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Hyper X Cloud II Gaming Headset Releasing Early Next Month

If you are in need of a new quality gaming headset or looking to purchase your very first, then you may want to consider Kingston Technology’s next entry. The Hyper X Cloud II Gaming Headset will release on February 9, 2015. It will be compatible with PlayStation 4, PC, Mobile devices and Xbox One (Requires the X1 Stereo Adapter). The soon to be released headset touts 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound, a detachable microphone with noise and echo cancelling capabilities and more.

  • USB Audio Sound Card with 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound
  • 53mm Drivers Neodymium Magnets
  • Noise Cancelling Microphone via Inline Sound Card
  • Echo Cancelling via Inline Sound Card
  • 15-25kKhz Frequency Response
  • Memory foam ear pads with extra set of Velour ear pads and Detachable Microphone
  • TeamSpeak Certified – Voice Chat Optimized
  • Compatibility – USB 7.1 Connectivity for PC & Mac. Stereo compatible with PS4, Xbox One (Xbox One Stereo Adapter Required, not included), Mobile
  • Two Colors – Gun Metal and Red

The who pre-order the headset through Amazon, will not only get it for the discounted price of $99.99 (Regularly $149) but also a free 16GB USB Drive.


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PDP Afterglow Kral Wireless PS4 Headset Review

The Afterglow Kral Wireless Headset for PS4, is the latest in gaming accessories from company, PDP. With countless gaming headsets out on the market, does the Kral deliver, or does it fail to set itself apart from the crowd?

The Kral’s has an appealing look and comfortable design. Its plush, polyurethane ear pads, fit wonderfully and feel really nice. Thankfully the headband features the same soft material underneath it, to keep from cutting into the top of your head. For those with bigger/wider heads than mine, it can be adjusted to accommodate for your size. The headset features transparent lenses on the outside of the ear pads, which allows you to see the circuit boards within. Its not a game changer but if you care for something like that, then it is pretty cool to see the inner workings of your device. Another cool feature is the bright blue LED light, that not only looks great but also acts as an indicator for the headset’s different statuses or modes.

All interactions with the Kral will be done on the left ear pad, thanks to the wise decision to place each button and port in one area. Don’t worry, they are properly spaced from one another, so you won’t end up accidentally hitting the mute button when you really want to change the volume. One minor gripe I have, is with its retractable microphone. While it is flexible, works amazingly for voice chat and is easy to take out when ready for use, putting it back in takes a little more effort than it should. Like I said, it is only a minor gripe and doesn’t hurt the overall experience with the headset. Ultimately, it is still a brilliantly designed product.

Setting up on the PS4 is a breeze. Just plug in the wireless transmitter to one of the PS4’s USB ports, turn on the headset and you are good to go. No need to go through the trouble of syncing the transmitter with the Kral, as they’ve saved you trouble packaging them already synced. If you do happen to come across any issues, then the detailed instruction manual will be of great help. Having used wired devices in the past, it is refreshing to go wireless this time around. No need to worry about tangled cords getting in the way and you have more freedom to move around. Speaking of moving around, the wireless transmitter’s range is an incredible 100 feet, meaning you can keep the headset on as you run to downstairs to answer the door, or whatever else you need to do. You’ll be pleased to know that I have yet to encounter any interference, while being far away.

All of the aforementioned wouldn’t matter, if the headset’s audio quality wasn’t up to par. PDP set out to deliver a product that allowed gamers, to hear the games as the developers intended and boy did they deliver. On top of providing crystal clear audio, for the sounds you normally hear, you’ll also notice every little nuance that would have otherwise been missed. From the soft footsteps of your gaming protagonist to the plane flying off in the distance and more. It really adds to the experience, making any game — with a great sound design, more enjoyable than before. Action games feel more action packed, and horror games are, well… more horrifying. I mean seriously, it feels like that creepy voice in the dark is actually behind you, breathing in your ear, taunting you. It’s unnerving and I love it. The headset also does a great job of balancing out the in-game audio with the audio of your fellow players when using game chat. If you don’t find it balanced enough, you can always adjust the settings to find the perfect set up for you.

The Kral features a second audio mode for those of you, like myself, who love a lot of bass in their life. The Bass Boost mode does exactly what the name implies, its amplifies the low end frequency, giving that extra kick to any scenario. Explosions have much more of an impact than ever before. Scoring a head shot in Sniper Elite III, literally made my jaw drop due to how powerful it felt. It is also a great for listening to music with a lot of bass and movies with action heavy scenes and particular scores. Opinions will differ but personally, this is by far my favorite way to utilize the headset and I don’t even bother using the excellent default mode. It is amazing how PDP managed to keep the enhanced bass frequency from compromising the clean audio. If you want more depth to your audio experience, then this is the mode and headset for you.

I’m all about that Bass, bout that Bass!

While this is marketed as PlayStation 4 headset, this bad boy is also compatible with PC and mobile devices. Setting up via the USB transmitter on my laptop, was just as easy as on my PS4. The process wasn’t instant, but it only took around two minutes, so it wasn’t an issue. For a quicker set up, you can connect the headset with the included 3.5 mm audio cable but I would only recommend doing so, if you are unfortunate enough to lose your transmitter. The audio quality is still great, but you won’t be able to use the Bass Boost mode while wired, not to mention you lose the advantage of going wireless. Still it is great to have the option. You can also go wired with your smartphone and listen to music, watch videos, game, whatever your vice, with the same crystal clear quality. The microphone still works as well, so if you want to have a phone conversation of any kind, you can.

The battery life is absolutely impressive, it really does last up to 10 hours as it claims on the box, if not a little longer. Playing games, watching videos, listening to music and chatting on Skype over the course of two days before finally hearing the little audio beep that signals it is time to charge, surprised the hell out of me. The battery itself is rechargeable via the 6-foot play and charge cable. As the name suggest users will be able to charge the headset while you game, listen to music and so forth, so you do’t have to worry about any interruptions.

Final Verdict:

The Afterglow Kral is a beast of a headset, comfortable, featuring a great design and outstanding audio. It greatly benefits from being a wireless device but PDP were kind enough to include the option to go wired as well. The fact that it works for multiple devices and is easy to set up is an added plus. I can’t praise the Bass Boost audio mode enough. Though it is priced a bit high ($100), it is very much worth it and any PS4PC owner looking to pick up a headset should definitely purchase it. It is the best gaming headset I’ve had the pleasure of using.

Overall Score: 10/10

RGN Rating: Diamond

Manufacturer: PDP

Available: Now

Price: $99.99

Review Product info: This headset was provided to RealGamerNewz by the manufacturer for the purpose of this review. 

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Turtle Beach Will Manufacture Headsets For Microsoft XO

Turtle Beach announced yesterday that they will be manufacturing headsets for the Microsoft XO (Xbox ONE). Here is what they said,

“In Turtle Beach we have a partner that can help Microsoft deliver world class gaming audio experiences to our customers,” said Turtle Beach’s director of strategic alliances Branden Powell. “Turtle Beach has consistently innovated in wireless, surround sound, and other features and we are looking forward to working with them.”

This is significant in a couple of ways. One, we’ve received confirmation from Microsoft that the company will not be packing in a Communicator headset in with the Xbox One, as it did with the Xbox 360 (this is presumably because the unit comes with a next-generation Kinect sensor bar in the box). So, any Xbox One owners who want a headset for online multiplayer will have to be out shopping for an aftermarket headset — making this a potentially much more lucrative market for Turtle Beach than the 360 was.

Secondly, Microsoft told Game Informer that the new Xbox controller features a “high speed data port” which will allow for new peripherals to be used — including stereo headsets — through the controller. Let’s hope Turtle Beach is looking at that functionality.

[Source: GameInformer Magazine]

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