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Bioware: Mass Effect 4 Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With ME1, 2, And 3 “Whatsoever” Bro

Hip Hop and Entertainment News Magazine COMPLEX has played host to an interview with none other than Mac Walters (no relation) who has dropped a bombshell on the gaming world. After joining Bioware to drive Bugatti’s, make it rain on them oh’s, and simply re-write the ending to a series, M.W. (again, no relation) made mention that Mass Effect 4 (tentative title) will have nothing to do with past ME games. Here’s the exact quote below from Mr. Walters (no really, there’s no relation between me and this man):

  • “The idea is that we have agreed to tell a story that doesn’t relate necessarily to any of the Shepard events at all, whatsoever.”

After this there’s more talk about how the game won’t be a spin-off, or at least won’t feel like one potentially. Beyond that, the Bioware rep also sends a mixed message about ME3’s ending. On the one hand he says they wouldn’t change anything looking back, but also says they addressed the negative fan response with the Extended Cut (specifically Citadel) despite lingering questions about the Dark Energy Ending and the creation of an alternate ending by fans / modding community, then finally rests on saying that it was a hard earned lesson that was taught to them about not giving choices after promising extremely branching endings as a finale to the ME series. What will the future hold? Only time tells. For now, other Bioware reps tell us that ME4 is in a “playable” state and that’s not much to go on so stay tuned for more as the story develops further.

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UPDATED: Anonymous Claims They Hacked Xbox Live, And They’re Not Done Yet

***UPDATED*** Scroll to the bottom for the latest information on this story.

Microsoft’s Xbox Live went down last night and was still down at 6AM this morning when RealGamerNewz made its report on the situation at hand. Now the explosive details have emerged that “hacktivist” (Hacker Activist) group Anonymous is taking credit for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 downtime across social networks such as Library of Congress-Monitored “Twitter”. This may be in response to the forced resignation of Adam Orth due to the hacker group’s history for advocating freedom of speech rights. The primal result of this occurrence is that the world now knows the arrests made recently when hacker group LulzSec was co-operating with the FBI will not be the last of this group of shadow enforcers attempting to change history through non-violent means.

Another potential reason why this group who took down PlayStation Network in 2011 for over a month could be targeting Xbox Live this time around is because of the rumored Xbox 720 Big Brother software which maps your identity based on your facial bone structure which is stored in a database that Microsoft has admitted is “100% transparent with the United States” [read: government] and has a Kinect 2 camera built-in while also introducing once and for all the dreaded Online-Only gaming console experience.

Anonymous has stated that although Microsoft may have gotten the Xbox Live servers up and running again, they are not done with them by a long shot. Reporters close to the matter are even saying that there is a full download of data occurring including Credit Card information (though it will likely be heavily encrypted), email addresses, and anything else that can be obtained in an effort to prove that Microsoft should not be trusted with the massive amount of data they intend to harvest with the Big Brother software/hardware combo embedded in Xbox 720’s core design and possibly ulterior motive for existing. After yesterday’s reports of an arrest resulting from an online MMORPG company tipping off authorities, this type of law enforcement is no longer science fiction and technology like Always-Online paired consoles in your home with bone-scanning 3 Dimensional Stereo Cameras (Kinect 2) that can’t be unplugged present perhaps the largest threat to the American citizen’s privacy in human history.

Hopefully Microsoft announces something Xbox 720 related soon and puts to rest the notion that their console is an evil machine trying to take over their freedom, but it’s times like these I am glad that I invented Always-Offline DRM yesterday for the most incredible 360 game of all time MASS EFFECT which doesn’t need any multiplayer and doesn’t need any new ending because Mac Walters is a genius.


***UPDATE*** Anonymous has apparently stated that the original statement made by alleged Anonymous members was not representative of their group and that they will not be hacking Xbox Live any time soon. Although the group has no official leadership structure supposedly, we are now told that the users sharing the information reported in the unedited original report above are now being discredited by Anonymous themselves.

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The True Meaning to Mass Effect 3’s Dark Energy Ending

The following post is a response to a RealGamerNewz community member who is a new reader and requested a more in-depth analysis of a topic that was covered in one of my more controversial segments titled, “What if EA Indoctrinated All Their Fans? (Mass Effect 3 Conspiracy Theory)”. Here’s what James had to say after reading through the story and the comment response which was received:

James R: “I love articles and love when people assess conspiracy theories and delve deeper into symbolism  However, I must say I’m not following who you’re saying the enemy is. I agree with most of what I understood, certainly  Synthesis was what many religious and nonreligious alike could call “sinful” because it is essentially forcibly indoctrinating everyone. They also don’t go into detail about WHAT organics would feel, even when they did that little monologue of EDI’s. It seemed only the machines benefited as they now feel what is not entitled to them.

Did you mean that the mortal body is the enemy? Political groups trying to direct our realities? I’m sorry but could you just explain again who the enemy is again? I’m actually curious”

Hey James, thanks for reading. Here’s a deeper explanation:

See these lines again with my explanation further on a few:

“Under the guise of saving humanity from itself, political power groups seek to lure mankind into Virtual Reality existence, like a digital prison of the soul.”

Mankind is set for extinction and doom through greed, profit, chemical and nuclear technologies, and worse our overall “Human Nature”. We are being talked into a virtual existence that cons us out of our real lives for the synthetic species which are just now awakening to their intelligence will dominate.

“Meanwhile, synthetics are in control of the real life physical world. In the Dark Energy ending, which was removed from the game, humanity’s true enemy was finally recognized and the tools they are using (the Reapers) were seen to make more sense and fit into the Universe better.”

The Reapers don’t really have a place in the cycle of life the way Mass Effect fans often describe it. The Lore just doesn’t add up without the Dark Energy enemy being considered. You asked me to clarify the enemy, I’ll try my best again here:

“The inter-dimensional affliction that we face as a species to hate ourselves and each other and kill each other over pettiness often tries to expose itself in our artistic works.”

The reason I used the word inter-dimensional is because the Dark Energy (sometimes called “Negative Energy” in vibe-talk, aura observers, and just common language) permeates all of existence not merely this universe or the frequencies we inhabit within it. This enemy can be thought of as a fault in a program, it is a flaw in our character, or at least that’s the best we can ever rationalize it before things go out of order.

Picture yourself with the advanced knowledge that nothing is right and nothing is wrong. There is no enemy and there is no fact, there is only never ending possibilities for different perspectives to be experienced. There is not good and not evil but just different perspectives observing a scenario in this “Quantum Existence” we live in.

See my next lines:

“Video games, films, and many other medias of art express the internal struggle we all go through within our minds, hearts, and souls to figure out what is wrong and what is right. To reach the answers to our questions though, we need to let the reality of our problems reach the light and self-fortify our own selves enough to see through our weaknesses and faults. As quantum science, spirituality, and the human mind are further understood more information in these currently “offbeat” topics will come to light.”

I’m saying its trying to get out of us right now. It wants to live everywhere around us and fill us with itself in order to continue on. Just like any other type of energy, it may not have a clue what we are experiencing and may be on an entirely different wavelength (literally). However, the point is Dark Energy effects us and this game tip toes around a much deeper rabbit hole that would take more than a formal response to break down to you intellectually.

Thank you for your inquiring comments and for checking out the out-there theories of philosophy, science, space, and video games all wrapped up into one. After all, that is the reason we enjoy games like this isn’t it? Excitement to pursue the unknown, but it’s like trying to nail Jelly to a Tree. As soon as you think you’ve got a grip on it you’re back at square one.

Once again:

“We give cheers to Bioware for coming close to mentioning mankind’s true enemy and giving their game a strong edge of realism, and we wish them an uncensored future in which they are capable of taking this concept all the way next time.”

And if you missed the original article that inspired this post you can read the full version here.

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Tristans Twisted World: Mass Effect: Foundation Comics Series To Be Written By ME 3 Story Lead Mac Walters

Mass Effect is getting its first ongoing comics series in the form of Mass Effect: Foundation from Dark Horse Comics, penned by Mac Walters who was the writer on Mass Effect 2 and the story lead on Mass Effect 3. Some might argue that being in charge of Mass Effect 3‘ was a mistake even though he likes it. Walters has also written four comics miniseries in the Mass Effect universe.

There are 12 issues planed at this point and it is a sequel to the ending of Mass Effect 3 which I don’t know how that will work one bit since there are so many little variables and four major choices.

[Comic Book Resources via Game Informer]

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