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Battlefield Hardline Only 16 Days Away – Here’s Every Developer Diary In One Place

Battlefield Hardline is just 16 days away from coming out and developer Visceral Games, famous for the Dead Space series, will have their first fully featured Battlefield game launching. This won’t be the first time Visceral Games has worked within the Battlefield series as they created the expansion End Game for Battlefield 3. Below is a series of developer diaries for their upcoming game Battlefield Hardline launching on March 17, 2015.

Genre(s): First Person Shooter
Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Publisher(s): Electronic Arts
Developer(s): Visceral Games
Release Date (NA): March 17th, 2015

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Bloodborne (PS4 Exclusive) – The Hunt Begins Story Trailer [HD 1080P]

Reader Beware: Sony has filled the pockets of a number of major publications in advertising dollars specifically for promotion of this game.

The Hunt Begins Story Trailer of Bloodborne.

Genre(s): Action RPG
Platform(s): PlayStation 4
Publisher(s): Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer(s): From Software Inc
Release Date (NA): February 6th, 2015

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Battlefield Hardline – Story Trailer [HD 1080P]

Story Trailer of Battlefield Hardline.

Genre(s): First Person Shooter
Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Publisher(s): Electronic Arts
Developer(s): Visceral Games
Release Date (NA): March 17th, 2015

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No Man’s Sky – The Story of Hello Games Trailer [HD 1080P]

If you haven’t heard the fascinating story of development studio Hello Games and their vision behind No Man’s Sky then you need to. This title was not built for technical fascination with programming but instead because the team of artists behind it wanted to craft an experience that felt like a living science fiction novel. With every planet different than the last, and rules of physics dictating a persistent virtual universe for many players to interact with, No Man’s Sky aims to be more than just a great video game. Take a look at the following words from the developers themselves below.

Sony PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Bundle

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Phantasy Star Nova (PS Vita) – Story Trailer [HD]

The Story Trailer for Phantasy Star Nova releasing on PlayStation Vita in Japan later this year from SEGA and Tri-Ace.

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Scrap Squad (iOS) – Story Trailer [HD 1080P]

The Story Trailer of Scrap Squad on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (iOS 6.0+ required) is shown below in Full 1080P High Definition. This game is available now through the iOS App Store for free (click here) and is developed / published by Relevant Games.

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Complete Walkthrough Of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes [HD 1080P Gameplay Footage]

Complete walkthrough of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes story and side missions, played on Xbox 360, is presented below in Full 1080P High Definition (click the gear and select 1080P).

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Eschalon: Book III Review

One of the original formats of games, the traditional tabletop role playing game genre, is brought to life in Escahlon: Book III for beginners and pros to hash out their dice rolling dreams (and nightmares). To start things off, players select their Gender, Origin, Axiom, and Class while also setting a Portrait image (with custom images allowed as well) in addition to picking 15 available Skills and dice rolling attributes including Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, Speed, Intelligence, Wisdom, Perception, and Concentration (20 attribute points are also distributed manually by the player). Once all of this has been completed and a character has been given a name, the game begins. The skills available range from Light / Heavy Armor to Foraging, Medicine, Hiding in Shadows, Swords, Picking Locks, and much more. Choosing these skills will play a large role in defining the gameplay experience players will get out of their time with Eschalon: Book III. The game can be played in Hardcore mode (or lower settings) for additional difficulty as well.

In terms of story, Eschalon: Book III tells an epic adventure that begins with a startling image of an extraterrestrial life form becoming hostile with the player. Everything is told in first person as a narrative unfolds through text after the slideshow of images making up the cut-scene has concluded. The Crux of Fire is what this creature known as “The One” is after originally, and the player begins with that knowledge seeking to find out the answers to the artifact and the creature throughout the rest of the game.

Gameplay performance in Eschalon: Book III is solid and the engine seems to not have much, if any, in the way of glitches. What stands out right away and allows gamers to easily get into the title is the well-thought out and intuitive controls and user interface systems presented. The hardcore RPG gamer audience will certainly be doing themselves a disservice to let this one pass them by. Eschalon: Book III turns out to be one of few brand new releases from the RPG genre that still provide hope that the industry can get back to its roots with role playing games while at the same time making innovations and original, fresh experiences that are fun to play.

Eschalon: Book III’s graphics are very well drawn, detailed, and add a great amount of personality to the game. Despite the game being controlled at fairly common resolutions, the technical merit of the art work contained in the game is still impressive. The aroma and atmosphere of the soundtrack combined with this art direction look and the retro-inspired gameplay come together for a complete package that feels unique and immersive.

When it comes down to detailed explanation of this game’s core mechanics in a nutshell, if you are familiar with modern inventory systems in games like the Diablo series – you’ll be able to get started immediately. However, if you are familiar with RPG titles from even up to a decade or so before that modernized series, you’ll have even more of an advantage. There will be times when the many provided side-quests, such as exterminating roaches, provide an opportunity to grind and level up. Beware, this game is not very forgiving and will require a lot of attention to detail and eventually mastery of the game’s many ins and outs. Just be grateful you don’t have to control it all through typing text into a black and white screen and perhaps you’ll find yourself lost in the pure RPG gameplay aspects that are provided here in this dungeon crawling, mission sprawling action adventure game in isometric presentation.

I always think of the first character you’d make in a game like this as a doomed character required for getting you into the game as quickly as possible and then figuring out what you did wrong during character creation so that you can go back and make the perfect character later. In Eschalon: Book III those unfamiliar with the series, or even worse; RPG games overall, may find themselves creating a lot more than one doomed character before figuring out a good mix.

This title gets deeper and deeper as players expand their awareness of how attributes, skills, and various weapons / items interact with each other in the game. Moving on to magick user, ranger, healer, etc., and seeking advice on pairing skill slots with valuable useful skills you’ll need for any given character build can also greatly extend the replay value of this game.

The title provides a living and breathing world with so many inhabitants that are defined by such complex role playing game attribute systems that it almost feels like a fantasy / medieval warrior experience is taking place. This in addition to little things like the game’s vast Alchemy system (for potion making), Spellbook, ability to make camps, and its towns with inns, dungeons, weapon sellers, and a lot more are the icing on the cake for Escahlon: Book III which comes off as highly polished and striking a cord with fans of the genre who are looking for a fantasy game that makes sense.

The only potential downside I can see with this is that for many of its players the story-lines contained therein will be a bit of an afterthought and most of the focus will likely be spent on leveling up, grinding, and accumulating equipment / items within the gameworld. This is a testament to how well Eschalon: Book III does to provide a Roguelike RPG Sandbox environment, but some players won’t be used to such an absence of hand-holding in terms of the main narrative waiting for players to go to it instead of vice versa. That being said, there is a very nice story-line in place that is introduced with an emotional impact at the beginning of the game. This forms the creepy and mysterious, alien aura that sticks with players throughout the otherwise classical sword-and-magic fantasy-inspired experience.

Final Verdict:

The Final Verdict for Eschalon: Book III is don’t skip this one. RPG veterans will be pleased with the fresh experience, somewhat familiar gameplay, and extensively prepared final product allows the player to worry about just enjoying the game rather than dealing with bugs or design oversight. Escahlon: Book III is a game which players can sink tons of time into. If making characters in a Roguelike RPG that feels high tech, polished, and yet almost Retro at the same time sounds interesting to you then you should buy this game right now.

Pros and newcomers to the genre alike should experience Eschalon: Book III for the no-holds-barred, hardcore experience of the role playing game genre’s most core elements presented with modern and retro presentation combined.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 9.7 / 10

RGN Rating : Platinum Game

Available Now On Steam

Developer / Publisher: Basilisk Games

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Review.

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Magus – Making of: Story Trailer [HD 1080P] (RGN Review Coming Soon)

The Making of: Story Trailer of Magus is presented below in Full 1080P High Definition. The RealGamerNewz Review of this game will arrive soon.

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Final Fantasy VII (New PC Version) Review

Final Fantasy VII is arguably the single handedly most well known role playing game ever released out of Japan. Originally hitting the Sony PlayStation exclusively in 1997, this game has gone on to see a retro release on Windows PC in 1998 and is also available as a digital download from the PlayStation Store (compatible with PSP, PS3, and PS Vita). However, until now – there have been no noticeable adjustments made to the game’s look across these versions. Square Enix has taken the liberty of putting out a New PC Version that now comes with achievements, enhanced graphics, and a few other features that attempt to avoid spoiling the game while at the same time bringing it in line with modern releases of the genre.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Final Fantasy VII plot lines and lore though, allow me to first introduce what makes this game an incredible “must-play” masterpiece before I discuss the enhancements that this new version brings to the table.

Final Fantasy VII, or FF7 for short, has been referred to as “the best Final Fantasy” by a large group of series fans. Those who haven’t played it before might not be aware of this, but despite the fantasy theme this game maintains – most of its intrigue is mature and advanced, deep rooted emotional conflicts that take place during an Armageddon-like event, draconian conspiracies, shadow government rule, corrupt corporations, biological experimentation, destruction of the planet for un-natural resources, and much more. Beyond that, the game’s well defined characters see a myriad of adventures that could be considered side-quests by modern definition yet feel completely as part of the intended full experience.

First off, as with most FF games, greed and the desire for ultimate power and control have brought mankind to the brink of extinction due to worldwide calamities both long-term / ongoing and short-term / on the way. It’s the end of the world as the game’s main characters know it. With society suffering from the problems ranging from those listed in the paragraph above and it’s implied many times that the ones we live with in real life today are also present for the citizens of Midgar and the world in general. The main villains in the game are the evil corporation ShinRa who use the planet’s life force energy similar to oil drilling in real life but exponentially made worse by the fact that life force is the soul of the planet and recycled souls of animals, plants, and human beings are what makes up the life force. ShinRa also uses the energy to create Mako which is similar to nuclear energy the way it is radioactive, except this stuff causes a ShinRa SOLDIER to transform into a monster given enough exposure.

Sephiroth is one of those monsters, and so is the main playable character Cloud Strife (an interesting name for one who goes through much strife throughout the course of FF7’s timeline and seems to have a cloudy memory of who / what he is and comes from). During the game Sephiroth will ultimately rise up to take the main presence in the villainous side of things as even ShinRa wants to stop him. The player is inducted into a resistance group known as AVALANCHE who fight against ShinRa and attempt to protect the planet from Sephiroth who seems to have gone on a murderous rampage since discovering his origins as a dark secret experiment within ShinRa laboratories.

Though this narrative sets up for some high intensity and emotional value, and takes place over many hours of time, some of the best gameplay scenes in Final Fantasy VII occur almost randomly or off of the main trail the game provides. Whether taking it upon themselves to save the Phoenix at Fort Condor (a detailed strategy mini-game), defeat the Battle Arena at the Golden Saucer, or seek out rare monsters such as Ruby Weapon and Emerald Weapon, players have many optional pieces of content to discover. Many of these other experiences feel like they have had their own mini-game engine built into FF7, and this further cements the title as a technical accomplishment for the time period it was released in – while also helping to prevent it from getting stale in a modern play-through.

In addition to a compelling narrative, plenty of deeply thought out side-content, and seemingly endless hours of grinding / leveling up – Final Fantasy VII also features a pretty unique magic system for its time. Magic spells are held in containers that are like glass balls called Materia. This means that Materia can be switched around between characters, so no one spell gets stuck with a character – it can be replaced or used by anyone else if swapped around between battles. For example, if Cloud masters  a Materia that would mean that all spells are unlocked within it and if that Materia was removed from Cloud’s weapon and placed into Barret’s weapon then Barret would be able to cast all of those spells instead.

In addition to this, some Materia gives abilities like Steal and can be upgraded (to Mug for example which includes an attack as well as a Steal move in the same turn). There are also some weapons / armor that allow for two Materia pieces to be linked together. This comes in handy with extender / modifier Materia like ‘ALL’ Materia which allows a user to use a spell against every enemy (cast Fire3 on three enemies at once) or towards every party member (cast Cure2 on three allies at once).

Final Fantasy VII features one of the most well known Summon systems and is extremely simple thanks to the Materia system mentioned above. Simply have a Summon Materia equipped for a particular Summon (example: Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, Odin, Bahamut) then use the Summon command mid-battle. A cut-scene is called upon and the Summon will attempt to do epic damage using some really cool to watch moves. Of course, some Summons of FF7 have been accused of being way too long of a cut-scene in past days, so be sure to turn the Battle speeds all the way up in the menu system. You can also set ATB to Active meaning that enemies will not wait their turn to make a move and you’ll have to be quick on your toes. This also makes things go by quicker though and can be a fun sort of challenge for those who are mastering the game.

Speaking of mastering the game, Final Fantasy VII is a lot about grinding and even more about strategy. Players will be encouraged to wander off of the main mission for hours at a time fighting enemies that they find to yield an acceptable amount of experience (used to level up characters) and AP (used to level up Materia). Once leveled up in terms of character levels and Materia abilities, players will find that they still need a high level of strategic knowledge and understanding to win battles. Not everything is so easy as the battles done to grind up levels, and critical thinking is still needed to survive – especially when using an Active ATB. It’s also pretty important to note that anytime a new character is introduced in Final Fantasy VII, their level will be higher or lower based on your party members and how much time you’ve spent leveling them up. Also, There are definitely areas of the game that require specific knowledge about how to defeat enemies and what level to be at before even attempting it.

Now before we go any further in discussing what players might already know about the game, one thing that veteran FF7 players will want to know about right away is controller support. There are tons of hacks and homebrew applications to make the craziest controllers work on games that don’t officially support them, but these can be annoying to set up or maintain. Happily this New PC Version of Final Fantasy VII provides support for more than just the Xbox 360 controller. Legacy controllers by Logitech were found to be working as well. The DualShock 4 is currently not supported straight out of the box for this game though, which is disappointing considering the timing of this release and the fact that it could have easily been added in. That being said, the game feels great on one of your older controllers and is of course a PC game so is wide open to modification.

Final Fantasy VII uses a tool called Tifa’s Boot Leg to manage / install mods for the game. Some of the mods that have been created by the PC Gaming community for FF7 so far include things like an “Ultra HD” mod with very high-resolution graphics, “Nightmare Mode” (a more difficult version of the game where enemies are supposed to be smarter and tougher), and stranger things like the “Aeris Revival Patch” which allows a main character whose life was cut short to carry on with the rest of the crew towards the final mission.

Modding the game will disable the chance to use Square Enix Cloud Saves and disable the ability to earn Steam Achievements, which means players might be better off doing a clean run-through of the game before indulging in that sort of thing. Enhanced graphics are just slightly tweaked in the stock version of the game, but look better than ever with a very small amount of liberty being taken on the expansion of the level of detail seen in characters’ facial expressions.

This time around, players not only have the benefit of the enhanced visuals and de ja vu feel of replaying this classic RPG from the 90s, but also the opportunity to listen to new accompanying material while doing so. Random AKA MegaRan has teamed up with Lost Perception to produce Black Materia, a musical rendition of the events that take place in the game featuring modern hip hop beats created using the actual Final Fantasy VII soundtrack itself. I highly recommend listening to this album while playing the game as it really humanizes the entire big picture scenario for players who may want to know what’s going on in a more relatable way without waiting the many tens of hours for major plot details to reveal themselves. Take a listen to some of the tracks below, or preview the entire album for free here.

In many ways, Final Fantasy VII can be seen as a parable to real life. Whether it be the government conspiracy, corporate takeover, or the Mako Reactor startling resemblance to Nuclear Reactors seen on Earth, it would seem that Final Fantasy VII is trying to tell us something. The way that magic takes a new form as Materia is reminiscent of Magicite from Final Fantasy VI and equipping different Materia to different characters provides an even more elaborate way to train magic for all characters that isn’t redundant like switching Espers to teach every character the same spell in FF6. The Materia system and how it works, as well as the benefits from it, tells the story of how technological enhancements change the battlefield from earlier times to the modern age. Even the FF7 Summon-based Materia which essentially holds the essence of the being it summons is still red like the FF6 Magicite which was the remains of an Esper (beings made up of pure ethereal energy).

Evolution of man on Earth has led to the destruction of natural resources much like in the way that it has in Final Fantasy VII. In real life, humans still have time to work through these issues in slow motion using political systems and scientific research painstakingly done in labs over long periods. However, in the Final Fantasy VII video game, these issues are seen in a fictional world made up of magic, monsters, and war of the classes and must be addressed immediately as the hybrid Sephiroth attempts to clean the planet of all human beings.

Tons of side content exists in FF7, and every character has deeply rooted backstories that can be discovered and explored one way or another. As mentioned previously, places like the Golden Saucer provide many activities. But if a giant casino in the sky with tons of games to play and contests to win isn’t enough to keep your interest, there’s also snowboarding, Strategy RPG gaming at Fort Condor, buying a mansion on the beach, flying the airship around an open world full of secret items and events, and something called Materia caves full of valuable magic gems.

Hidden characters Yuffie and Vincent are unforgettable for veterans of this game and are easy to remember how to obtain, but if you’re new to the game you’ll want to make sure you do a quick google search on them both. You can get them very early in the game and it doesn’t ruin the experience to know ahead of time how to get them since it’s not a part of any spoiler heavy scene. In addition to these things rare equipment, Materia, and weapons can be found in the game’s massive open world only by searching, using vehicles such as the airship or dune buggy, racing Chocobo creatures, breeding Chocobo creatures, and traveling far and wide fighting the monsters that inhabit the world.

Final Verdict:

It can honestly be said that Final Fantasy VII stands the test of time. This New PC Version feels as great as the original and doesn’t require players to look past aged 3D models. Many modding capabilities are available (though not officially supported), but even simply playing through the product Square Enix has provided to the modern Windows PC community is a thrill and brings back memories. Players who have beat the game in the past won’t be able to stop playing, especially if they hook up a controller. With the way the turn-based RPG genre has been going for a while now, this release is exactly what the industry needed and should be looked at as the ideal, masterpiece RPG formula for all others to strive to return to. Final Fantasy VII gets a perfect 10 out of 10 Diamond RGN Rating and is recommended to all gamers.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 10 / 10

RGN Rating : Diamond Game

Available Now On GamersGate

Developer / Publisher: Square Enix

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the vendor for the purpose of this Review.

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Bound By Flame [PS4/PS3/360/PC] Gets Story Trailer As Release Draws Closer [HD 1080P]

Check out the newest title from the developers of Mars: War Logs (our review here) as its release window of Q1 2014 draws closer for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows PC platforms. Bound By Flame features a main playable character who is torn between being possessed by a fire demon and being himself. However you deal with this is essentially going to make for one hell of a ride, pardon the lame puns I’m throwing around today I promise I’ll stop after this one. Check out the Full 1080P High Definition trailer below as released by developer Spiders and publisher Focus Home Interactive.

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Killzone: Shadow Fall – Behind the Scenes: Story Trailer [HD 1080P]

The Behind the Scenes look at the Story in Killzone: Shadow Fall.

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Battlefield 4: Official Single Player Story Trailer revealed in [HD 1080P]

The official trailer for Battlefield 4’s single player campaign is out now. Peep the video below for some intense action, drama and dog punching (A jab at CoD: Ghosts?)

Battlefield 4 will be released for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 29th in NA and November 1st in EU. While the Xbox One version will be released on November 19th (NA) / Nov. 21 (EU) and the PlayStation 4 version will release on Nov. 12th (NA) / Nov. 29th (EU).

Check out our Battlefield 4 Preview for more information on the game. For more video footage check out our dedicated Battlefield 4 Section.

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IndieSpotlight: Mark of the Old Ones

I recently had the opportunity to stumble upon one of the most fascinating titles from the Indie space that I’ve seen in quite some time. Hit The Sticks is a developer who has brought forth one of the most intriguing strategy communities around, and now brings that experience to the 2D world by introducing a compelling story and a unique gameplay experience with Mark of the Old Ones. This game has just launched on Kickstarter today, and you can learn everything about it in the following article which I thank the team at HTS for giving me the opportunity to produce, enjoy.


Mark of the Old Ones is an upside-down, physics-based adventure game built around a Lovecraftian theme and yet it is also one of the most unique projects we’ve had the pleasure of seeing come out of the indie scene in some time. Players fill the role of main character Thomas who is injured in a plane crash that completely removes one of his legs when a symbiotic parasite attaches itself to his spine, brain, and nervous system allowing him the ability to escape an otherwise grim fate. The initial horror of such a thing happening, the question of where does the symbiote end and Thomas begin, and the eventual realization that life will never be the same are just some of the things players will experience alongside the main character they control in Mark of the Old Ones.

The game and story of Mark of the Old Ones together form an integrated experience that is made possible by the team at developer Hit The Sticks’ fully modeled muscles and bones (down to realistic joints) that produce gameplay and visuals which allow intense immersion. The setting that this all takes place in is just as epic as the premise though. Thomas didn’t just crash his plane to find one symbiote waiting for him, he has landed in the middle of a location called Namaset which once housed a huge presence “Kraal” who was a living creature known by a thriving society as their ruler, and their god. This being created the “Brood” which are the symbiotic creatures that became one with their hosts; the priests, the worshipers of Kraal; the many members of this functioning society Namaset.

But something’s changed. By the time Thomas arrives Namaset appears to be empty. Everyone else who was bonded with a parasite is no longer living here. Discovering the answers to what happened becomes part of Thomas’ journey through Mark of the Old Ones, and part of the lore that the player will delve deeper in through a number of direct and indirect ways. One thing’s for sure, the visceral control being offered by Hit The Sticks in the location of Namaset aims to be like no other, as an entire society once lived here each member of it sporting the same tentacles as the main character Thomas. The implications are that Namaset will be a fascinating place to navigate, and players will be getting used to their new parasitic companion at the same time as the main character.

In most games, you’re constantly fighting battles using direct violence. Mark of the Old Ones seeks to offer a thinking gamers’ game, something more complex, rewarding, and challenging while avoiding becoming repetitive and boring. Much of the gameplay will involve figuring out the environment around you and what it all means, surviving the many paths and traps that exist in Namaset, and eventually overcoming enemies while learning how to use your new parasitic abilities. The game not only features Thomas taking control of two tactile tentacles using dual analog sticks for super-human movement, but also new abilities that a human could have never dreamed of attaining on its own.

Thomas is capable of slowing down time (Chronition), propelling himself upward with great force (Boost), and temporarily multiplying his own volume / mass to overcome certain hazards along the way (Increase Mass / “Carapace”). These abilities are also up-gradable throughout the game. Hit The Sticks is a developer with experience, having created JustTactics in addition to staffing members with extensive industry experience in 3D Programming, Game Development, and experience with adhering to high-end Quality Assurance in multiple industries, this registered PS4 development house is set to bring something powerful and of high quality to our industry with this title.

Hit The Sticks has opened a Kickstarter for their game Mark of the Old Ones today, and after the Q&A Interview we conducted with them (seen below) you’ll find a video that they put together which explains the game and shows off a wire-frame physics demo complete with one of the most coherent and to-the-point voice-over tracks I’ve ever seen in a KS project. They’ve also said that they will be making a plotline that Lovecraft would have been happy with by working Mark of the Old Ones into the Lovecraftian Horror tapestry while inventing their own setting and characters.

The entire game takes place in the 1920’s and the Art Direction will maintain a heavy focus on Contrast which is also a parable to the shadows, the unknown, evil, and the suspense of not knowing what’s around the corner. Another way players will experience more of the story is through the journal entries found scattered around Namaset from a side character who perhaps did not have as fortunate of a fate as our playable character Thomas.

Q&A Interview:

RGN: First off, for those who don’t know much about Lovecraft, do they need to know about it to enjoy Mark of the Old Ones?

Hit the Sticks: There is no backstory necessary to enjoy Mark of the Old Ones, although having a rich knowledge of the Lovecraft canon will certainly enhance the experience. While we draw heavily from the Cthulhu Mythos, and our narrative style is informed by Lovecraft, we’ve mostly invented our own setting and characters. As a result, we hope to keep even hardcore Lovecraft fans off-balance and in the dark.

RGN: We know Namaset is a Cavern City in which Chapter 1: The Overseer takes place, what more can you tell us about the terrain’s weather?

Hit the Sticks: Namaset means “dark cloud” in a local dialect. It refers to both the city built for the glory of Mother Kraal, and to the mountain in which she was imprisoned. At the beginning of Chapter 1, Thomas (the player character) is trapped in Namaset. The entire game takes place inside the mountain, in various sections of the city and Kraal’s lair.

Namaset is many things. Namaset is dark, lit by fire and luminous fungus. Namaset is dangerous, filled with unsafe working conditions, death traps, and biological remnants of Namaset’s civilization. Namaset is alien, built for the pleasure and convenience of Kraal’s Brood of parasite-bound upper class.

The main driver of our story and gameplay is exploration.You’re never forced down a particular path. If you’re paying attention, you should be able to deduce your next goal from the clues we leave. We’re a little studio, so I’m not claiming it’s some kind of open world sandbox. But, it’s not a sidescroller, either.

RGN: The video in the Mark of the Old Ones Kickstarter reveals dual analog sticks are used to produce unique and realistic limb control. Can you tell us some of the other actions available in the control layout?

Hit the Sticks: When you first begin, you’ll have your hands full with the tentacles. They’re a lot of fun, but they’re definitely challenging. That said, you have three additional powers: Chronition, Boost, and Carapace.

Chronition represents the heightened senses and reflexes granted by the parasite, and manifests as slowed time and expanded radius of vision. This is your “oh sh#%!” button, giving you a bit of space to plan escape before you’re slammed into that patch of firebush.

When you Boost, your parasite uses a stored charge of [CENSORED] to cause an intense explosion beneath your feet. The main effect is to shoot you upward like a Quake rocket jump. But, it also has the important secondary effect of igniting nearby flammable objects.

Finally there’s the Carapace ability, where the parasite wraps Thomas in a temporary protective shell. This makes the player much heavier and impervious to some kinds of damage. The additional weight helps in a variety of ways as you interact with the Crude Tech contraptions scattered through Namaset.

RGN: Since the game is only for controllers, is there a specific controller(s) recommended for an ideal experience?

Hit the Sticks: Anything with two analog sticks and a few buttons should work okay. But controller quality varies, and some work better than others.

The first-party big name console controllers are the best we’ve seen. On Linux and Mac, PS3 controllers are plug and play via USB. On Windows, wired 360 controllers are plug and play with the right adapters–and there is an adapter for the wireless 360 controllers.

We’re doing our very best to support as many controllers as possible. Basically, on PC, we should support every dual-analog controller that your operating system supports. We have a decent budget item for test gamepads, so most controllers available between now and release should be mapped. Even if you have something we haven’t mapped, you can always just map the controls yourself–so long as your OS recognizes it.

RGN: In what ways can gamers look forward to having direct control of 2 tentacles of the symbiotic creature change the gameplay of MotOO?

Hit the Sticks: Well, gameplay-wise, MotOO is a physics platformer–a bit like Little Big Planet, but not as cuddly. Your tentacles are how you interact with the world.

So at the core, you have movement. Basic movement is swinging. As you get better at that, maybe throw in the second tentacle, you realize you can go *really* fast. And once you’ve built up some authority and momentum, you can pull off some incredible moves. The level of control is superb, especially given how alien it feels at first.

That dovetails into the story as well. Thomas is completely freaked out at the beginning, as you would be too if the scariest critter you’d ever seen inserted itself into your spine and brainstem. The parasite is under his control, but he’s never controlled a parasite before. You and Thomas are having the same experience, in that way.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, we turn you loose in Namaset. You’ll interact with the natural environment, plus bizarre and ancient technology. You can pick up and move objects, control machinery, disarm traps, fire yourself from catapults… the Namasetians were very imaginative in their primitive technology, an aesthetic we’re calling Crude Tech. And all of it is built around tentacles, because of course the Namasetians had tentacles.

None of this is pre-animated, by the way. All of the contraptions I’m talking about are simulated in real time in Box2D. The tentacles are controlled with your stick inputs and our IK solver.

RGN: Does MotOO currently have a targeted level of quality for the graphics, such as resolution?

I want this on your TV, looking beautiful at 60 inches in 1080p. MotOO is a game for your Big Picture box. So, that’s the minimum quality we’re shooting for.

We’ll definitely support lower resolution textures, which should help on lower-spec’d graphics cards at lower resolutions. Higher quality textures *might* happen, but I think that looking beautiful at 1920×1080 is the sweet spot for the monitors most people have.

RGN: Since this game relies heavily on horror and suspense, we certainly don’t want to be spoiled about anything. Are there any other technical aspects of the game your team is prepared to elaborate or re-iterate upon slightly for prospective backers and fans?

Hit the Sticks: I don’t think we’ve mentioned this anywhere before.

We believe Mark of the Old Ones should be about natural player skill instead of artificial skill progressions. There are power upgrades, but for the most part Thomas undergoes his transformation at the beginning of the game. As a result, the major factors in his capabilities are your own abilities. Maybe it’s even a little old school that way.

In order to support that pursuit of natural skill, we’re working on a pretty neat statistics package. If you opt in (it’s totally optional), we’ll keep track of your stats on our servers. Those will include all sorts of metrics about your own performance in the game, allowing you to track your mastery of the parasite. Examples: best times, top speed, “stunts” pulled, longest swing combo, etc. And if you’re the competitive sort, you’ll be able to compare your stats to your friends’.

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Editor’s Note: RealGamerNewZ has moved web servers, some older posts can no longer be commented on and have been preserved without their images. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. This article was written by Jon Ireson on 20131006 and was last modified on 20140108 .