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Rumor: Xbox ONE Has Just as Many Pre-Orders As PlayStation 4

According to recent statements from PR & Marketing representatives at Microsoft, Xbox ONE is around the same amount of pre-orders when comparing only the amount of PS4’s pre-ordered within the 13 counties Xbox ONE is launching in. During the PlayStation 3 era we’ve seen a similar strategy used for many years by forum jockeys to sway the ‘fanboy wars’ in the direction of the Xbox 360.

Today Microsoft has reminded gamers worldwide that although the media and public consensus may have shifted towards Sony, the Xbox brand is not going to place itself on unequal ground for statistic comparisons and will probably not bother comparing itself to PS4 including those numbers until their  new Xbox ONE product has actually launched in those products.

On the one hand this is a pretty logical and dry statement for MS to make (how would you compare points in a video game between somebody that’s not on your server and you, after all?). Of course there are some who have been reacting to this news a little differently, suggesting that Microsoft is just doing damage control with their PR speech.

[Source: Reddit via GamingBolt]

The controversy doesn’t end there either. New data from Australia’s commercial sector shows the average consumer aiming for either a Nintendo Wii U, an Xbox ONE, or a Sony PlayStation 4 are significantly slanted towards the PlayStation 4. In many ways this argument of who has the higher pre-orders is a topic for shareholders and investors, not one for gamers. We encourage all gamers to play what they like regardless of how something is doing in the market. Take a look at a graph representing the data that’s being reported on below, as well as a source to more information behind it.

[Source: Ray Morgan Research]

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