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First Look At Retail Version of Oculus Rift for Gamers & Finally A Release Date Window

As Unreal Engine rolls a new update for SteamVR development support and the HTC Vive endorsed by Valve approaches release this Fall 2015 (if all goes according to plan), it is expected that the PlayStation Morpheus for PS4 VR Gaming will be given some sort of further information at E3 2015. But what about Oculus Rift?

Oculus Rift was the first and strongest proponent of research & development during the recent modern wave of VR Gaming and will not be sitting this one out on the stands. It is unconfirmed as of yet if the device will ever work on consoles, but for many Windows PC and Linux users the Oculus Rift will likely remain the device of choice simply because of the large community surrounding it both of gamers and dev studios. Although it is good that a nebulous VR Gaming market is forming with multiple options such as the Vive, Rift, and platforms like Steam VR it is also great to see the original inspiration for all of this getting more info.

It’s not much to go on just yet but here’s today’s newest tid-bits for Oculus Rift:

The Oculus Rift’s Retail Version will launch some time during Q1 2016. Exact Date Soon.

Price will be above $199, but final price is still not revealed.

Detailed Specs of Retail Version Coming Soon.

Microphone Included – “Hidden In The Best Place”.

Oculus Rift Dev Kit 2 Still Available (In Short Supply Currently).

Drop a comment and let us know which you’re most interested in: Vive, Morpheus, or Oculus Rift?

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