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Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition (PS4, Switch) Revealed for 2019

One of the lesser known Final Fantasy titles enjoyed by GameCube owners worldwide is the Crystal Chronicles entry into the series which will now see its way onto the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch next year with updated visuals, increased frame rate performance, and even new gameplay features. A trailer was launched for the game during Tokyo Games Show 2018 showcasing the improved look and launch window of 2019.

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VAMPYR Real Gamer Review

Vampyr is a decadent journey into the mind of a blood doctor turned newborn immortal. An enthralling tale from start to finish, Vampyr tests the morality of Dr. Jonathan Reid as he returns home from war only to find a plague-infested London filled with mysterious enemies and allies pressing influence upon his every move. In a unique position to find a way out of this epidemic, Dr. Reid will struggle to hold onto his humanity as increasingly powerful threats emerge to himself and the civilian populace. Within him a new war rages on, that of his desire to remain noble against his rage-fueled cravings to feed on the very innocents he’s trying to protect. Then again, no adult is completely innocent, are they?

The more you get to know the residents of each district, the more experience your character will gain if they are embraced and given their final kiss of death. However, you will also lose that resident’s quest offerings, some residents sell rare items you need, and dealing too many fatal bites to your population means the end of a district. Residents will likely die trying to escape as the epidemic consumes an entire segment of the city which will remain permanently damned. The long nights set a dreary stage for Dr. Reid who may sway between good and evil based on player choice, but ultimately keeps a relatively insightful perspective available for selection the majority of the time. It’s up to the player to decide the fate of this story, and you must live with the consequences of your actions.

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