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Batman: Arkham Knight’s Limited Edition May Have Spoiled a Major Part of the Story

The Limited Edition of  Batman: Arkham Knight, may have inadvertently spoiled the game’s story. As it was revealed last year, the LE package contains a 50 page custom art book, a steelbook case, comic book and a 12-inch statue of the Caped Crusader.

So what about this is spoiler you ask? Well if you aren’t bothered by spoilers (If you are then turn back!), then pay closer attention to the plaque on statue in the pic below. When it was first revealed the plaque read, “The Gotham Knight”. Now (SPOILERS) the words inscribed now says, “From a grateful city, in memory of the Gotham Knight.” This pretty much implies that The World’s Greatest Detective’s time as Batman comes to an end.

Whether Rocksteady actually kills off the bat or they go The Dark Knight Returns/Rises route, is anyone’s guess. We will have our answer come summer time, when the game releases on June 2.

Credit to Videogamer for the find.

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