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The Order: 1886 Review

Presentation: The Order: 1886 is Ready at Dawn’s first big game, compared to the scale of the God of War PSP titles. It is a cinematic third person shooter/adventure game. The game takes place in a Victorian-like London during 1886. Basically a sort of future/past mix version of that time period. While the game feels fresh, it has some shortcomings.

Soundtrack, Audio, Voice: The game has an impressive soundtrack, ranging from a sad violin tune to action packed songs that mix in with the combat at hand. The sound effect audio sounds realistic and cool ranging from real grenade sounds to electricity flying through the air. Voice acting in The Order is top notch, British actors give real emotion in this title. I disagree with people saying the accent doesn’t sound genuine. The whole range from half breed sounds to the pain of our character every time he is shot, is very well done.

Graphics, Physics, Glitches, Engine Performance: The Order’s graphics are some of the best I have ever seen in my life. This is one of the best looking games available on PS4 and the market alone. Despite the game’s “cinematic” black bars that are annoying, they do sort of compress the image to give the game a better feel, so to speak. Glitches are rare. The game is very well made in terms of production value, you can tell the developers spent a lot of time making sure every detail was in check. The game just flat out looks amazing and runs like a champ, no load times, no difference between in game and cinematics, amazing transitions, just a very well made game in those regards.

Controls / Gameplay: The game is a third person cover shooter, with more cinematic qualities. You have a basic cover system, and shooting mechanics. You also have a Max Payne slow down time effect and shoot mode called black sight. Black sight is sort of useless, it’s very inaccurate and moves very quick, basically a game play gimmick so Ready At Dawn could claim they had one more feature. Half of the time you find yourself pressing triangle, or square, or tapping the X button.

The game is heavy on quick time events, as basically half the game is game play the other half is interactive cinematics. The Order is a lot like Heavy Rain, but with actual game play and no choices besides how you kill people. Artificial Intelligence in the game is average and is never really a challenge. At least the game does play well though.

Story: The Knight’s Order is there to combat the half breeds which are creatures that take on bestial traits. Lycans appear to be the main threat in the universe of The Order’s story. The game has a basic conspiracy plot, where something is askew in London. The game opens up with an intro in the future, then drops back a month before those events. The first 20 minutes or so are basically a cut scene with some walking around, then you jump into actual gameplay thankfully.

Right away players get introduced to some characters that are all very different. These characters are all interesting despite not being given enough time to develop. The story also seems to suffer from not having enough time to develop either. I personally really still like the story, but the ending of the game is so abrupt and feels like the game was cut in half for the incoming sequel. Basically there’s so much buildup, half of an awesome climax then it just falls on its face and ends.

Replay Ability: Less Than Average – Only worth replaying for a Platinum Trophy and to show your friends the graphics.

Final Verdict:

While the game has its issues it is still very enjoyable and I am excited for the sequel. I would not recommend the game being bought for full retail price of $60. Do buy it eventually though, it is a okay game despite only being 7 hours long. The Order: 1886 gets a 5 out 10 from RealGamerNewz. I spent a whole lot of time thinking about the score but felt this was just right. The score could have been way lower for this title if I am being truly honest but its a breath of fresh air in this industry full of remakes and copycat games. Everyone should consider giving it a chance at least once, just not for 60$ when its only half gameplay / half movie.

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Overall Score: 5 / 10

RGN Rating: Bronze Game

Developer: Ready At Dawn

(Additional Work by Santa Monica)

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Available On: Sony PlayStation 4

Review Copy Info: A physical copy of this game was purchased by RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this Review.

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