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Rosewill RK-9200 Dual LED Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard Review

When it comes to gaming keyboards, one who has never used one might wonder – why? It’s just a keyboard after all right, they are all the same – right? Keyboards are definitely not all made the same though, and just a few seconds of typing with the Rosewill RK-9200 Dual LED Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard make that clear right away for anyone with half of a kill at using a keyboard.

In terms of luxury features, there’s a lot of that here as well. Each key is individually back-lit meaning that they will always have a strong glow. You can set your keys to one color, and then WASD and Arrow keys to a different color to cause them to stand out when your hands are lost on the keyboard mid-game and you need to quickly re-assert yourself. This has proven to be extremely useful. The two colors the keyboard supports are Green and Red with a number of brightness settings including a Pulsing Brightness Cycle.

For this review, the RK-9200 I had was using the Cherry MX Switch set (Blues) the RK-9200 allows more than 3 keys to be pressed in at once allowing for a more tactile and accurate experience when playing games, meaning there’s less thought about the input device going on through the player’s mind during gameplay, and more focus on the action.

Comfort Level: High / Accuracy Level: High

Specs / Features:

  • 104 Keys / 12 Key Rollover / Individually Backlit Keys
  • 3 Blue LED CAPS/NUM/SCROLL Lock Indicators
  • Cherry MX Blue Switch: Key stroke: 4.0mm+/-0.5mm
  • Operating Force: 50 grams / Life Cycle: 50 Million Times
  • 58″ Removable Braided USB Cable
  • FN + F Shortcut and Media Keys / Windows Key Lock/Unlock
  • 5 Backlight Modes (Low/Med/Max/Breathe/Off)
  • Limited Warranty period (parts): 1 year

Final Verdict:

Overall the best thing about this device is the fact that it’s accurate, immediate, and provides an input that can be trusted for upcoming titles like Dead Island: Epidemic, The Witcher III, and more. The keyboard sits firmly with a good amount of weight that keeps it from slipping and sliding while gaming.

Overall Score: 9 / 10

RGN Tech Rating: Gold Device

Manufacturer: Rosewill

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Review Copy Info: A review sample was provided to RealGamerNewz by the manufacturer for the purpose of the review.

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