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YouTube Community Being Criticized for Taking Cash From Publishers – Is It Really So Wrong? [New Data]

Those who create “Let’s Play” videos or otherwise do video podcasting and video reviews of video games on YouTube are currently being criticized for taking money from video game publishers to do their work. In a survey in which YouTube producers were polled, over 25% of YouTube gaming personalities admitted to taking money. But hold the phone, aren’t these website which are reporting on this news also taking money from publishers in the form of ads that often come with specific censorship-like stipulations? Yep.

So let’s REALLY talk about this…

When is it okay and when is it not okay for publisher to pay video game publications or YouTube channels to talk about their game? I think the answer is pretty universal and obvious. Those who charge for Review content are definitely crossing a line which should never be crossed. Paying for a positive opinion that is being advertised as genuine and unbiased is wrong on the part of the publisher, who should have never offered such a deal to these medium or small websites / YouTube channels of various sizes, who are essentially starving artists to begin with. Larger websites, well… we all know they are pretty much corrupt as all power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. So we’ll just leave them out of this for now.

However, accepting money from publishers for things like advertising, doing Let’s Play gameplay videos with non-evaluative commentary meant to inform the masses shouldn’t really be criticized without first taking a look at the individual content. Additionally, there are sometimes terms given to what would otherwise be perfectly normal payment campaigns and instead turn into more of a gray area situation. One recent example of this was the Xbox ONE campaign in which YouTube channels were paid handsomely to provide footage of the games on Xbox ONE and videos about the console overall – yet no negative statements about the brand were allowed on videos that expected to receive this bonus incentive payment. Some major networks that were involved in this included Machinima (a massive network of YouTubers which openly admitted they took part in this, to a controversial response from the community).

But think about it for a minute. If you were offering to pay for videos to spread awareness of your product, would you pay for videos that bashed it too? I think not. And to those who claim that they shouldn’t be able to pay for videos at all, well that just seems rather stupid. This industry is a business that is practically ignored by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and therefore has virtually no regulations enforced from it. That’s why you’ll see websites like RealGamerNewz tell you at the bottom of each review just how many copies of a game we received to do the Review (as required by FTC regulations) but huge sites like IGN get away with not telling you anything about what they received for a review (which often includes money, tons of physical and digital copies, and swag such as branded clothing, keychains, USB keys, headsets, you name it. This is largely due to the fact that the video games industry is an emerging technology business and therefore a lot of legal stuff is hard to rationalize. In many cases the FTC regulations are outdated for a business so rapidly evolving thanks to technology.

This is only part of the story of course, but I figured rather than re-hashing the simple way of telling this story that other sites are doing – I decided to shed a little more light on this issue. It’s not so black and white as people would have you believe. In fact, there’s much more to this than just YouTubers, much more to this than just YouTube videos, and there are many unanswered questions this industry must face – like how long until the FTC actually enforces its regulations, and how many of its regulations need to be updated to actually make sense for the video games world? For now, take a minute to think about these things on a deeper level and if you’ve got a spare moment let us know what you think.

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Z-Run Vita Review

Z-Run is a game for the PS Vita made by Beatshapers who has been responsible for developing a lot of PlayStation content including Furmins, BreakOut Quest, Canabalt, and Sparkle 2. Beatshapers are also responsible for publishing indie games including Jetpack Joyride by Halfbrick Studios which led to the eventual release later published by Halfbrick known as Age of Zombies. Z-Run is the latest title from Beatshapers and after this the company plans to announce at least three PlayStation 4 projects, one of which works on the PlayStation Morpheus Virtual Reality Headset. But does Z-Run feed the craving for flesh on Vita?

While Z-Run does have the option of a “Campaign”, there is no story that is told to the player. Presumably the protagonist that players are in control of is running through the streets of a city trying to escape the outbreak of a zombie infection. This a major downfall for the game, with no plot there is nothing to really bind the game together and makes it seem like more of a casual mobile game than a goal-orientated beat em up game (which is evidently what Beatshapers was going for).

Z-Run pulls together a lot of cool features making the gameplay pretty alright. For example, when the player kills zombies it splatters blood on the screen obscuring the user’s view. This can be cleared by waiting for it to dissipate or by the player wiping the touchscreen with their hand a couple of times. Another thing that makes the game interesting is that it could be expected that it would only have a survival mode where the player runs forever trying to make it high on the leaderboard. This is not true, it does have a survival mode, but has a campaign mode as well with some interesting features.

While in campaign mode the player is challenged with trying to make it from checkpoint to checkpoint through the city. At each checkpoint there is an opportunity to use the points / money gained from each level and upgrade certain aspects of the character, such as how much stamina the player has. While running to the next goal a player may see a peculiar zombie. What makes it different is it has a friends’ name on it with their score. This indicates where a friend had died along the way and what their score was at the time of death. What sets it apart from a game where the player just dodges obstacles is that the player usually must kill zombies to survive with an arrangement of kicks, hits, and gun shots. There are a couple of problems with the gameplay though. There are some obstacles that are needed to be jumped over to be avoided, but mid-air the character can still be hit and take damage. The same goes for kicking. Being killed by a zombie mid-air while trying to kick another out of the way is more than a little irritating.

All of the controls in Z-Run feel right and work together well though, especially the touchscreen integration in the game. When a players’ screen becomes bloodied they may wipe either the back or front touch screen to clear it depending on preference. However, if a player does not like the control scheme, they can not change it and will have to deal with the current control setup.

The enemies are a variety of zombies with different looks and some with different sizes. The smaller zombies can be kicked and kicked out of the way easily while the larger zombies need to be shot to be moved without getting hit by them. The only character in the game is the protagonist that the player takes control of. There is the occasional stray animal wandering around in the background, but other than that there is no one else in the game.

Z-Run actually looks surprisingly nice on the Vita. Its a fairly simple game but all the same looks wonderful. It can sometimes look/feel too cartoonish, however. Such as when a player goes for an extended jump the character just kind of floats and wiggles in the air for the duration of the jump. Or when a zombie is kicked out of the way it can spiral in the air for a bit before landing. This is more than likely intentional but all the same seems a little too silly.

The soundtrack is for this game is actually pretty good with the composer for the main theme being Vladimir Frey, the composer from Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl. Again, the sound can be a bit cartoonish at times with the zombies making weird/silly noises when they are killed. The overall audio of the game game is good but a bit repetitive which after a while can become quite annoying.

Replay ability of this game is good as long as the player really gets into it the first time around. Z-Run does not really draw a person back to it though. If any reason to continue playing it is to either get a high score or to complete the game. If a player does really like the game though and get into it, there is a high replay ability. Once the game is finished each checkpoint can be revisited and there is a survival mode that can be played to try and get as high as possible on the leaderboard.

For the most part Z-Run ran perfectly fine on the Vita but there were some glitches that happened a surprising amount of times. One being that if a player jumped and then landed on the end of an obstacle while a zombie was there the character would be stuck there and unable to move or die. Another is that sometimes the the character would end up endlessly bumping against a wall unable to die for some reason. When they happened the first time it seemed like they were just rare glitches that would probably never happen again, but that was not the case.

Final Verdict:

Overall this game is alright at best. There are a couple of cool mechanics in the game but there is nothing to really bind it all together. It looks alright and plays okay but still feels like just another game where the player endlessly dodges obstacles trying to get a high score. It could have been greatly improved if there were some sort of story to go along with it, to give the player a reason to continue on and get deeper into the game. In the end the game is a fun game to pass the time but not something that someone would go out of there way to play each day.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 5 / 10

RGN Rating: Below Bronze

Developer / Publisher: Beatshapers

Available On: PlayStation Vita

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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Here’s All The Info About Homefront: The Revolution – OPEN WORLD, POLICE STATE FPS

Whoa, there’s going to be another Homefront game? That’s right. The evil trash monsters at THQ were unable to hold this franchise back (thank God) and the industry will be seeing a sequel to the game that many felt was slept on but a great first person shooter experience both in gripping single player based on the emotions fueled by a new world war taking place on American soil as well as its online multiplayer with dedicated servers. The new title appears to not feature competitive multiplayer (unless it has yet to be announced) but will provide 4 player co-op and is being published through a co-publishing agreement naming Deep Silver and Crytek as both publishers on the deal.

Stepping up to the plate to make this possible is our good ol’ friends at the ever ambitious and ever badazz games publishing firm Deep Silver (who you may remember recently brought Saints Row IV back to life from the pits of THQ hell as well). The development will be handled by none other than Crytek.

This game takes place in an alternate near-future during which the United States has been occupied by an enemy force the past 4 years by Korea. It’s up to the people of America to take this country back and liberate it from a purely brutal military force but unlike the first Homefront this game takes place long after that initial invasion and those who would join you are quelled into silence and non-action – requiring you to spark their hope in fighting back against the reality they’ve been waking up to every day for the past half of a decade.

Details about the game:

– Open World First Person Shooter – Day and Night dynamically change as the suburbs of Philly are defended by an underground rebellion against an invading force. Crytek’s Nottingham studio is in charge of the development of this title which is also boasting an increased graphical fidelity thanks to a change of technology utilizing the next-gen consoles and latest computer hardware respectively.

– Philadelphia Police State – For those who don’t know, this is a setting that basically means Martial Law. Think about cops equipped with full assault equipment and roaming neighborhoods making sure people are either detained, docile, or laying down without breathing. Similar to the intense setting that we saw in the original Homefront, Crytek’s new game The Revolution is expected to pull at some heart strings and present somewhat feasible problems that Americans could face in the future (but hopefully won’t).

– Guerrilla Tool Kit + Revolutionary Warfare – Players are tasked with salvaging interesting items and gun parts they find in order to create home-made weapons out of them. Beyond this, players are also going to have to pick and choose their battles using tactics and strategy that are appropriate for such a lopsided battle. The American Army is lacking most, if not all, of its power since Korea has seized it for themselves. Players also have to create their own “Safe Houses” and recruit soldiers to their team. Crytek has even stated that many of the battles are completely unscripted.

– Four Player Online Co-Op “Heroes of the Revolution” Mode


Taking Homefront into the open world space and bringing players into a narrative about revolution in defense against invaders, that is close to home will likely redefine the game and bring out the best elements of the original while doing so. Crytek definitely has the catalog to be trustworthy based on resume when it comes to preserving the integrity of the gameplay (specifically the feel of the shooting mechanics and battles) that Homefront presented as well.

It will be some time until we learn more about the title, and 2015 before the game launches for XO, PS4, and Computer platforms. For now, this is all the info we have available. Check out the video released today with this announcement as well as official hi-resolution images below.

Announcement Trailer of Homefront: The Revolution:

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox ONE, Windows PC, Mac OS X, Linux

Release Date: TBA 2015

Excerpt from the Official Press Release:

“Crytek has an outstanding track record of creating AAA action games. Homefront is a fascinating IP with huge global potential. With Crytek`s technical pedigree and Deep Silver´s publishing expertise, we will take the IP to new heights,” said Dr. Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Deep Silver / Koch Media.


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Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Will Run You $9.99 w/ In-App Purchases, Or $19.99 Without Them

Playing Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, which is now available on the Google Play store for mobile devices here for $9.99, will include in-app purchases unless on the Windows PC platform. The operating system required for today’s release is Android 4.0 or above. Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is a re-branding of the original which was recently discussed on Gamasutra. With many changes and updates to the game, players are encouraged to keep one hand on their classic version and one hand stretching out towards the sky, towards the future. Developed and Published by Beamdog, Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is also available for the Mac OS X and Apple iOS platforms.

Check out this excerpt from the Official Press Release below:

“Carve a path of glory up and down the Sword Coast with new and old allies, or try your luck in the deadly Black Pits stand-alone adventure! Now you can enjoy this revitalized classic while riding the bus to work, flying to your next destination, or at home in front of a warm fire—however and whenever you choose.”

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Freedom Wars (PS Vita / VitaTV Shooter) – Cinematic Trailer [HD 1080P]

The Cinematic Trailer of Freedom Wars is presented below in Full 1080P High Definition. This PlayStation Vita Shooter is being hailed as the embodiment of the genre on the handheld gaming device which is capable of the highest resolution graphics in the handheld market when compared to other dedicated handheld gaming devices. This is a first party title being brought forth by Sony’s publishing teams and developed by SCE Japan Studio, Shift, Dimps.

Genre(s): Action, Shooter
Platform(s): PlayStation Vita
Publisher(s): Sony Computer Entertainment America
Developer(s): SCE Japan Studio, Shift, Dimps
Release Date (NA): TBA 2014

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Surge Deluxe PlayStation Vita Review

Surge Deluxe is a puzzler from developer FuturLab. The game is a redone version of a PS Mobile title that came out a few years back and the changes here are quite welcome.

The game is a tile matching puzzle game that starts off pretty simple and does an incredibly good job of explaining the systems in place. It gets pretty challenging when you’re not only trying to maximize your score but also maintain the vents on the side of the screen from building up too much pressure. Build up too much pressure in the vents on the side of the screen and it’s game over for you.

The game begins by showing you the ropes explaining to you how to use the Vita’s touchscreen to chain together tiles of the same color. Eventually it shows you how to chain together multipliers and various types of power-ups to help maximize your score. In theory this sounds simple but the difficulty ramps up when you must manage not only your multipliers but the vents on each side of the screen. In order to unblock the vents you must clear out the tiles in each row and then touch both sides of the screen to release pressure from each set of vents. It may sound easy but the pressure builds fast each and every round if you’re no monitoring the meter on each side of the screen.

As far as modes are concerned there is only two. There’s a standard play mode which instantly throws you into the action and teaches you the basics of the game. There’s also a incredibly challenging puzzle mode in which you not only have to work against the clock but other players high scores as well. There’s your standard High Score leader-boards so you’ll have plenty of other scores to try and beat.

Final Verdict:

For a revamped PS Mobile game it isn’t bad. My only gripe is that there isn’t any multiplayer or additional modes but it is a fun game nonetheless. It’s a good game that if you wanted to pick it up and play on a bus ride to work or play it for hours on end to devise new strategies, it will get the job done.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 8 / 10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developer: FuturLab

Developer / Publisher: FuturLab

Available On: Sony PlayStation Vita

Review Copy Info: A physical copy of the game was purchased by RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this review.

Editor’s Note: RealGamerNewZ has moved web servers, some older posts can no longer be commented on and have been preserved without their images. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. This article was written by Brodrick McLaurin on 20140320 and was last modified on 20140320 .

Terraria Teams Up With Pixel Piracy! Full Publishing Deal + Development Collab Announced

Re-Logic and Quadro Delta have just dropped a megaton bomb of an announcement on the gaming industry! This deal sees the creators of Pixel Piracy becoming more empowered to control their own future than ever before as the team behind Terraria have stepped in as supporters and partners (as well as the official Publisher) of the Pixel Piracy vision.

The Pixel Piracy development team has been working closely with Re-Logic (creators of Terraria) on a cross-game experience collaboration. In addition to Re-Logic becoming publisher for development studio Quadro Delta’s upcoming final build of Pixel Piracy (due sometime around Q2 2014) there will also be exciting cross-over elements being announced soon such as Terraria weapons in Pixel Piracy, discounts on the game for those who already own Terraria, and a lot more!

Re-Logic has even gone as far as to get involved with development via lending the Pixel Piracy team a musician, scripter, sprite artist, and will also assist in post-production, marketing, and more.

Play PixelPiracy Early Access | Follow @PixelPiracyGame On Twitter

Quadro Delta, the very ambitious development team behind Pixel Piracy, released the following statement about this new deal and what it means to the studio:

”Working with Re-Logic will be an amazing opportunity to do Pixel Piracy justice. We feel that our collaboration with one of the world’s most prestigious independent studios will serve as a means to give our humble title the touches it needs to become a sincere contender in the gaming ring. We are honored by the opportunity, and will prove that it was an immensely positive choice.” – Vitali Kirpu, Lead Designer at Quadro Delta

Play Terraria | Follow Terraria / Re-Logic On Twitter

Re-Logic, the new publisher / collaborative studio for Pixel Piracy and well-known as the creators of Terraria, also released a statement about today’s announcement:

“We are really excited about what Vitali has done so far with Pixel Piracy.  We feel like the game is a good example of what the indie game community has to offer, and we want to do our part to make sure it gets the attention it deserves.” – Andrew Spinks, CEO of Re-Logic

Check out the following video released for the Re-Logic collaborative announcement:

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Major Third Party IP Deals Being Developed By Sony

The latest intel to land in our inbox sees SCEA’s Gio Corsi having announced that Sony has completed “the formation of a new group within the company called Third Party Production which works with publishing partners to bring third-party IPs to PlayStation platforms (PS4, PS3, Vita)”  which brings Sony back to the discussion of the fantasy games list being compiled in secret.

What games will eventually come of this and how their individual deals will be made are yet to be seen, but essentially Sony teams have already been actively creating lists of third party IP rights and/or game development projects that they need to satisfy their audience. Gio Corsi of SCEA in this latest update refuses to promise specific games “until they’re real.”  but seems very confident that news is coming very soon.

You may recall the huge push for Sony and SEGA to talk about a Shenmue 3 project not long ago. This can be looked at as an example of a game fans want. Other examples include a now heavily rumored (for the fourth time) Final Fantasy VII Remake from Square Enix which is said to have been under low-key development for many years now. Crash Bandicoot is also expected to be one of the titles Sony is working with Activision on creating. The Third Party Production firm will seemingly seek to make projects like this a reality if at all possible, and word is that their list is long so that if even only a handful of deals end up resulting in fully released games – it would all be worth it in the end.

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Amazon Makes A Major Move Potentially Becoming The Next Big Publisher

The world’s largest online retailer has made another major move and has purchased Double Helix Games (the developers of Killer Instinct on Xbox ONE). Microsoft has put a new developer in charge of Killer Instinct content, and will make the announcement soon.

Meanwhile, Amazon has made a major move towards their intentions in entering the video game industry, potentially as the next big publisher – or perhaps more if rumors are to be taken seriously. More to come from RGN, stay tuned.

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Crash Bandicoot Getting HD Remake From Fans [HD Videos]

Check out the following High Definition videos (most of them in Full 1080P High Definition) which show a little known fan-made project of the much talked about recently Crash Bandicoot IP. These clips show off the hard work of some fans that are doing this out of their love for gaming, so try and appreciate how much effort actually went into this. Shouts out to Junkie Monkeys for being one of the first to ever spot this HD Remake out in the wild for a game that’s been on gamer minds lately, link after the videos to their original break of the story.

Gameplay Test #1:


Gameplay Test #2:

Crab Animation Video:

Level Overview:

Texturing Process:

Crash Bandicoot Character:

Crash Bandicoot HD Menu Mockup:

***Editor’s Note: The following box art is Fan Art and not to be taken as the real thing:

[Source: CrashBandicootHD via JunkieMonkeys]

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NASCAR Redline Review

NASCAR Redline is a mobile game that recently released for the iOS App Store and is built to take full advantage of the iPhone 5’s extended capabilities. Eutechnyx is a known developer behind many NASCAR games published on console as well as PC spanning a number of impressive simulation and gameplay experiences. This title takes the fundamental experience of games like NASCAR: Inside Line and NASCAR: The Game 2013 and essentially puts them in your pocket. With Redline though, that isn’t just a selling tag, it’s actually true as nearly all aspects of the game have been recreated for the mobile title, but now turn-based.

Controls: That’s right turn-based. NASCAR Redline features input at certain moments that effect the simulation of what you’re seeing. You can start and pause a statistics feed you’re seeing which tells you your position in the game, the amount of damage done to your car, and how much fuel you have. There’s also a text narration of the events taking place in the race, such as drivers passing each other or experiencing difficulties. You’ll also be notified of caution timers and be able to select how much gas to get in the pit, tires to swap, and how heavily to repair your vehicle. This is basically a turn-based system that is sometimes randomly interrupted to bring you to a cut-scene which asks you to hold the gas or break for a certain amount of time, prevent the vehicle from redlining, and then wait to see how this is played out in hi-fidelity graphics followed by in your text-based stat-readout view of the simulation.

Now I know what you’re thinking, Redline isn’t a racing game. This is a title for the iPhone 5 which you can pick up and play at any moment, with micro-seconds of gameplay dedicated at a time if necessary. Redline represents a flawlessly reliable, beautiful looking, and intense simulation game controlled by a fairly straight-forward menu screen with cut-scenes that you control acted out in a visually 3D world that is mind-blowing hi-fidelity.

This type of gameplay experience is not going to be for everyone. Some might be looking for the more direct racing experience, and while all aspects of the NASCAR sport and game series are here, they are represented by a completely new input and control style. This game, however, is perfect for the iPhone 5. Gamers on the run who love the NASCAR video games by Eutechnyx finally have a NASCAR sim in their pockets which allows them to pitch fictional races, control a driver in them, and do all of this while busy in their real lives at work or at a doctor’s office waiting around. Small snippets of gameplay can be had with Redline. It can be placed in your pocket with the race still taking place. Then it can be picked up and interacted with. There’s also incentive to keep playing more often thanks to a complete campaign system.

Campaign: The full week by week campaign of NASCAR Redline from Eutechnyx is a complete simulation of the career in a NASCAR driver’s life. From races, to training, to upgrades, and even managing sponsors players are taken through many aspects of the sport with their hi-resolution vehicle pitting and speeding against other drivers to make it to the top. Development of your skills is a necessary part of moving through the entire game which also features an unlockable “SEASON” experience that delivers the authentic experience of a competitive driver in the NASCAR racing league.

Gameplay: There seems to be nothing missing from its console counterparts as NASCAR Redline enters the mobile world as possibly the most polished racing game on the entire platform, however the way you play the game is totally different. The game’s simulation and input, found in more detail above (in the controls section),

Drivers / A.I.: The artificial intelligence of the drivers in NASCAR Redline are what you’d expect from a Eutechnyx game, they’re realistic and brutally difficult until you get on their level. All of the real life drivers from NASCAR are here as well as the images of their vehicles in a high resolution 3D representation. Eutechnyx is a trusted developer of the NASCAR licensed intellectual property and Redline is an official production sanctioned by the NASCAR companies. But the game isn’t all serious, it’s pretty funny to watch the player’s vehicle peel out doing donuts after a race.

Graphics / Art Direction: The art style of NASCAR: Redline is of course photo-realism with graphics that impress on the iPhone 5 model series of devices. Eutechnyx shows their mastery at even mobile games as this title delivers the experience of a full NASCAR game found on consoles or even the PC. If anything the Redline mobile game for iPhone 5 shows off the scale to which this developer is ready to make a full racing title. We surely hope this is in the plans and pipeline for driving fans that want a real-time experience rather than a time management game.

Soundtrack, Audio, Voice: Realistic background noise and engine effects are found in the game. There’s no voice-acting or major audio system in the game, other than during its interactive cut-scenes, but the soundtrack does remain true to the NASCAR theme and license. There is a decent offering of music in-game, including a “Redline” soundtrack that fades in and out at times among other sound effects.

Replay Ability: High – Customization and upgrades held over the course of gameplay make it so the title is easy to play over and over with perpetual goals giving your thumbs a long play-through.

Engine Performance: No glitches were experienced during our play-through of the game.

Final Verdict:

Once you’re into the concept of a NASCAR racing simulator that allows pocket-play at any time, the title fits well in your iPhone and is completely worth the low price it’s being charged. NASCAR Redline gives you a quick play on an interactive action piece for the true NASCAR fans out there. If you aren’t a fan of the franchise, you can still appreciate a quick game of this with time to spare. Those who are looking for a full driving / racing NASCAR title on the iPhone 5 will currently be disappointed though, which is basically the only negative point of this title. For those who may have expected a different genre for NASCAR’s first iOS installment, they will be met with an unfamiliar set of gameplay mechanics to the NASCAR IP. But if they give that unfamiliar experience a chance they will find a very polished, thought-out experience meant to take away any mind-numbingly boring moments out of life and replace them with dreams of winning at the All-American Driving Sport.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 7.5/10

RGN Rating: Bronze Game

Developer / Publisher: Eutechnyx

Available On: iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch*

Played On: iPhone 5 mobile devices

*May not be compatible with legacy devices

Review Copy Info- A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

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Rollabear Official Game Trailer [1080P HD]

The official game trailer for Rollabear is presented by RealGamerNewz in Full 1080P High Definition. This game will arrive on iOS mobile platform supporting devices October 8, 2013 from publisher Matmi.

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Deals: Tomb Raider Weekend Steam Sale – $12.49 (75% Off)

Check out Square Enix, doing it big with a Steam Sale for this weekend on their beloved title Tomb Raider (the 2013 reboot). This deal runs until September 16, 2013 so if you want it then you’d better jump in now. Many have spoken highly about this game and you can probably get a lot of recommendations on whether to buy it or not from people on your Steam Friends List who already own it. If that’s not enough info for you, check out the Monestary Escape Gameplay Walkthrough officially released by developers Crystal Dynamics / Eidos Montreal and publisher Square Enix in High Definition below.

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Always Sometimes Monsters Coming to PC in 2014; Teaches Us That Good vs Evil is Subjective

Always Sometimes MONSTERS is a game that seeks to convey a life lesson that I’ve been aware of for some time now. While it’s easier to understand this concept rather than live by it, since we are all human, the pure concept of this game is that all actions and decisions we make as human beings are subjective. There is in fact, no right and no wrong. What we believe to be ‘good’ and ‘evil’ choice or decisions are actually simply the product of our circumstantial situations and our individual interpretations / reactions to them. For more about this game, check out the High Definition trailer below released today by publisher Devolver Digital and developer Vagabond Dog for the game which will release some time in 2014 for Windows PC.

Editor’s Note: RealGamerNewZ has moved web servers, some older posts can no longer be commented on and have been preserved without their images. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. This article was written by Jon Ireson on 20130828 and was last modified on 20130828 .

Capcom Q1 Profits Down 6.2% From Last Year Citing Lack of Releases

Earlier today you may have noticed that RealGamerNewz released news pertaining to Nintendo and Take-Two Interactive financial reports which have been released for investors and public domain. Here are some highlights from Capcom’s financial report which has been released today.

Although Resident Evil Revelations (Review HERE) and Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen have reportedly met their sales expectations for Capcom, a financial report released today from the Japan-based publisher notes a 6.2% drop in profits compared to the previous Q1 of last fiscal year. Capcom cites a lack of releases as the reason for this, and anticipates a huge increase in profits to come with the planned release of next-gen games including Dead Rising 3 exclusive to Xbox ONE coming out alongside next-gen systems this Holiday 2013. Investors may want to know the specific figure given by Capcom for net profit loss in Q1 of Fiscal Year 2014 is listed as 828 million yen which is equivalent to $8.4 million.

Editor’s Note: RealGamerNewZ has moved web servers, some older posts can no longer be commented on and have been preserved without their images. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. This article was written by Jon Ireson on 20130731 and was last modified on 20130731 .