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Is Starhawk Overflowing with Noobs?

They need to work on all the noobs in the game, it’s just rediculous. All people do is get in hawks, pick up cluster and destroy your base and team over and over and they put on their shield. They dont even give you a chance to rebuild. Then the other half of their team are coming over in jetpacks jumping and shooting everyone with rocket launchers at the same time, do you know how hard it is to get out of that?

If it isn’t the hawks, it’s the tanks and their missiles, too many people hack with both vehicles and it makes the game very less enjoyable. I’m so sick of the noobs, especially that clan “Terror Squad” that’s all they do is noob in the game, no one in starhawk likes that clan!!

It’s bad enough i always end up on the crappiest team anyway, but the noobing needs to stop, LBI you guys really need to lower the power on those hawks and tanks or create more defensive strength for razorbacks, sidewinders and defensive structures. I really leave matches with tanks because they just always manage to flood your base

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