. The plot is rather boring and not worth keeping track of, especially when the protagonists spend most of the time cursing at one another and spewing out poorly written dialogue.

Mission mode gives players specific goals to complete, as they fight countless enemies on the same levels from the game’s story mode. Completing them require more than just cutting your way through the zombies they way you did in story mode. Each mission will feature a certain requirement players will have to meet in order for the kills to matter, for example only kills from ecstasy combos will register towards your kill count. This results in encounters feeling somewhat different than in story mode but it isn’t enough to keep the action from quickly becoming repetitive.

Final Verdict: Onechanbara Z2: Chaos is a so-so action title, thanks to its stylish, combat. Unfortunately the lack of a real challenge, repetitive mission design, and uninteresting story keep it from being great. There are much better action games on the market. This one is a rental at best but if you skip it altogether, it isn’t a major loss.

Official Trailer:


Overall Score: 6.5/10

Developer: Marvelous

Publisher: XSEED Games

Played on: Sony PlayStation 4

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this review.

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PAX East 2014: Hack N Slash – Steam Early Access Trailer [HD 1080P]

The Early Access Trailer for Hack N Slash by Double Fine is presented below in Full 1080P High Definition. This game is expected to release in the next few weeks according to Double Fine who develop both indie and high-level productions.

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Divinity: Original Sin – Steam Early Access Trailer [HD 1080P]

The Steam Early Access Trailer for newly available hack-n-slash game Divinity: Original Sin is presented below in Full 1080P High Definition.


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GDC 2013: RPG Pylon Gets 17 Minute Gameplay Video

Upcoming Hack N Slash RPG Pylon developed by QuantumSquid is featured in the following 17 minute gameplay video. You can expect the title to release Summer of 2013 on the Apple iOS device family.

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Impire Review

Throughout this weekend I’ve spent a number of hours on one of Paradox Interactive’s new games, Impire. For those who don’t know, Impire is a dungeon-building RTS where the player takes on the role of “Baal-Abaddon”, a demon from the pit. Summoned by an incompetent warlock, you are tasked to aid in his dreams of revenge and the destruction of Ardania, the kingdom you have been summoned to. Firstly, I’ll start off with saying I have watched/read other reviews which were very critical about Impire; before I played the game. So I started out playing this game with a bad bias already in mind.

At the start, the other reviews seemed to have nailed describing the game; I found it annoying, difficult and frustrating to get to grips with Impire. However, before giving up I decided to throw a couple more hours into the game to make sure I wasn’t just repetiting other critics. What I found was that Impire, as with many other Paradox games, has a surprisingly long learning curve. The longer I played the more I found that many of the complaints other reviewers had were resolved by spending more hours in-game. I’m not saying that Impire is perfect, but Paradox Interactive tends to make the player have to commit and really work out their games.

Starting up the first level in campaign, I was reassured to find that the in-game graphics were fairly good. The dark, torch lit corridors and rooms give a really good vibe that draws you into the game. Also, every single room has incredible detail and a lot of work put into it. While I know that some people had issues with the pre-set rooms and not being able to customize them, I didn’t really find this a problem as every room had had a lot of work put into it and in the end was just well done.

Although the in-game graphics were good the campaign cinmatics aren’t up to scratch. There were a lot of rough edges that reminded me of a warcraft 3 cinematic except that the characters in Impire can’t seem to open their mouths.     This could have definitly been better as the animations for the units in-game are very polished. The unit animations were generally quite good and the combat effects were great to watch. Also the dialogue and unit speech is pretty amusing all throughout the game as Impire takes a very cynical and sarcastic view on itself and pull jokes all the time.

A problem a lot of people had with this game was the A.I which directly ties in with the squad mechanics. In Impire, the players’ main control over their units is through squads. Squads are comprised out of 4 units and lets the player to quickly teleport and command these squads to where they are needed most. However, there is the catch that the player can only create a maximum of 5 squads which left any other units created after that to “wonder” (more like stand still) by themselves. The issue many people have with the A.I is that the level of micro-management is incredible, they have to always direct units to attack something otherwise the units just stand still doing nothing. This, coupled with the ladders, made it extremely annoying to handle. Ladders are a game mechanic which caused a lot of grief by allowing alternative entrances into the dungeon other than the main entry. If they were not destoryed fast enough they let “heroes” invade from several areas at once. This caused a lot of frustration because it became a mad rush to teleport squads around your dungeon in an attempt to defend it.

The amount of complaints that units don’t patrol or don’t do anything from reviewers and gamers alike is amoung the top issues with the game. While messing around in the squad menu I was lucky enough to stumble upon an option menu which let me set squads on patrols, guard duty or to follow Baal. This resolves so many issues with the game play that is astonishing that it isn’t covered in the tutorial. By selecting the patrol option squads will roam your dungeon attacking any intruders and destorying any ladders they happen across.Without knowing the patrol option for squads, the game was basically you having to drop everything at the first sound of enemies or ladders. Even though you can only have a max of 5 squads they can easily defend your dungeon when they are constantly patrolling.

Right now the skirmish/multiplayer is limited because 1) multiplayer is still in beta and 2) skirmish doesn’t have any enemy A.I. It’s pretty baffling to have a fully released game which has multiplayer still in beta and no A.I for skirmish. However the Cyanide dev team is hard at work in improving the multiplayer stability and have been throwing out patches since the games’ launch. While I think this should have been addressed before the game was released, it’s reassuring to see the dev team constantly updating Impire.

Resource management in this game takes a little getting used to. While you can constantly collect food from the Mushroom chamber, if you want to expand your army (unlock the 5 squads/better units) you need to get tressure and materials. To get these other 2 resources you need to send squads to raid areas on the world map. This is essentially how you collect the other resources (although you can get them by killing heroes) and so you need to find a balance between sending out raids and keeping squads behind to defend your base. I’m pretty neutral about the resource system, I like the idea of raiding nearby towns and farms for your resources but for me there isn’t enough interaction or effect for raiding them other than a cooldown timer. I think there could have been a lot more done with it, for example the more you raid the more heroes get attracted to your dungeon, or maybe even let you take over the towns as resource generators until it’s taken back.

Overall I think that Impire has a lot of potential. There have been a lot of issues with the game and I agree that this game could be so much more. While there is definitly room for improvement, keep in mind the dev team has been constantly putting up patches to fix bugs and expand the game. The Cyanide team is really listening to the players feedback and I think Impire has a bright future. While things can definitly be expanded on, such as the world map, this game has a lot of good ideas and gameplay which will hopefully push it forward; once the multiplayer is stable there will be plenty of fun in crushing other players and proving yourself the ultimate dungeon master.

If you think you may enjoy this game check out the Impire Demo.


Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review Copy Info: RealGamerNewz.com received an Impire review code from the publisher Paradox Entertainment for the purposes of the single and multiplayer sections of this review.

Available On: Steam | Paradox Plaza Web Shop

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Paradox Releases Dungeonland DLC and In-Depth Gameplay Videos

Paradox Interactive has made available the Grimoire Pack DLC for just $2.99 expanding one of the most colorful and unique Hack-n-Slash Action RPG’s out there. Dungeonland also received some in-depth gameplay videos complete with voiceover narrating. The full game and DLC is available now on Windows PC. Check them out below:

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