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Xbox Scorpio – Knowledge Is Power

Microsoft has packed everything they can into a new Xbox designed for ultimate performance on the latest 4K HDR Smart TVs with no input lag for gaming on 4K HDR modes (see websites like rtings.com for lists of compatible TVs and the latest deals). Xbox Scorpio was originally announced as a power-house machine that will dramatically push the Xbox console specs and gaming performance as well as further progress the ubiquity of Microsoft’s approach to Xbox Anywhere, Xbox Early Access, Xbox 360 / Xbox One backwards-compatibility, and other new digital ways to play games at high level.

Performance is where Xbox Scorpio focuses, but is not the only place the system lands. It also finds time to provide the luxury features to make the new Xbox more durable.

  • Liquid Cooling with Silent Super-Speed Fan designed together for Vacuum Cooling.
  • Digital Voltage Regulator. Minimal Power Consumption and Built-In Power Protection.
  • 1TB 2.5″ HDD, UHD Blu-Ray + Blu-Ray + DVD Combo Drive, 12GB GDDR5X (326GBps).
  • 8 “custom-x86 cores” @ 2.3GHZ Each, 40 Radeon “compute units” @ 1172MHZ

The Xbox Scorpio’s goal is to provide a uniform experience in upgraded performance for all Xbox games including existing Xbox One and Xbox 360 games, without the need for a patch. This is made possible by providing a generational leap in hardware between each unit. By blurring the line between a revision and a totally next-gen hardware, Microsoft has made a machine powerful enough to simply render the entire Xbox dashboard environment at a 4K HDR resolution and sample games up from 900P, 1080P, 1440P, and etc. into one standard resolution in which performance can be maximized using existing code without the need for patches and updates. We await the unit’s release to evaluate the success of these claims, but analysts are pleased to see the specs of the Xbox Scorpio thus far in relation to these claims including experts such as Digital Foundry.

The Real Question: Native 4K?

There’s been a lot of buzz-words going around with the release of the PlayStation 4 Pro and announcement of the Xbox Scorpio pertaining to 4K Gaming on a console and while it’s exciting that these affordably priced machines (compared to mid-to-high-tier 4K PC Gaming rigs) are offering 4K visuals we have to set our expectations realistically. As it stands PC Gaming is still adapting 4K as a standard and currently running games in that resolution requires a lot of power. Forza Motorsport 7 is said to be running native 4K at 60 frames per second on the Xbox Scorpio in private, behind-closed-doors showings between Microsoft Studios and Digital Foundry – but will this translate to other games?

What the PlayStation 4 Pro was intended to produce for games is more similar to what the Xbox Scorpio explains itself as for existing games as well. That is, a uniform resolution boost – like running your old PC games on a better PC and Monitor a few years down the line. This is a way console gaming has learned from PC Gaming over the years. Xbox Scorpio may be able to even better perfect this concept, given the higher amount of processing power packed into every unit.

But the real question is, will the Xbox Scorpio really be able to pull off native 4K Gaming? It remains to be seen, but it’s the most powerful home console currently in plans and Microsoft has seemingly done everything possible to pack the punch the player needs – perhaps a risky move for a giant corporation to take, but one gamers will appreciate if it pays off big and wins the affection of the high-spending but niche and hardcore demographic.

Xbox One Vs Xbox Scorpio – Performance Breakdown

Xbox Scorpio performs around 4.5 times faster than Xbox One when rendering data for graphics and virtual game world environment simulations (notorious for requiring significant amounts of equations to be solved rapidly in succession). This is also significantly more powerful than Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro and begins to make a value proposition challenge to the realm of PC Gaming again – something we haven’t seen in a long time from consoles. It remains to be seen if Sony will later respond with another hardware update, and we know that NVIDIA is planning to launch a new line of graphics cards this year – so Xbox Scorpio certainly has no shortage of competition.

Price Predictions:

Xbox One should be expected to be replaced by Xbox One S as the Scorpio model hits the market. This will shift the pricing of the Xbox One S to be more in line with the holiday bundle deals seen for Xbox One during last winter. $249 – $299 for the Xbox One S with or without a game / special color and skin (depending on the current promotions going on at the time of each model’s release) is a safe expectation to have for the base hardware which will still be able to play all of the games that Xbox Scorpio leads development for – just not at the same performance level.

$499 would be an acceptable launch price for the first units of the Xbox Scorpio with a free game included, maybe a special color / skin, and once the unit has had time for mass production a bare bones model with no special color / skin and no game should be made available to gamers for $449 so that they may get into the luxury experience and begin buying tons of Microsoft’s software offerings in the Xbox Store. This particular suggestion may be in line with what Microsoft has planned, or it may not, but at this point I’m just voicing my own opinion on the price point for Xbox Scorpio – so take it as a grain of salt and be on the look out for official confirmation when Microsoft decides to tell us their plans.

Xbox Exclusives – The Final Puzzle Piece

If Microsoft expects the Xbox Scorpio to take off in the way that the gaming industry needs, 4K Gaming out of the box in high-spec at a low-price will mean nothing without heavy-hitting software to showcase its strength. There is a high likelihood that Microsoft Studios has been preparing for the Xbox Scorpio launch for quite some time, and has put aside enough surprise projects to shock the market with the launch of the HDR Xbox. Gamers expect E3 2017 to reveal the final puzzle piece to Xbox Scorpio’s offerings.

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Cooler Master Seidon 120V All In One Liquid CPU Cooler Video Review

Affordable all-in-one liquid cooling has been accomplished, it’s an amazing time we live in.

Recently my CPU Cooler died on me and was causing outrageous temperatures that would have surely ruined my machine had I not turned it off for over a week while waiting to raise capital, order the part, and get proper equipment to do the install with (I just needed rubbing alcohol and a Phillips head screwdriver, everything else needed was already included). Once the install was done and I was up and running again, I decided to review the new cooler I ended up purchasing over at GeekEssentials© which I hold the title of Partner at enjoyably since both of our brands work together great for some time now.

The Cooler Master Seidon 120V CPU Cooler is an all-in-one liquid cooled unit that sits on top of your processor. In the Review I speak about how to check your CPU cores and the temperature they are at for any given moment which may differ in accuracy depending on which version of Windows you are using as well as what brand of processor you have in your machine. Beyond that, I give an idea of what it’s like to install the part for anyone who is considering buying it, though you should seek better instructions once you actually make that purchase since this is a Review not a How-To video. Check the Video Review out below and if you end up wanting to know more about the tech industry beyond what we cover here on RealGamerNewz then be sure to subscribe to the GE channel.

Seidon 120V CPU Cooler Video Review:

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Beatz N’ Bitz Podcast Minisode #2 FGBG (For Gamers By Gamers)

Today on the second Minisode Beatz N’ Bitz Podcast Killzown and Jon Iro Editor-In-Chief at RealGamerNewz.com the future of The Beatz N’ Bitz Podcast. The Beatz N’ Bitz Network, Lil Wayne, Titanfall 2, and more. Check out the podcast below and then keep up with Killzown on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+,  Youtube as well as djkillzownjones.com.


Source – djkillzownjones.com 

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RGN Daily News #72: Destructive Shattering Action Right Around The Corner

A lot has gone down since the last episode of RGN Daily News, yes the Patriots won the Super Bowl and a lot of great gaming has been going on here at RGN HQ. We hope you’ve been getting it in as well with whatever genre or platforms you prefer at the moment. Shouts out to everyone who has made this possible, RealGamerNewz.com announced on February 3, 2015 that the website has achieved over 27,000 views in just the first 3 days of the month. This tremendous reaction to our content has not gone un-noticed, and we will continue to work hard until the goals of all readers are met and a standard of quality is achieved for those who follow and lead us to look over to in the industry. Now, onto the gaming news!

Take-Two Confirms Borderlands 3

Xbox One / PS4 Only ???

Just a month after Randy Pitchford confirmed the company was “ready to start” production on a new game in the franchise, Borderlands 3 has been confirmed. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners will get their own custom fitted Borderlands game according to new statements being made by Gearbox Software and Take-Two Interactive today who will also be bringing the originals to the next-gen platforms as well as their DLC packs in a bundle called Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. At this time we don’t know if the third entry in the series will appear or not on PS3 / 360 but so far this game is being touted as, at least according to PR statements, up to spec with what next-generation gamers expect out of a game. We assume that means 60 frames per second and slightly – moderately improved graphics as a minimum standard bar of entry.

New Just Cause 3 Screenshots

Perhaps the most exciting of this week’s announcements are the following glimpses at Just Cause 3 by development studio Avalanche Studios and publisher Square Enix, which PR statements claim won’t have micro-transactions and is designed to be a full experience without DLC required. Many have made that claim, but we’ll keep an open mind until we have reason to suspect otherwise with this. Originally, fans exploded in excitement as the reveal came in that the Just Cause franchise would make a return.

The vertical gameplay of the title has been expanded making an already large map seemingly even bigger, and new graphics face-lifts made possible by next-generation technology have been made to the game’s appearance. Now we have a bit more visual evidence to these teasers and claims. So far, things are looking great.

Excerpt from Official Press Release:

“it has been confirmed that the game will be set on a fictional Mediterranean island known as Medici with Rico Rodriguez set as the protagonist against the brutal control of dictator General Di Ravello”

Players can get their hands on Just Cause 3 some time this year on Windows PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4:

How Much Space Does Witcher 3 Take on PS4 ???

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt from the rigorously sturdy and virtuous video games development / publishing house CD Projekt RED with help from various publishing partners (including self-publishing as well as Warner Bros. distribution in North America on consoles) has been given a file size. On the Xbox One the file size is still unknown at this time, however, the PlayStation 4 version of the game will require a minimum of 50 Gigabytes to be downloaded and installed in full as confirmed by the PlayStation Store listing of the digital distribution version of the game. This game is set to be over 100 hours long, and is highly anticipated. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC worldwide May 19, 2015 and is available for pre-order.

To see The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in action, take a look at this early HD Gameplay Footage:

SOE Sold Off By Sony

A lot of friends have asked for my opinions on this, so here we go. Sony Online Entertainment was a fantastic company that always tried to bring their true visions to life. That being said, no one knows why things never quite struck the right cord. Myself, I’ve had numerous run-ins with SOE that were both great and not-so-great.

I have a huge amount of respect for the designers at the company who always tried new ideas and really put their heart into attempting to make each game that SOE released great and worthwhile for real gamers and hardcore fans alike. As many websites have probably said by now, we can only hope for the best as the company continues to live on in a new form. We surely want to see the potential of these designers reach its full form regardless of what that says about how poorly Sony may have done managing this team.

SOE has been sold to independence by Sony and Sony Online Entertainment is no more. The company has now been renamed to Daybreak Games Company and has also been purchased by a primary investor making it a privately held entity belonging to video games development / publishing company Columbus Nova – and now free of restraints from being associated directly with Sony.

So many questions remain as to what this will mean for the future. What’s going to happen with H1Z1? Is this all because of what happened with H1Z1 thus far, or was it already long in the works before that? What will Daybreak Games make next, a MOBA game like SMITE? They’ve said they would like to go multi-platform now that they can, and this means also working on Xbox One games. Could it be possible that Microsoft will finally start to allow decent MMO games to release on their console platforms? Or maybe Daybreak Games will make something totally different and new specifically geared towards the Xbox crowd, something that this development studio isn’t typically known for – just because they now have the freedom to do so. We don’t know the answers to these questions, but wish Daybreak Games well in whatever they decide to produce – we look forward to trying it out for ourselves when the appropriate time comes.

New Gameplay: Naruto SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4

So we came across some really low-quality, grainy footage of Naruto SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4 and figured Bandai Namco must be streaming the game again. Luckily, this Official Gameplay Footage of an Early Development Build was released by Bandai Namco Games to save us from the second-hand footage that you would have been seeing instead had they not dropped the bomb on us. For fans of official Naruto work, this is the latest so sink your teeth in.

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Nintendo Discontinues 3DS in Favor of Upcoming #New3DS , Wildly Popular 3DS XL , and Budget Model 2DS

Reports that have since been confirmed by Gamestop reps have come in that retailers are no longer listing stock for brand new models of the traditional Nintendo 3DS. These are well known to many YouTubers as the easiest 3DS handheld systems to get modded with built-in capture devices for creating great gameplay videos and livestreams. Now, that type of setup will be even more rare it seems, at least for the time being. Nintendo will not be updating stock with further shipments of the original 3DS model to retailers and instead will focus on rolling out the New3DS as well as selling off the remaining 3DS XL units while they are still popular, keeping 2DS alive for now so anybody low on cash can still jump into this great platform’s fun library. Those who demand a 3DS before this is all said and done, there is always the used market – better get online and buy one before this news spreads far and wide since Nintendo hardware doesn’t seem to drop in value too much these days.

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Final Fantasy III (New PC Version) Review

Final Fantasy III is a member of the classic retro series from the epic turn-based role playing game franchise beloved by many and affectionately known as FF. Square made the game back in 1990 for the Famicom (Japan’s name for what we called the Nintendo NES). This title never made it to the USA and instead the North American audience was given FF6 on SNES some years later with the moniker “Final Fantasy III”, so if you’re a bit confused that’s definitely forgivable. With so much age sprinkled on FF3 by this point in time, it’s understandable that even some of the most die hard FF fans will be unable to enjoy the original title as it was intended to be felt. Thankfully this game was remade for the Nintendo DS in 2006 and this is the big daddy, high-spec version of that game!

In Final Fantasy III, Luneth and his party of unlikely heroes are chosen to restore the order of the light after a close encounter with an intelligent light being manifested in the form of pure crystal. When light is lost, the equilibrium between darkness (or good and evil) will also be disturbed. Like an earthquake in the galaxy’s struggle between greatness and the shadows of death trying to resurface and re-purpose itself, the enemies faced in Final Fantasy III are part of a wider problem.

Cut-scenes with 3D models, facial expressions, and even body language are employed to retell the Nintendo NES title’s original story. The camera angles that are used in battle bring the title almost up to speed with games like the almighty popular Final Fantasy VII. FF3 Plays extremely straightforward and intuitively on the Xbox 360 controller or PS4 controller through the ControllerMAX Adapter. This new PC version is the perfect experience for anybody who missed out on playing this classic in its hey day or over the years.

Steam cloud saves come in handy for those with multiple machines, but the game also works perfectly offline. You don’t need to sign into a Square Enix account, so those who had trouble with SE’s admittedly clunky online DRM will be happy with this release. For our testing purposes, RealGamerNewz played without an Internet Connection and with full-screen turned on of course, to allow for full immersion in the role playing game experience. One of the most slept on FF soundtracks can be found here as well as the most praised job system in the series (a huge influence for FFV’s approach to job / class upgrade tree).

Luneth stands for courage, and Arc stands for kindness. These two main characters are basically opposites who come together in a quest to stop Xande and the Cloud of Darkness which are major figures in the war between good and evil (or light and dark, if you will). Modern physics shows that dark matter holds our universe together, and spiritual experts have been training people to embrace the light within themselves for many years. Final Fantasy III is one of the very first games to play on that real life struggle between humanity and, for lack of a better word, evil.

Without giving away spoilers, you can expect the crystals seen in earlier (and later) Final Fantasy titles to make a full appearance – and even speak to main characters. Elders, towns, classic battle system with Jump and Steal features included for the first time in the series, what more could an FF fan ask for? If you’ve never played a Final Fantasy game then you need to play this one. These turn-based role playing games are the fathers of modern day RPG “elements” which you will find sprinkled upon every genre in the industry.

Final Verdict:

Final Fantasy III has seen its fair share of remakes, and this is hands-down the only one you need to consider buying. Graphically the game finally looks ripe for modern gamers to experience the classic tale of the crystals and humanity’s fate as never released in the United States until 2006. This release brings a brutal open world with real danger, made somewhat more convenient by modern-day quicksave technology, presented as only classic FF games can back to the fanbase of this genre.

Mainstays become mainstays for a reason. There’s no reason you won’t enjoy sinking many hours into this game because it simply has given birth to many of the features we take for granted in gaming today. The addition of Steam Achievements, Steam Trading Cards, and Steam Cloud Save – without the need to log into a Square Enix account (which many lamented in previous SE Steam releases) are just icing on the already certified antique vintage cake.

Overall Score: 10 / 10

RGN Rating: Diamond Game

Publisher / Developer: Square Enix

Available On: Steam

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Review.

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PAX East 2014: Hip Hop & Gaming: The Next Frontier – Random AKA MegaRan, HipHopGamer, MC Frontalot [Full WrapUp]

Photo Credit / NA

This year’s Hip Hop & Gaming Panel at PAX East truly added to the previous experience being offered. In the following panel MC Frontalot, Random AKA MegaRan, and HipHopGamer take the audience on a trip through sound and gaming with the evolution of Hip Hop Music being the centerpiece of all discussion. Moving beyond a genre that relies on one thing and one thing only (street life) to please its fans and into a genre that is capable of telling a story from any walk of life or aspect of humanity seems to be a primary motivating factor. The obvious love for games was expressed constantly by the three hosts and audience with a great synergy taking place and many jokes and laughs reverberating throughout the convention center meeting room.

As HipHopGamer said at one moment, the people in this meeting room at PAX weren’t just here to learn, they were attending this panel out of the passion and loyalty to the video games and hip hop movement which has grown from a few isolated forums and artists shrouded in mystery (such as MC Frontalot before he revealed his identity to the public) into a medium potentially capable of supporting full time careers like that of MegaRan, MC Chris, and countless others.

Two very exciting projects were announced by Random (AKA MegaRan) and HipHopGamer during this panel as well.

1. “Untitled” (To Be Announced) – Random

Random AKA MegaRan is creating an instrumental project inspired by role playing games such as the Final Fantasy series, the newly released 3DS exclusive Bravely Default, and likely countless others throughout his gaming history. This project is meant to show the world how Random would score a major league role playing game if/when the opportunity comes.

Scoring a musical soundtrack to a video game experience is a lot different than creating hip hop instrumentals which are based less on the album’s overall flow (which is usually arranged later) and more of a track by track creation process which each track is individually invented.

Expect this project to be more of a full-on journey through sound that Random feels would be very fitting for the role playing game genre. If you can’t handle waiting, check out this Journey Instrumental EP for now (A Hip Hop Excursion), and stay tuned as we report more on this developing project.

2. (“There’s Levels To This Shit”) – HipHopGamer, Shade45, Statik Selektah, Slaughterhouse, And Potentially More

HipHopGamer announced, in response to my bonus question to the panel as to more hints and information about Hip Hop and Gaming colliding in the ways he mentioned earlier in the panel, “There’s Levels To This Shit” in which different entertainers and hip hop artists as levels to get to a boss.

So for example, Slaughterhouse members being levels that lead up to a boss. The boss of Slaughterhouse HHG reminds us all of course is none other than Slim Shady, Eminem, the highest selling emcee in the past decade at any given time. This alludes to more, and HHG tells us to stay tuned as the exact details to this project are still being worked out. Shouts out and thanks to HHG for revealing this teaser announcement!

Life Is An Open Challenge – The Barriers Broken Down By These Three Iconic Artists As They Grow Get Discussed

In the world of Hip Hop music and Video Games entertainment products, often times the two cultures are at a standoff and can’t vibe together. HipHopGamer noted this and talked as the panel spoke about games cashing in on Hip Hop culture with Random using examples such as Activision cashing in on the Hip Hop culture by networking with artists and making tons of money while doing it (both with some  positive and sometimes negative side effects).

MC Frontalot, the man many consider the founding father of Nerdcore, spoke on what the origins of the genre and himself / his history show about the two cultures merging paths and having an overlap. HipHopGamer solidifies the point by stating that many Hip Hop artists play video games and have become accepting of it whereas in the past artists or fans of Hip Hop would often front in order not to expose their so-called ‘geek cred’. HHG speaks about his songs and how we was inspired to speak his voice by going against the the corporate grain and launching his indie career as a journalist / hip hop artist instead of just waiting for it to happen on its own.

Challenges faced being Hip Hop artists discussed by the panel included HHG’s explanation of the ‘Shots Fired’ journalism series that he says is a balance to unfair gaming coverage. HHG clearly sees these opportunities of controversy to be a learning moment for all parties involved and encourages debate and unity in the gaming community and hip hop industry as well. HHG also recalled a story about Sony’s PR team giving him a hard time getting into the PlayStation 4 Reveal Event despite their status of working together on various projects. HHG shows humility in relating to those up and coming sites and alongside Random gives some key advice.


Create First, Apologize Later – Advice On Using Popular Samples Or Gaming IPs In Indie Hip Hop Music

From Random sampling Mega Man which later led to appreciation and recognition from Capcom, even resulting in them granting a license for the music and having Ran come out to sign autographs at Comic Con, to HHG’s production of Get Twisted which plays at the end of the Twisted Metal (PS3) credits and was originally created by HHG on the strength that David Jaffey and his people would like it once they eventually heard it, the panel discusses a philosophy of “Create First, Apologize Later”.

Putting down a creative production that is thought provoking and pays tribute to a brand so large as Twisted Metal or Mega Man is encouraged. Once those parties involved see your work of art, and an audience has emerged to support that work, it’s likely they’ll favor allowing such art to thrive rather than trying to stomp it out. But of course, don’t try and make millions off of it before you get that blessing or you will probably get sued.

Random and HHG also tell aspiring artists thinking about attempting this method of music creation to keep their skills sharp, polish everything endlessly until it’s at an extremely high level of quality and as Ran put it “make sure it’s ready to go” in other words nearly flawless so DJs, music companies, and the game companies you sampled can be proud to show it off some day if they decide to recognize your work. Ran also mentions what HHG said about staying consistent. MC Frontalot adds in that it’s great to try this, but don’t just grab the stereotypical gaming instrumental and make standard, expectable raps. People want to see something creative and new and there’s no secret formula to what will stick when a person hears it. Truly, marrying verse to sound is something that should be done delicately and carefully with the best possible product as the target result.


The Next Frontier – A Discussion And Hints About The Future Partnerships Between Hip Hop And Gaming

“The potential is limitless,” said Random in regard to The Next Frontier of Hip Hop & Gaming.

HipHopGamer has brought his unique Gaming Personality experience as part of the HOT 97 crew after starting indie webshows on HipHopGamerShow, YouTube, PlayStation Home, and other platforms and believes that it won’t be long before we see a Dr. Dre beats headphones line marketed next to a PlayStation 3 or other similar tech meets hip hop meets gaming matchups.

During the History lesson presented in the panel (which we will release coverage for separately soon, and can be seen / heard in the Video Recaps linked at the bottom of this article) Random, MC Frontalot, and HHG talk about the ups and downs of gaming cashing in on Hip Hop and vice verca. Activision’s DJ Hero is a highlight in addition to the Eminem song that was dropped exclusively to promote Call of Duty: Ghosts and MegaRan PAX Prime 2013 being host to Keiji Inafune in the front row.

MegaRan and HHG also speak of their Xbox and Twisted Metal concerts respectively with industry highlights like Def Jam Rapstar, Parappa The Rapper, 50 Cent’s Bulletproof (and its sequel Blood In The Sand), Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked Soundtrack produced by Nujabes and Fat Jon in 2006, Wu Tang: Shao Lin Style, Def Jam Vendetta, and much more. Stay tuned for forthcoming coverage, and be sure to watch and listen to the Video Recaps yourself as well to really get a feel for The Next Frontier as presented by these panelists.

—– Speaking To The People – MC Frontalot, Random, and HipHopGamer Respond To Audience Questions + More

There were two ppl who mentioned their raps. HipHopGamer made them spit on the spot; AND THEY WERE GREAT! It was awesome. Stay Tuned to RealGamerNewz for the Video Recap Part #2 to see the full audience questions, audience freestyles, and more including HipHopGamer spitting an entire Infamous: Second Son rap.

Video Recap : Part #2

See Video Here

Stay Tuned For Video Recap #2

#2 Includes Audience Freestyles and Hip Hop Gamer performing Infamous: Second Son rap song

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Super Motherload PS4 Giveaway (3 Easy Steps To Win A Free PS4 Game)


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First off, check out our PlayStation 4 Review of Super Motherload from developer XGen Studios. This incredibly addictive indie game for the PS4’s PSN market took us by surprise and myself alongside our staff still play it all the time discovering how bad our OCD’s truly are as we unearth every single Ore and Gem hidden beneath the Mars Surface unlocking new characters and experiencing Hardcore Mode.

In order to win yourself a free PS4 game (thanks to the sponsors XGen Studios for making this possible), first you must follow three simple steps! Now we want to remind everyone that while this is easy, we often have people forgetting one or two steps so read this carefully and do your best to become eligible the first time around as we certainly don’t want anyone to lose the contest due to a disqualification.

Step #1

Leave a Comment at the bottom of this article including your PlayStation Network ID and the reason why you support indie games. Yes, your reason will help determine if you are picked to win or not. We want people who appreciate indie games so the copy we give out is not wasted. Will you give this game a good home?

Step #2

Like us on Facebook and / or Follow us on Twitter (you can also join our Google+ Community) so the next time we do a Giveaway or publish the news / our reviews you will be able to consume it as one of our readers. Thank you for doing this and supporting indie gaming news website RealGamerNewz.com !

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Step #3

Share this with your friends by Re-tweeting the following tweet and/or Re-sharing the following Facebook Post. You can also share the link manually on Google+ or tell any Forum buddies you know about the giveaway. This will increase your chance to win, not decrease it; since we are able to track who helps spread the word and will take your help into consideration as a factor of whether or not you’ll win. We want help getting as many winners as we can, we have more than one copy of the game to give out!


Custom Short Link To Share: http://bit.ly/FreePS4Game


PRIZE INFO: Contest is for North America PlayStation 4 Version Only. XGen Studios (the developer of Super Motherload) have provided RealGamerNewz with codes that can be redeemed in the PlayStation Store and unlock a full copy of the game. 5 Winners will be chosen by the Editor Staff based on who has the comment we like most and potentially other factors described above in the 3 steps. You must complete ALL 3 STEPS or you will not be eligible to win.

WINNER INFO: 5 winners will be contacted through Private Messages on PSN and have between 12-24 hours to reply or else forfeit their winnings to the next in line. Once a reply is received so we can verify that the winner is ready, their Redeem Code will be sent to them over PSN. Winners will be announced on this post approximately one week after today’s date (see top of article for date of publication). Be sure to keep coming back to our Giveaway Section periodically for more chances to win.

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**WINNERS ANNOUNCED** Warframe PS4 Platinum Giveaway Sponsored by Digital Extremes + RealGamerNewz

***Warframe PS4 Contest Winners announced below and awarded their platinum from Digital Extremes directly to their accounts today!

PSN ID’s of Winners:

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Welcome to the RealGamerNewz and Digital Extremes Warframe PS4 Platinum Giveaway where 10 lucky winners will be named a week from now and receive a direct deposit of 500 Platinum each. Platinum is in-game currency that can be used in Warframe to get the game’s best weapons, gear, and much much more. Warframe is currently an extremely polished Beta which is free-to-play on PlayStation 4 as well as PC. This giveaway is for the PS4 version exclusively.

We have made the Giveaway as simple as possible, just retweet the tweet embedded below, follow us on Twitter, and check your Direct Messages in approximately a week (give or take a few days depending on how fast entries come in). As you can see from our Giveaway Section this is not the first time we’ve done this and Digital Extremes has been extremely (no pun intended) generous and reliable with sponsoring this for all gamers out there looking to experience Warframe at a high level.

All you need is a Twitter account, PS4, and a Warframe account to be eligible. Follow all 3 steps below, and you’re entered. Share with a friend so that if you both win you can play together and engage in very intense co-op action!

Step #1: Retweet the following tweet! (embedded below)


Step #2: Make sure you’re following @RealGamerNewz on Twitter! AND CHECK YOUR DM’s!

Step #3: Comment on this article with YOUR   TWITTER NAME.

PRIZE INFO: Contest is for PlayStation 4 Version Only. Digital Extremes (the developer and publisher of Warframe on PC and PS4) will directly deposit 500 Platinum to each Winner. 6 Winners will be chosen by the Editor Staff based on who has the comment we like most and potentially other factors. This contest is open to all countries. You must complete ALL 3 STEPS or you will not be eligible to win.

WINNER INFO: 6 winners will be contacted through Direct Message (DM) on Twitter and has between 12-24 hours to reply or else forfeit their winnings to the next in line. Winners will be announced on this post approximately one week after today’s date (see top of article for date of publication). Be sure to keep coming back to our Giveaway Section.


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Secret of Escape Gameplay Trailer [HD]

Check out the following high definition gameplay trailer released today for Secret of Escape. For more information on the game give a look at our RealGamerNewz IndieSpotlight of Secret of Escape.

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K-Murdock Music Update: “Happy Holidaze” – FREE DOWNLOADS!

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Peace party people!  Back from tour and fresh off getting married, now it’s officially back to business! The holidays are upon us now, and I am so in the spirit to celebrate whats been an incredible year, i wanted to spread the love; So from now till year’s end, i have made ALL my (K-Murdock) releases on my bandcamp digitally downloadable for FREE!!! That’s everything I have put out as as solo artist from The Ronin to Hero Muzik Vol. 1 to even my holiday-themed A Christmas Story EP (pictured above); It’s pay what you want, so if you put 0, all good, OR you can leave tip/donation… even if a $1, its’s definitely appreciated! All I ask in return is you all follow me on bandcamp or tell a friend or BOTH 😉

And for those who want to cop some merch, you can save 25% off any CD on my bandcamp site as well till year’s end too!  Just enter the code: holidazed

Visit my bandcamp site!
Speaking of free stuff… make sure to also grab my debut artist release on Cult Classic Records, Soundscapes Vol. 1, which features many unreleased Panacea instrumentals from our albums/releases the last 10 years.  Albeit its a free release, it still managed to make it to the Top 10 in Bandcamp’s Hip-hop charts- so I’m very proud and happy to be a part of what the homies Bob & Thomas are doing at CCR!
Download Soundscapes Vol. 1
And just a quick update on myself & Mega Ran’s Forever next and possibly last installment to our Forever Famicom series, DLC 3 has been delayed till 12/24/13; CD orders should be shipped out in time for Xmas though; The reason for the delay was as an engineer i hate rushing mixes and being that this is could be the last iteration in what’s been an amazing series for us to do, i didn’t want to go out on a bang knowing that I, as producer/engineer/collaborator gave you all, the fans, the best product we could and what you are sued to and deserve!  So, direct all complaints to me, but I promise you this will be worth the wait!!!
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You are receiving this email because you are a fan of the music I have produced (in some form or fashion); Maybe you traded an email for a download via Bandcamp OR signed-up previously to my mailing list? Either way, I hope you continue to stay updated on all the new releases & events I’m involved with! Please remember that the free monthly downloads you get through these emails are EXCLUSIVE to you on THIS list only! 😉 K 

Our mailing address is: 

Neosonic Productions LLC

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Apt. 102

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Kickstarter News: 3 Days Left for Boston, MA Game “Dyscource” – Your Plane Crashed, Your Decisions Matter, Survive!

Check out the following in-game video describing the situation with Dyscourse, a game coming from our home location of Boston, Massachusetts (East Coast, USA) in which the player’s plane has crashed and they must find ways to survive. The choices you make matter, and you can find out more in the video below. There are 3 days to help the developers reach their goal, donate, share, tweet, whatever you can do helps out the creation of this indie game become a reality!

Link to the Kickstarter Here

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MegaRan 50% Off Thanksgiving / Black Friday Sale Begins Now

I’m thankful for you guys and your encouragement, support and inspiration.

So, I’m starting my yearly Black Friday sale a little early. If you didn’t eat too much, lift a finger and go save 50% on music, CDs, merch, EVERYTHING! Including pre-orders. Much love.


Happy holidays.

– Random AKA MegaRan

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The Order 1886 (PlayStation 4 Exclusive) Screenshots Revealed

Video Games Print Magazine and News Website GameInformer has released the following screenshots for Santa Monica’s, developers of the famed God of War series, upcoming PlayStation 4 Exclusive New IP – The Order 1886 – which was originally revealed as one of the PS4’s most impressive looking exclusives.

Santa Monica and Sony have taken upon themselves the burden of promising this game will change the industry. Cinematic and Gameplay will never be thought of as a separate experience in The Order 1886 but rather the game will play like a truly next-gen upgrade from past gameplay experiences. Take a look at the screenshots below and hit the source below that for further information on the game that has been revealed thus far.

[Source: GI]

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Gamescom 2013: Fable Legends – Announcement Trailer [HD]

Fable Legends has been announced at the Gamescom 2013 event by Microsoft Game Studios who will publish the title exclusively on Xbox ONE and will reboot the series changing many things to bring the series in line with what fans of the franchise have been giving for feedback since the game’s third released first debuted to mixed reception on Xbox 360. The long-standing franchise originally envisioned by Peter Molyneux will have its sixth iteration developed by Lionhead Studios and can be seen for the first time  below in this High Definition video via RealGamerNewz.com :

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