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Frozen Hearth Post-Mortem Review

Frozen Hearth is a real time strategy game available right now on Steam with a unique story-line that gives way to original gameplay mechanics and a diverse set of units which are controlled by the player in addition to a main hero style character that is customized to some extent based on the player’s play-style. Structure building has been simplified quite a bit to keep the player’s focus on the battle at hand and so sub-structures are built and replaced as attachments to the home base rather than freestyle bases being built across empty lands.

In Frozen Hearth, the campaign can either be played single player or with two player co-operative settings seeing both players completely involved as opposed to previous attempts at this in the genre by other titles. Graphics are a decently strong point for the game, and although many have already gotten their hands on this title there’s been some question as to how exactly this title’s detailed mechanics work.

Controlling your troops is problematic and even simple tasks are confusing for no reason. Units seem like they do not know where to go or what to do and players have to tell them over and over again, this can be game breaking at times. When playing the campaign, some of the earlier missions can serve as a more well put together experience, but that just shows how boring the title really is. Take a look below and see for yourself.

With so much ambition and so many good ideas put forward in Frozen Hearth, it saddens me that none of them actually work out. This game tries to take some of the best elements of the RTS and MOBA genres and combine them into something brave, new, and exciting but ends up being confusing, dull, and ultimately disappointing.

This game seems to be geared more towards multiplayer which I was looking forward to playing, unfortunately that never happened. Despite having several friends with the game and some of us even meeting up with the development team online for play, we have thus far been unable to get into a match that doesn’t lag out uncontrollably. There also seem to be no servers being hosted at this time, which is a definite shame. That being said, a group of friends grabbing the title together with LAN in mind can probably still have a great time.

The developers behind Frozen Hearth are still to this day putting work into patching things like this and these hiccups may eventually be addressed with kinks like multiplayer lag being ironed out over time. As it stands though, a large portion of the gameplay is left behind and that really hurts the recommendation of this title. Of course, the Instant Action mode is still a viable option for those looking to have more of a skirmish experience in the game.

Final Verdict:

Unfortunately the game’s cluttered and stale interface and how the experience just isn’t where it needs to be are all that comes across to most players of this title. Our team put it in the hands of more than one reviewer and ultimately the responsibility was handed to me. To deliver on the potential of the story-line and gameplay designs selected by the developer, a better color palette, better control scheme, better artificial intelligence, better voice acting, and better writing would be needed.

Some sort of community-driven online service is also badly needed to allow players to meet up easily and quickly without worry over lag or disconnect needs to become part of Frozen Hearth’s main core if the multiplayer is to be truly appreciated by the mass public. Beyond that, many troubling issues exist still within the gameplay itself including the inability to effectively rely on well planned commands to be followed out properly by the player’s troops.

That being said, Epiphany Games is incredibly ambitious and has their hands in many technologies. The Australian-based development studio continues to roll out patches for this title and has been laying the programming foundation for tools that will likely make a big splash in their next title drastically transforming the level of quality they are able to output. Frozen Hearth cannot be recommended in its current state but can stand as a learning experience for Epiphany and a benchmark of some of their more experimental ideas in the real time strategy genre.

Official Trailer:

Official Score: 4.5/10

RGN Rating: Below Bronze

Developer: Epiphany Games

Publisher: Immanitas Entertainment

Available On: Windows PC

Review Copy Info: Four digital copies of the game was provided to RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this review.

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