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How to get a Nintendo Switch for $225 (July 2018)

Americans are able to get a special deal on the Nintendo Switch for a limited time through Google Express (sorry, no Canadians allowed) via discount code on checkout with Target selected as the retailer. This deal comes from the infamous industry watchdog Wario64 who should be followed by anyone who wants to know the latest in gaming discounts, pre-order information, and other rare purchasing options for the latest games and technology. The person behind this account is unidentified and though theories have gone around about them being Suda51 or another industry figurehead hiding behind an anonymous call-sign, recent posts seem to hint that they might be in fact a games journalist.

In any event, this deal is something you wouldn’t want to pass up if you need a Nintendo Switch and feel the timing is right to budget for one. We’ll do our best to include instructions on how to go through with the offer in this article. It should be noted that the discount is designed for items in the cart and not specifically the Switch, but underground gamers likely stumbled upon it and repeated its usage for buying Switch hardware before Wario64 decided to share it. He obviously operates within a pretty clever group of gamers who seem to always have the latest and greatest deals at their fingertips.

Even so, this particular deal is only valid until July 17, 2018 so if you want it then you’ll need to hurry up and buy it within the next ten days. It also has to be in stock in a nearby store.

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