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PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset – Specs, Price, Release Date Questions Answered

With fans ready to gear up for the PS4 with Sony’s new PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset, questions naturally have arisen to the recently announced peripheral seen in video format below.


As for the price, Sony has confirmed the device will have a recommended tag of $99.99 in North America. It is compatible with the Sony PS3, Vita, PlayStation 4, and with Windows PC / Mac OS X operating systems. The lead platform the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset is being designed for is PlayStation 4.


The full specs have not been released yet but we do know the device is capable of Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound to certain formats of programming (and does Stereo on others) and is capable of using exclusive audio tuning features with PlayStation 4 software including games and film. We also know that Sony has claimed to obtain 8 hours of “straight gameplay” for battery life vastly improving over previous models and even outlasting the DualShock 4 itself (which is rumored to be due for an optimization on battery power soon). PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset works the same way as its predecessor when it comes to PS4 and PS3 connectivity. A USB chip is plugged into the game system and communicates the sound as well as other information to the game system.

If players are using a VITA then an audio cable (which is supplied with the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset) is plugged into the VITA and the headset. The microphone quality is expected to be good based on previous models, with new technology for canceling background noise even better than before. The audio cancellation of others is also useful as players can manually adjust the volume of the player chat versus the gameplay in previous models and this is expected to remain as a feature in the new PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset.

In some cases, developers can literally create their own virtual surround sound tuning settings for the device to be used automatically such as in the PS4 exclusive Infamous: Second Son for the most innovative and adjusted experience possible. This news comes alongside the firmware update 1.60 for PS4 that allows old Pulse Elites and Wireless Headsets to work with the PS4 which originally did not. So this is thereby a luxury item for those looking for a new peripheral and not being forced on the public PS4 user-base as they can just as easily use existing Turtle Beach, SteelSeries, Gioteck, or Sony headsets that they’ve used all along on the PS3 now that the firmware has been updated on the PS4.

Release Date:

As to when we can expect a release date for this device, announcements should be incoming during the next week or two. The PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset is expected to release February 2014 (this month). Stay tuned to the RealGamerNewz.com Tech Section for more info on upcoming devices and gadgets of all sizes and sorts.

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