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What if EA Indoctrinated All Their Fans? (Mass Effect 3 Conspiracy Theory)

Recently we brought you a unique look on Mass Effect’s Synthesis ending and how it could be perceived as a New World Order future being expressed in allegory format (a.k.a. metaphorical). Further in-depth analysis came forth and we would now like to update you on more advanced theories and correlations between the game and the hidden realities of the conspiracy world. If you don’t understand any of this you may just chalk it up to an overly in-depth analysis that’s going on in the fan circles of Bioware’s controversial third Mass Effect title, but many fans say it deserves a closer look.

Talk goes on still about cut material that never made it into the game. An original ending “accidentally” leaked by Microsoft can be concluded as the root cause of the ending scenarios that let gamers down. The original ending fit and made a lot more sense according to dedicated fans of the series. This ending was ultimately removed from the game permanently and replaced. But maybe this ending was the true ending to the game and perhaps its message speaks louder than the words found by hackers who leaked the script exploiting Microsoft’s mistake of releasing a demo before it was ready for public consumption.

The original ending is known by fans as the Dark Energy ending. This ending could have been leaked and removed by Microsoft by accident, or it could have been fate that this ending was never meant to release and Bioware was actually censored by insiders in control of the executive decision making at EA and Microsoft. The Dark Energy ending explains and encompasses conspiracy theory that exists mirrored in real life. It there were a perfect target for narrow-minded censorship, this ending’s full meaning would be it.

What is the Dark Energy ending? What does it mean? The Dark Energy ending exposes the profile and capabilities of inter-dimensional beings said to exist in the universe which ultimately embody the energies that humanity refers to as “evil” or “the dark side” in both popular culture as well as morality linguistics For examples see religion, science, history or spiritual/mystical knowledge; each have their own version of this.

In Mass Effect 3’s Synthesis ending we are shown the essential indoctrination of the entire human race by a race of beings that are suddenly portrayed as equal to mankind in morality and overall worth, even though the entire trilogy sees you fighting a non-stop battle seemingly against this “evil” species. The Synthesis ending seems to represent peace between the two species, however that’s not what a realist would see at all. The Synthesis ending actually promotes the extermination of mankind. It requires their spiritual and biomatric energy to be sacrificed for a digital soul and imprisonment in the new body and society of this other species which until now was considered enemy.

The husk are even transformed in the Synthesis ending but yet they remain Husk and instead of changing just become docile as if brainwashed. This is because there’s no longer an enemy as the true human form has been successfully eliminated by the Synthesis humans were tricked into accepting. Every character in that ending is brainwashed, indoctrinated, and EA may have indoctrinated you with this ending as well.

The Illusive Man explains it all when he says “Think about it, if the reapers wanted to destroy us, they could do it ‘like that’.” Reapers want control not extermination, to use humanity as a resource (elaborate slavery). “Look at the power they give” he says as he makes Shepard shoot Anderson somehow, further alluding to the Dark Energy ending which was never seen in the game by the millions who played the trilogy. It’s like all the piece to this puzzle are still waiting for you to put them together.

Bioware will probably never admit this ending and interpretation of their game, and its possible they didn’t even mean for the game to take on these meanings. However, just as many gamers attach Final Fantasy VII’s ideals and social commentary to reality, the Mass Effect series seemingly begs us for a deeper look and engagingly insists that it has more to offer than merely an entertaining sci-fi story. There’s a real message here, epiphanies to be had, and good vs. evil is not the only theme here.

Under the guise of saving humanity from itself, political power groups seek to lure mankind into Virtual Reality existence, like a digital prison of the soul. Meanwhile, synthetics are in control of the real life physical world. In the Dark Energy ending, which was removed from the game, humanity’s true enemy was finally recognized and the tools they are using (the Reapers) were seen to make more sense and fit into the Universe better.

The inter-dimensional affliction that we face as a species to hate ourselves and each other and kill each other over pettiness often tries to expose itself in our artistic works. Video games, films, and many other medias of art express the internal struggle we all go through within our minds, hearts, and souls to figure out what is wrong and what is right. To reach the answers to our questions though, we need to let the reality of our problems reach the light and self-fortify our own selves enough to see through our weaknesses and faults. As quantum science, spirituality, and the human mind are further understood more information in these currently “offbeat” topics will come to light.

We give cheers to Bioware for coming close to mentioning mankind’s true enemy and giving their game a strong edge of realism, and we wish them an uncensored future in which they are capable of taking this concept all the way next time.

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Tristans Twisted World: Mass Effect 3 Destroy ending

Destroy is the choice that they wanted you to make but in the end there are other ideas tossed in. Shepard cant stay the course but all Machines will also be destroyed. Its risky but from a personal standpoint I set out to destroy them and thats what I was gonna do. The future is simple as they can rebuild even the Geth and EDI but will they do that is a question and why is Shepard alive on earth in the highest possible ending?

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