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A Moment Of Silence Is Requested ~ We Mourn TotalBiscuit

Last Thursday a tragedy occurred as the world lost the #1 PC Gaming Critic John (TotalBiscuit) Bain who is survived by his brilliant wife and CEO of CynicalBrit, Genna Bain as well as their child and pets. His bravery to continue forward as the provider for his family and a powerful voice for pro-consumer industry standards in the all too often hostile and cruel video games business in the face of terminal illness has been an inspiration to many journalists, critics, and gamers for a long time.

John was open with his audience about suffering from colon cancer for many years which became resistant to all forms of chemotherapy last month during which time the disease had spread to his liver and disqualified him from other treatment options. Sadly, we all knew this day would come – although many of us thought there’d be so much more time left until it happened.

Firstly, we’d like to share some of TotalBiscuit’s messages to the world of video games over the coming years, and hope that *if* Genna Bain decides to continue the Co-Optional Podcast, TB’s views will continue to be represented by the likes of Jesse Cox and Dodger who were essentially his band-mates in a show that has held comradery with pro-consumer topics in video games for some time now.

TotalBiscuit himself has been known for standing up against censorship, false flagging attacks, online harassment, pre-order culture, pay to win micro-transactions, unfinished games, the inability to get digital game refunds (until recently) and a hell of a lot more. Anyone who has missed out on his content, his voice lives on. Over 2 million subscribers and a 2014 Trending Gamer of the Year Award can’t be wrong, check him out HERE. Some seriously deep messages that challenge and add to gamer philosophy and the culture of our business are contained in his videos in addition to tons of fun, light-hearted laughs, and highly expertise PC Gaming critique. I will seriously miss him as a critic and fan.

Secondly, we’d like to ask that those who had something against the gaming critic allow the fans, families, and friends of TotalBiscuit who have been affected by his loss to have a moment of silence and grieve. There have been a number of indiscretions made in light of this tragic event in which the name of a loved critic who has passed on has been invoked with negativity. One ex-Bioware developer, one current Bioware developer, and several developers at Blizzard, Treyarch, and Hello Games will have to live with their actions of speaking ill of the deceased simply because they cannot handle criticism of their work.

Fans, please leave those people alone and don’t harass these game devs who have abused their voice. Instead let’s all share our favorite TB moments over the coming years and let his lessons on the industry rise above the petty squabbles of critics versus executive old guard. Also, let’s all just keep the politics out of this and focus on the video games!

Devs, please don’t become one of those regrettable individuals and instead choose to say nothing at all. If you’re proud of the games you’ve made, let the games speak for themselves and let the critics have their own space. At least, if you’re going to criticize a critic, do it while they’re still alive and not spitting on the grave of someone, since you wouldn’t want them to do that to you.


Jon Ireson, RealGamerNewZ

Rest In Peace John (TotalBiscuit) Bain
Born: July 8, 1984
Diagnosed: March 23, 2014
Deceased: May 24, 2018
World of Warcraft Radio Host, StarCraft eSports Broadcaster, eSports Team Founder, Philanthropist, PC Gaming Critic, Gamer, Father, Husband, Son, and more.

Please take a moment to check out one or more of this small handful of highlights which only begins to represent the many contributions TotalBiscuit has made to the games industry:

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