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iPhone 6 May Release Sooner Than You Think

If you thought that Apple would release an iPhone 5S and wait another year before even daring to mention the words “iPhone” and “six” in the same sentence, think again. Major finance and consumer publication International Business Times reports today reveal that word around the campfire in insider circles points to the iPhone 6 being prepped for surprise release this Summer 2013 in addition to the release of a less-intense iPhone 5S.

Reasoning behind Apple’s motivation for dropping the new phone ahead of expectation is rationalized and includes a shift from Apple’s current naming system to a new, uniform way of identifying the 3 main iOS devices; iPad 5, iPhone 5, iPod 5 (and soon iPhone 6). This is to help consumers differentiate which specs they should expect with each forthcoming hardware release.

More reasons why Apple would do this continue to include investor relations, consumer demand, bottom line, and even to bring some of the design work inspired and created by Steve Jobs himself to the marketplace.

These reports also seem to line up quite interestingly with a leak that occurred the other night from a former Apple employee who urged that his own advice to the company for years was to drop the “S” naming scheme. If IBT’s intel is correct on this one, it would seem Apple has instead opted to have their cake and eat it too, by releasing the expected iPhone 5S catering to their fanbase while also testing the new naming conventions with the release of a beefier, presumably ‘better’ iPhone 6 at the same time.

RealGamerNewz has reached out to Apple for comment on this matter and at the mean time will file this in the rumors section.

[Source: International Business Times]

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