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Call of Duty Modern Warfare (Hands-On) Preview

Call of Duty is trying to make a comeback this year with a soft reboot of their Modern Warfare brand of the series. Promising new changes to gameplay, a more mature tone compared to Black Ops IIII, and trying to recapture what made Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare so groundbreaking 12 years. It’s no small order but it seems they are committed to this idea.

Now the alpha only had two modes present both a new variation of a 2v2 mode which is new to the series. The thing this is the most like is Halo 5 Guardian’s Breakout mode which is a 4v4 elimination style mode with a flag capture point in the center. It’s basically the same setup here except 2v2 instead of 4v4 likely to keep the pace of the matches extremely fast due to the low amount of kill time in Call of Duty.

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Blizzard is falling apart as Activision selling back-to-basics Modern Warfare 2019

Since the original merger between Blizzard and Activision it has been gamers’ worst fear to see corporate greed would somehow lead to the dissolving of the former’s authenticity and identity. Blizzard has always been loved by gamers as a beacon of quality titles which provided great value per dollar while also being complete packages that expanded in large ways, not ‘nickel-and-diming‘ customers the way modern games often do.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, on the other hand, has players reconsidering the franchise as interest has begun to grow. For the first time, Call of Duty’s graphical engine has been given a major upgrade. The title will also focus heavily on its single player campaign which was a feature absent from last year’s Black Ops 4 and will be pressured to earn more than ever with Destiny going third-party as Bungie exits Activision ownership retaining its rights.

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