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Sparkle 2 Vita Review

The sequel to 10tons LTD’s smash hit original puzzle game “Sparkle” has finally arrived for Playstation Vita. Sparkle 2 brings everything from its original IOS and Android release to Sony’s Handheld. The player assumes the role of a hero who is tasked with finding five keys to that will unlock a nearly forgotten world. When this brief story cutscene ends the player is given a new orb slinger and then set off on their adventure. The controls are preliminary the same from the original, the touch screen can be used to launch the orbs from the slinger as well as the left analog nub and the x button. The orbs snake threw the level and attempt to fill the player’s base causing the player to lose the level and start again. The new power ups will give players a much needed boost during the levels and based off their performance players can once again gain access to Amulets that can augment their orb slingers power thus altering the state of their game.

The puzzle in Sparkle 2 are not for the faint of heart and will immediately give players a challenge. Levels are comprised multiple stream of orbs, that move at different speeds and with different lengths of orbs as well as different level layouts. The game issues the player challenges to complete to unlock new modes and new Amulets to power up your their orb slinger. Sparkle 2 unlike its predecessor never feels repetitive and will keep players on the edge of their seat trying complete a level.The game’s branching paths gives players a little choice in how they want to collect the games mythical keys. Sparkle 2 still lacks multiplayer mode but there’s so many more modes, unlocks and other extra features in the game making this one a must own for puzzle game fans that have a Playstation Vita.

The look of the Sparkle hasn’t really changed which is a bummer considering the fact that the Playstation Vita has a huge color palette on both the original OLED screen models and the new LED screen models. The orbs could have been more detailed and the levels could have a little more edge out and given a little more life on this platform. The game however is still sleek and the when it turns up the action gamers won’t even notice the vast similarity in Sparkle 2’s graphics to the original. The soundtrack is amazing, the medieval-esque tunes blend seamlessly with the game and change depending on your performance. If you are looking for great puzzle game to play anytime or anywhere with tons of levels that are both challenging and fun; look no further than Sparkle 2.

Final Verdict

Sparkle 2 is as addictive as a predecessor and address all but one of its problems. Sparkle 2 still lacks a multiplayer mode but there is so much content packed into the game you will nearly forget about it. Sparkle 2 is a grand puzzle game that stands out from ever growing market and should not be missed by any Vita owner.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 8.0/ 10

RGN Rating :Silver Game

Developer / Publisher: 10tons LTD

Available On: Vita | iOS | Android | PC | Mac OS X

Played On: Playstation Vita

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Review.

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