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Monster Hunter: World Gets DMC Crossover w/ Trailer As Popularity Remains Sky High

Monster Hunter: World and Fortnite are currently topping charts as some of the most popular games in the world (only second to perhaps the Grand Theft Auto series in total sales, but likely more active than even that game’s online mode).

Right now we are seeing a great time for crossover content in games with Final Fantasy receiving Assassin’s Creed characters stepping into the world as well as other Square Enix properties such as Laura Croft making her appearance in the FF world. Continuing that new age legacy is Capcom with the Devil May Cry crossover for Monster Hunter: World, a game that is taking the planet by storm.

For many years gamers in Japan, US, and Europe (other countries don’t count, JK) have been enjoying the MH series but it was usually portable. Gamers of all kinds, long-time fans of MH or not, had longed for a chance to experience the title in high-fidelity quality on a home console again. With Monster Hunter: World they finally got their chance. Capcom took a huge risk making this game as the costs are a lot higher than usual MH games and many financial experts had predicted that the series was mostly a Japan phenomenon relying on Japan’s high volume of portable game sales. Fortunately for all parties involved, it turns out that was a false prediction, the game is a massive hit and by all accounts a good game.

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New Monster Hunter: World Trailer Shows 5th Generation Elder Dragons

Plus All Locations, Monsters, Weapons Monster Hunter: World Info RoundUp:

Recently featured in our article about the Games of January 2018 and trending in polls among readers as one of their Most Anticipated Games, Monster Hunter: World is a title that brings a traditionally renowned franchise into a new existence among 4K Gaming quality graphics with highly smooth online gameplay experiences. The dream come true for many home console players who have always hoped for an ultimate vision of what Monster Hunter could be if given true home console power rather than only handheld gaming as its platform for a change.

Co-Op will become even more of a focus than ever as the PlayStation community gets their hands on what fans of home gaming and Monster Hunter have always hoped for all along. Monster Hunter: World is a massive return to form with a modern twist from developer / publisher Capcom, who has been reigniting passion in more than one of their franchises lately. The company is doing great to be part of a wave of Japanese game development studios staging a huge takeover and comeback in the game industry.

Releasing Worldwide on Friday, January 26, 2018 in North America, Japan, and Europe, Monster Hunter: World will feature Sword and Shield, Dual Blades, Great Sword, Long Sword, Hammer, Hunting Horn, Lance, Gunlance, Switch Axe, Insect Glaive, Charge Blade, Light Bowgun, Heavy Bowgun, and the Bow as far as weapon choices go. Confirmed Monsters in the game so far include Barnos, Gajau, Girros, Grimalkyne, Jagras, Kestodon, Mernos, Noios, Anjanath, Great Girros, Great Jagras, Jyuratodus, Kulu-Ya-Ku, Legiana, Nergigante, Odogaron, Paolumu, Pukei-Pukei, Radobaan, Tzitzi-Ya-Ku , Tobi-Kadachi, and Zorah Magdaros.

Continue reading below for all locations in the game and which locations will feature each sort of enemy as well as artwork for each area and the newly released Elder Dragons artwork and trailer which came out in Japanese today.

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Mega Man Legacy Collection 1080P HD 8-Bit Remastering 6 Games This Summer on PS4, Xbox ONE, PC

Although already drawing controversy, Capcom and Digital Eclipse have decided to bring out Mega Man 1, Mega Man 2, Mega Man 3, Mega Man 4, Mega Man 5, and Mega Man 6 with 1080P graphics and enhanced bonus material including high-resolution conceptual art from the Capcom historical development archives, and more. OverClocked Remix was even given a shout out by MinishCapcom who is a spokesperson employed at Capcom and made the announcement on CapcomUnity where the fan reaction has been mostly negative.

Although surely a good thing to bring Mega Man back to the front of the industry and release an available copy of these classic titles with as much enhancement as possible, some see it as an incomplete package. It’s likely that a second volume of remasters would be released if the sale of Mega Man Legacy Collection went well, including Mega Man 7, Mega Man 8, Mega Man 9, Mega Man 10, but that is currently unclear and might not happen. Nevermind the Mega Man X titles or any other originals fans wish to re-purchase and hold on to from the past.

What some fans are forgetting to realize here is that these titles are being remastered from scratch, that takes time, effort, money, and hard work. Although the final product may appear very true to the original titles, giving the feeling of just being a port, the games are actually being taken apart and put back together. The visuals that will be provided by this process are meant to remove things like blur, stretching, ghosting, shadowing, and other problems that occur when playing classic retro games on new platforms and displays. The plan is not to reinvent the wheel but rather to provide an exquisite way to view and play these six titles.

This falls into $14.99 price range at time of release and comes with a number of new features:

Restored Graphics – 1080P Eclipse Engine has been used for a digital restoration process specifically designed for 8-bit games.

Leaderboards – Compete with friends and opponents online to see who ranks where globally in various Mega Man game stats.

Challenge Mode – Go beyond playing the game itself and try to push the limit on what can be accomplished in Mega Man games.

Replay Share – Share the data of your Replays with other players easily, play back the action you cause in Mega Man games.

MMLC Mega Man Legacy Collection Museum – Development of the Mega Man series is expressed in art work at high resolution, and more.

Mega Man Database – Enemy lists, Practice sessions, learn about your foes and master every opponent in the Mega Man games.

In any event, the good news is that some seriously overlooked Mega Man games will be getting the re-release treatment by development studio Digital Eclipse under Capcom’s publishing firm for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE as well as an unannounced list of PC stores which probably includes Steam and a direct Capcom Store, but hopefully also includes GOG Galaxy the rising alternative many fans have asked for in response to this announcement. Alas, much of the fan-base vocal minority on message boards are more interested in physical copies of the Mega Man Legacy Collection which at this time does not appear to be planned.

On the Nintendo 3DS eShop there are some upgrades planned though there will of course not be HD 1080P graphics on these version of the games. Time trials, player challenge, and the MMLC Mega Man Legacy Collection Museum which shows off historical planning documents that went into developing the early games. This will include sketches scanned in at higher resolution than ever before, preserving artwork and development documents dating back to the 80’s and 90’s. The games will be bundled for the first time at $14.99 (through the eShop) with these features as an alternative to the currently listed prices each individual, original game is listed at. There does not appear to be any plans to implement these new features into the pre-existing Mega Man games listed on 3DS eShop, so buying the new package is mandatory if you want to experience them.

The games will be streamed during E3 2015 in addition to Capcom’s other E3 2015 plans, and Mega Man Legacy Collection will be available for hands-on gameplay time by those who attend San Diego Comic Con 2015.

Official Trailer:

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