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Surge Deluxe PlayStation Vita Review

Surge Deluxe is a puzzler from developer FuturLab. The game is a redone version of a PS Mobile title that came out a few years back and the changes here are quite welcome.

The game is a tile matching puzzle game that starts off pretty simple and does an incredibly good job of explaining the systems in place. It gets pretty challenging when you’re not only trying to maximize your score but also maintain the vents on the side of the screen from building up too much pressure. Build up too much pressure in the vents on the side of the screen and it’s game over for you.

The game begins by showing you the ropes explaining to you how to use the Vita’s touchscreen to chain together tiles of the same color. Eventually it shows you how to chain together multipliers and various types of power-ups to help maximize your score. In theory this sounds simple but the difficulty ramps up when you must manage not only your multipliers but the vents on each side of the screen. In order to unblock the vents you must clear out the tiles in each row and then touch both sides of the screen to release pressure from each set of vents. It may sound easy but the pressure builds fast each and every round if you’re no monitoring the meter on each side of the screen.

As far as modes are concerned there is only two. There’s a standard play mode which instantly throws you into the action and teaches you the basics of the game. There’s also a incredibly challenging puzzle mode in which you not only have to work against the clock but other players high scores as well. There’s your standard High Score leader-boards so you’ll have plenty of other scores to try and beat.

Final Verdict:

For a revamped PS Mobile game it isn’t bad. My only gripe is that there isn’t any multiplayer or additional modes but it is a fun game nonetheless. It’s a good game that if you wanted to pick it up and play on a bus ride to work or play it for hours on end to devise new strategies, it will get the job done.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 8 / 10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developer: FuturLab

Developer / Publisher: FuturLab

Available On: Sony PlayStation Vita

Review Copy Info: A physical copy of the game was purchased by RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this review.

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