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Tristans Twisted World: Defiance Episode One Review

Defiance has finally premiered and I have had the pleasure of being to watch it. I will go into slight depth in the written part of it but in the video there will be a much larger portion of my feelings on this episode.

Presentation: The show pulls you right in to this new fresh universe. You get the sense of the history more so than the game gives you so far. You finally get to figure what Defiance means as well. It also adds a new layer of development in the Defiance series. As they promised these episodes should change the game.

Characters: Some of the characters shown look like we can see some serious development in. Some you can tell will be villains of course the two main characters are the heroes. Other characters are minors but they made it appear they could show back up.

Story so far: I will go into more depth in the video but the story seems that it will focus around this city. It also seems that it will get into the characters story’s as well and the races possibly.

If you would like to see my further thoughts on this episode check the video below and join me on Defiance the game.

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