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Leaked: New3DS Gets Its Release Date, Exactly One Month From Today

As the Nintendo 3DS becomes discontinued, and the 3DS XL drops in price, a new leak has surfaced giving the exact release date of the New3DS and New3DS XL AKA New Nintendo 3DS XL which will “open a new world of gaming” according to Nintendo featuring extra buttons, face tracking 3D, a built-in Amiibo reader, C stick analog on the right side, and a better spec of components including a beefed up processor.

It is currently being speculated that Nintendo may be ready to introduce Gameboy Advance and Super Nintendo games to the Virtual Console specifically for this New3DS but that is just speculation at this point and has not been announced by Nintendo. There will however be exclusive games for the console.

Many Nintendo 3DS games scheduled for release will still work on the existing 3DS and 3DS XL (as well as 2DS models) but in theory this will not be the case over time as the platform is shifted to the New3DS primarily. Many people are looking into advanced trade-up offers from retail stores or online websites, or even ebaying their equipment now. Me personally, I am going to keep my 3DS XL and collection of games for it and invest in building a totally separate one for the New3DS. I look forward to seeing Nintendo announce a lot more for the platform, but understandably so they appear to be focusing on rolling out Wii U and 3DS games first and foremost this year.

Early adopters will likely be already expecting most of the New3DS games to be announced towards the end of the year and top of next year so 3DS has more time to shine this year. But the eShop’s indie scene should give way to a great selection of games like Shovel Knight to hold them over until the blockbusters start hitting.

Editor’s Notes:

  • North America Release Date: February 13, 2015
  • New3DS is already available in Japan + Australia
  • Extra Features Include (but not limited to): analog nub, additional ZL and ZR shoulder buttons, improved 3D, integrated NFC support for Amiibo, a faster CPU, and replaceable cover plates.
  • The source of this leak is revealed as an anonymous Gamestop Manager via NEOGAF post (visit this forum is at your own risk).
  • More Information is expected on tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct Livestream at 9 AM EST USA (6 AM PST USA / 2 PM UK Time)

Let us know your thoughts on New3DS?

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