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Loot Crate’s Battle Themed Video features a Gritty Mega Man

A new video was released for this month’s loot crate. November’s theme is Battle and it gave birth to a gritty fan short starring everyone’s favorite blue bomber, Mega Man.

In the short, Mega Man is a vigilante who rescues a hostage, while kicking some bad guy butt in the process. After mopping the floor with the criminals, the vigilante comes face to face with a new challenger. You can check it out below.


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Super Smash Bros. (3DS / Wii U) – Mewtwo is on the Way Trailer [HD 1080P]

Mewtwo is on the Way Trailer of Super Smash Bros.

Genre(s): Fighting
Platform(s): New3DS, 3DS, Wii U
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Developer(s): Sora Ltd, Bandai Namco Games
Release Date (NA): October 3rd, 2014 (3DS), November 21st, 2014 (Wii U)

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Mega Man Jacket Will Get Produced If 200+ Orders Are Placed

While some Mega Man fans maybe holding out for a new Mega Man game, Capcom has the next best thing lined up: jackets. The Capcom Store is currently taking pre-orders for some new and might I add awesome looking jackets based off the infamous Blue Bomber. The cool thing about these jackets is that you can get them for any Mega Man fan in your life as they make them in men’s and women’s sizes. There is a catch though: this jacket is incredibly limited.

How limited you ask? Let’s say like 300 jackets limited. Capcom is testing the pre-orders to see how high the demand is but if they do not reach a certain number  of pre-orders the jackets will suffer the same fate as Mega Man Legends 3: they will be cancelled. So if this is something that sounds like it’s up your alley, go head to Capcom’s store and pre-order yourself or a fellow Mega Man fan a limited edition jacket.

How do you all feel about limited edition apparel? I personally like having game related clothing. It just shows how dedicated you are to your favorite characters and game series. If you would wear something like that or want something like that what type of clothing would it be? Sound off in the comments section!


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Mega Ran x Mister Wilson “Unite” (Animated Video) [HD 1080P]

Check out the hot and recently released video for “Unite” off of the Blur Bomber album from Mega Ran and Mister Wilson. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you can also check out My Review for the album. Enjoy the Full 1080P High Definition Animation and thoughtful, video game-inspired music from Random and Wilson below and be sure to check them out on BandCamp for more.

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MegaRan + Mister Wilson – Blur Bomber (Music Review)

***Warning: The following Review may contain Spoilers in regards to the story-line that takes place in Blur Bomber. We recommend listening to the album first for the best experience.***

From start to finish Blur Bomber is a gamer’s soundtrack giving life to the characters of Mega Man and Sonic The Hedgehog in a unique and cool way that is easy to relate to and presents a tale that you can follow chronologically as well as become immersed in. Blur Bomber chronicles the comic book events of ‘Worlds Collide’ featuring Sonic and Mega Man teaming up against Dr Robotnik (Egg Man) and Dr. WILY who combine the worlds of Sonic and MegaMan using the power of a Chaos Emerald and set the two epic heroes against each other. The plot progresses through a narrative told track by track as well as during interludes which also serve as really chill beat breaks gently guiding you from one track and tempo to the next.

The flow of the album is great. Now I’ll take a moment to analyze each track individually and share some of my thoughts on it. This section will feature my interpretations of each song and not necessarily what Mister Wilson and MegaRan had in mind when creating them, but nonetheless the lasting impression I got from each one.

Opening Track – “Intro (Worlds Collide)”: sets the precedence for fan service found throughout the album with Mega Ran introducing himself as Rock (referencing the Japanese name for MegaMan which is RockMan) and then talking smack to Sonic saying “for you info / been legit bro” and then referencing that Rock’s been around “been runnin’ it since you were a glitch bro” in reference to the early development of Sonic The Hedgehog who’s super power was discovered as a glitch then worked into the character’s attributes eventually becoming his signature defining ability. “I’ll knock every ring out of you” and “like your bonus stage I’ll give you vertigo” are among the many quotables this track has blessed the gamer world with.

“Love Is…”: The love between main characters and their crush / relationships are discussed in what proves to be a nice break from the intense action of the Intro while preparing listeners for the action to come. Mister Wilson introduces the song defining Sonic’s love for Amy Rose and MegaRan cover’s Mega Man’s love life with a line “I’m so excited, baby I can’t hide it” reminiscent of tracks he’s performed in the past giving long-time fans a little bit of a familiar feeling for the song. Now MegaRan pronouncing Mega Man’s favorite chick’s name correctly without breaking the flow of the track, that was impressive all in and of itself.

“Best Friends (Mega Ran Solo Mission)”: Never underestimate the power of a song by glancing quickly at the title. “Best Friends” proves to be one of the most moving songs from the Blur Bomber album and relates real life times and struggles of the artist known as Random with the world of video games and hip hop. The track also serves a double meaning as a thank you to fans and supporters of his work who he says at the end are like his family, and his best friends.

“Skull Egg Zone”: The intensity of the Intro returns here with a slower tempo which is used by Mister Wilson and Mega Ran to run through events which led up to Sonic and Mega Man fighting each other in the first place. Dr. Robotnik (Egg Man) and Dr. WILY enter an uneasy truce for the combined goal of taking over and destroying everything in the world until they reign supreme. Now listeners understand why the two blue crew were facing off in track one.

“Lava Reef”: “Don’t know why I’m involved in a lot of beef / I think they mad cuz Wilson spittin’ that Lava Reef” pretty much defines the attitude presented in “Lava Reef”. This track is all about spittin’ fire and letting the world know what these two artists came here to do: create a masterpiece album with rhythmic flow and diverse lyrics unexpected and well connected to the often trippy beats. Storyville makes an appearance and takes the role of Sonic delivering a sick and speedy verse ending in a shout-out for his people in the biz as well as a warning shot at the end about his dedication to landing on top of others in the genre.

“Mega Man Legend (Wilson Solo Mission)”: “All the haters in the game can get a Cannon Buster” says Mister Wilson who goes in solo on this track completely in a concept as he takes the role of Mega Man. Continuing the theme of “Lava Reef” by focusing on hot rhymes and aggressive attitude, Wilson lets us know that Mega Man ain’t nothin’ to mess with and gives props to MegaRan’s ownership of the character’s use in nerdcore rap by saying “Wilson’s giving yall Mega Man Raps / this right here will make every fan snap” and later ending his final verse by saying “now I’m gonna pass the Mega Man Raps back to Random”. Overall the song is a nice bridge to the next track and a solid song that gets keeps your head bobbing from the last.

“20XX”: “20XX” is all about Robot City and strikes me as a parable over a trap-style beat with metaphors relating Random’s struggle for righteousness in hip hop against the forces of ignorance weaponizing the music industry against the masses to the struggle between MegaRan / Mega Man and the evils of Robot City. “It’s 20 double X / What a mess / We need you / Rap is at its dumbest yet” seems to confirm this and both artists Mister Wilson appear on this one. Random stands out as he spits with a crazy passion for being himself and standing up for what he believes in, something fans of the artist have always revered as his most important qualities.

“Unite!”: Mister Wilson’s line “No more fighting. It’s time to unite.” hits home hard and is echoed with recent events like Kanye West ‘spazzing’ out on the always intellectual and uplifting Sway Calloway during an interview on Shade 45. This song is about Sonic and Mega Man uniting but really it feels like under the surface it’s about more than that. Are we all just a bunch of robots and hedgehogs dividing for the evil forces of the world to conquer us? Maybe so. Tha Kure features and does an incredible job laying down the role of ProtoMan who shows up to tell Mega Man and Sonic that the doctors have roboticized Sonic’s crew and pit both protagonists against each other using false info about the other being a threat. “It’s time to unite / the icons need to save the world / before the evil docs take over the world” delivers the purpose of this song and Random jumps in at the end with a soft and smooth verse that shows the logical and forgiving side of Mega Ran who must now help rally the energetic Sonic for the cause.

“Blur Bomber”: “Out of all Capcom and SEGA Fam / it had to be Sonic and Mega Man” is a perfect theme song detailing the “Ultimate Team Up” which is described as a reward for the loyalty of his fans. Mister Wilson and MegaRan have teamed up and put forward a great show thus far which will soon conclude but not until this headliner is laid down. Blur Bomber, for those who haven’t figured it out yet, is a combination of Mega Man’s nickname Blue Bomber and the fact that Sonic The Hedgehog looks like a blur when he blazes by at super-sonic speeds.

“The End Zone (Final Battle): Sonic The Hedgehog and Mega Man are both in ‘Super Mode’ and doing battle with the evil doctors. This beat samples one of the most meaningful video game soundtracks out there and will immediately sound familiar to all hardcore gamers who have been around for a while. Wilson and Ran hold up the energy and quality of perfection in timing and lyrics as they bring it home for the win.

“Ending”: Mister Wilson jumps on this track giving a voice-over about what happened in the ending of the plot-line found in Blur Bomber. A calm and cool relaxing beat is presented and Random jumps in giving thanks and credit to everyone who produced beats, art, or helped create / support the album in any way.

***Listen to the Album Blur Bomber below, support independent hip hop artists by purchasing a copy:

Overall Score: 10/10

Album Info: Blur Bomber by MegaRan and Mister Wilson

Release Date: December 2013

Listen/Buy it Now: at MegaRanMusic.com

Review Copy Info: An advance copy of this album was provided to RealGamerNewz by the artist for the purpose of this review.

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Capcom Store Selling 25th Anniversary Mega Man 3DS Cases

You can pick up a Mega Man 25th Anniversary Edition Nintendo 3DS Case now at the Capcom Store by clicking here. The item is pictured above and below and it’s even a 3DS XL version as well.

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Project X Zone Review

Project X Zone is developed by two companies Banpresto and Monolith Soft. While both developers are Japanese companies that have a good track record for games, Monolith Soft has been working on games such as the very awesome Xenoblade Chronicles and Chrono Cross. Project X Zone is published by Namco Bandi Games, they have a long track record of publishing awesome games that have come up under their name on it such as Dark Souls, Ni No Kuni, Soulcalibur V, Ace combat: Assault Horizon, and the upcoming Super Smash Bros on Wii U as well as the Nintendo 3DS.

When told I was going to be playing Project X Zone I was super pumped. I had seen things about this game at E3 2013, still having no clue what the game was like in my own hands until I got my code for it, put it into my Nintendo 3DS XL, and booted it up for the first time. I was blown away by this game. First off this game is very Japanese, just by the way that everything is subtitled and the characters are all speaking Japanese, and the art direction also follows suit.

Project X Zone has a story following the theft of the ‘Portalstone’. The Portalstone is a stone that has been protected over the ages and Project X Zone’s plot follows detective Konoro Tenzai to locate the stone. From there the story twists and turns and I found it really hard to follow, but that wasn’t a problem because you are looking at a very long story to play through which is good. You’re going to get a lot of bang for your buck with Project X Zone, there is at least 40+ hours of game to play through.

The gameplay in Project X Zone is very awesome. Players have, on one side, a top down RPG with grid movements that is turn based with so many variations to it. Then there’s the best battle system I’ve seen in a game for a long time. When you go into attacking someone you get a 2D mixed with 3D type of fight scene reminiscent of Street Fighter. You will either be attacking solo or you will have a pair of two characters. You also will have cross-hit and support-hit where you can have nearby allies join in the fight and give you some support during fights which will inflict major damage. In each of the levels you will get the chance to play as several different characters and get items as you play that will become very handy during gameplay.

The controls end up with players usually using the circle pad and buttons on the right hand side. The d pad is rarely used and there is the option to use the bumpers (which are used here and there). Any gamer can pick this game up pretty easily, because it teaches you how to play the game with on-screen directions. When you are in battle it also shows you combos that you can use in-game, they are specific to the character you are using.

Speaking for the characters in this game there’s characters from franchises like Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Tekken, Devil May Cry, Valkyria Chronicles, Tales of Vesperia, Dead Rising, God Eater, and Mega Man. The graphics in the game are ‘pixelated’ 3D models in the RPG mode and there is really good art when you are in the fighting mode. This game is going to have a very high replay-ability. Handheld gamers will be able to come back to Project X Zone over and over again.

Final Verdict: Project X Zone is an extremely enjoyable mix between fighting and role playing from Monolith Soft and Banpresto presented by Namco Bandai Games packed full of Sega, Capcom, and Namco Bandai’s characters and earns a 9.6 out of 10 from RealGamerNewz. It’s one of the best 3DS games played to this point and one of the best games played in 2013. We recommend that if you have Nintendo 3DS, you need to pick this game up and enjoy it now.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 9.6 / 10

RGN Rating: Platinum Game

Available On: Nintendo 3DS

Developer: Banpresto + Monolith Soft / Publisher: Namco Bandai Games

Played On: Nintendo 3DS XL

Review Copy Info: A digital voucher for this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for purposes of this review.

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