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Heroes of the Storm – NOOB League Adventures Episode #0 (Closed Beta Gameplay)

In this preliminary episode of HotS NOOB League Adventures (or HotS NOOB for short) I show off just exactly how bad I am at the game before becoming trained by my team of elite Sensei (先生) and push through later episodes while also speaking on a couple of known issues with the Closed Beta of Heroes of the Storm. Namely, the ability for players to Ping each other way too often and inability for anybody to adjust the volume on it. In my personal opinion, the Ping Needs A Mute Button or at least an independent volume slider. A quick look at the Blizzard forums shows I’m not the only one who thinks so, and I go into detail talking about both sides of the argument and where I think Blizzard can find a nice middle ground.

There’s also the issue of getting locked into the wrong region if you’re not careful entering those pesky Beta Keys, so you might want to check out that PSA delivered in this video by yours truly in which I explain how it happened to me and why I now have two accounts and had to start all over again from scratch. Tough adventures for a NOOB even from the starting point, but hey – challenges don’t make or break you if you use them to become stronger. More NOOB League coming soon!!!

Closed Beta Gameplay w/ Commentary:

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